Disney Cruise Hacks You Need To Know Before Sailing

Disney cruises provide the best of both worlds for entire families – a cruise experience for the adults and amusement park entertainment for the kids.[slideshow:91373]

They won't see huge rollercoasters but they will meet their favorite characters, go to live shows and deck parties, and have fun in pools with aqua play areas and waterslides. Another perk is that you can enjoy all of this without the hordes of people and huge lines.

Just as is the case with any vacation, you need to plan a little in advance to avoid certain traps. Believe it or not, you can actually save money on board. You can bring your own alcohol and go to the movie theaters with the drinks you order with room service, which is also free of charge.

Don't spend your money on water and Wireless Internet – you can refill bottles as many times as you want and the Wi-Fi is not fast at all. You're better off unplugging for a few days, which is great because then you can really relax and spend time with your family, and find a connection when you're in port. Touristy areas usually provide it for free.

Knowing a few hacks can help make your Disney cruise the happiest place in the world, or at least a very worthy opponent of the theme parks.

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