Carlie Hoke

Richmond, VA
Virginia Commonwealth University
TV, Movies, Cult Classics And Throwbacks
  • Carlie has worked alongside the film and entertainment industry since 2019, and has been an entertainment writer since 2020.
  • She is fascinated with actors transforming for different roles and their various movie/TV connections, and could compete professionally in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (if that were a thing).
  • Carlie grew up filling the void of small town life with B-movies and horror when Netflix was just a DVD mail service. As such, she's seen some things and her childhood memories are like an episode of The Heart, She Holler. A love of all things macabre and weird has remained, but she is passionate about all TV and film genres.


A longtime film and TV buff, Carlie started writing news articles and features for the online publication CinemaBlend in 2020. She also works as a film booker for cinemas, communicating with film production and distribution companies for the licensing of current, new release films. When Carlie isn't talking to film companies and writing about the entertainment industry, she works as a freelance copywriter for small, women-owned businesses. She joined Looper as a TV feature writer in 2022.


Carlie studied copywriting and has a bachelor's degree in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University.
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