Carlie Hoke

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Richmond, VA
Virginia Commonwealth University
Traveling With Children, Bizarre Attractions & Hidden Gems, Destination Deep Dives
  • Carlie has visited all four corners of the United States, many places in between, and a few outside its limits.
  • Day or weekend trips to undisclosed locations are a regular occurrence for her.
  • Carlie has never had a supernatural experience despite visiting a different creepy destination every October — knock on wood.


Having grown up in a tiny town that's actually a popular destination for people all over the world and lived in a state capital for the duration of her adult life, Carlie has had a taste of both country and city living. After moving to the city, she began her path toward a writing career, working as a freelance content and copywriter, helping small, woman-owned businesses thrive. Carlie has since written for online entertainment sites like CinemaBlend and Looper. She started writing features for Explore in 2022, combining her love of travel and the written word.


Carlie has a bachelor's degree in creative advertising with a focus in copywriting from Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated in 2017 and began freelancing in 2019.
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