12 Hallmark Christmas Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

If you don't spend at least one night bundled up with hot cocoa and a plate of sugar cookies with the TV turned to Hallmark, have you even celebrated Christmas? Take it a step further this year with a Hallmark-themed road trip. There is no shortage of charming towns and attractions that feel like your favorite holiday films, some of which may have actually been used as filming locations for the festive flicks.

California's Hollywood is, of course, where many movies are filmed, but have you ever seen a white Christmas in the San Fernando Valley? Hallmark can certainly spin a Santa story, some of which feature genuine snow! With a surplus of charming small towns to use as filming locations, the cutesy TV brand always comes through with handfuls of new holiday films each year — with 40 in 2023 alone. While they may be set in fictional small, Christmas-obsessed towns, these very real places were used as filming locations for the comfort movies.

East Market Street in Rhinebeck, New York

This quaint town has a few films under its metaphorical belt and is also home to some of your favorite stars, along with a must-visit celebrity-owned business. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd have a sweet shop on Rhinebeck's East Market Street, where "Last Vermont Christmas" and "Christmas Camp" were partially filmed.

Though the candy shop wasn't directly featured in the films, small mom-and-pop shops throughout the popular district were. They helped to create the cozy atmosphere that Hallmark movies have come to idealize. East Market Street's uniform address plaques appear on the brick buildings as the central couple moves through the town in "Last Vermont Christmas," and Rhinebeck Hardware Company's sign is also visible in the background. By the time the pair make it through the town and fall hard for each other, the viewer gets a strong feel for the charming street.

The Hudson Valley, where Rhinebeck is nestled, has become a popular spot for Hallmark films. The Catskill Mountains, particularly when snowcapped, make for the picture-perfect background that network fans have come to expect. Soak in some of that scenic beauty while perusing the shops when you come to visit.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Though a white Christmas is a rare occurrence in the coastal city of Wilmington, the holiday season here is delightfully jolly. No less than three Hallmark Christmas films have been filmed here, all taking advantage of the town's spectacular light displays and spirited decorations. "Christmas in Harmony" added to the town's festive nature by turning Downton into a winter wonderland fit for a choir production.

The well-versed "home for the holidays" trope is put to use in "Christmas in Harmony," and "Christmas and Conway" saw an actual Ferris wheel built in the town. Alternatively, "USS Christmas" uses Wilmington's military connection to drive its plot home. Between the three holiday films, viewers get a pretty great visual of the town's residences, businesses, and scenic wonders.

One spot visitors should check out if they want an eye-full of movie magic is Front Street, the historic district that runs along the water. "Christmas in Harmony" was filmed on this street, with several local businesses getting good air-time. Just across the river from Front Street is Battleship North Carolina, where some adorable scenes from "USS Christmas" were filmed. Both sites can be thoroughly explored in a day and have completely different vibes, perfect for a mismatched traveling pair or a Hallmark lover who also has an appreciation for history.

Dzen Tree Farm in South Windsor, Connecticut

"Romance at Reindeer Lodge" is set in Vermont but was actually filmed in various Connecticut locations. While the lodge in question is really a residential estate in North Haven, the reindeer featured in the film live at an adorable tree farm in South Windsor. Marked by a huge Santa statue and a wooden reindeer pulling a sleigh, you can't miss Dzen Tree Farm.

Cutting down your own live Christmas tree is a tradition for many, but few tree-hunting experiences can claim to incorporate Santa's loyal chauffeurs. Dzen Tree Farm offers the perfect live tree no matter what size your home may require, but the resident family of reindeer steals the show. Just like in the Hallmark film, you can approach and get to know the fuzzy friends — you may even recognize a few star reindeer! You might also bump into Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a treat for any little ones you're traveling with.

After visiting the grounds at the tree farm, you'll be finding pine needles in your boots until next Christmas. It's totally worth it, though, and it'll be a wonder how you ever got through a Christmas before without petting real reindeer.

The Plaza Hotel in New York City

Visiting New York City during the holidays is the ultimate trip for Christmas lovers. The city is completely decked out, with residences and businesses striving to outdo one another. Some of the most iconic holiday films take place in the Big Apple, and Hallmark sure jumped on the chance to make a film in one of the most iconic Christmas destinations in the city.

As the title suggests, "Christmas at the Plaza" is set and was partially filmed in The Plaza Hotel, where elaborate Christmas displays are a tradition. The hotel's reputation as a holiday hotspot perfectly fits the film's plot. The soon-to-be-cute-couple are both at the Plaza for work related to the epic displays. This allows viewers to get to know the Plaza's history with Christmas, which is lengthy and elaborate.

As the setting of "Home Alone 2," the hotel is already a big destination for holiday film buffs. Hallmark fans can now join the hype in appreciating the awe-inspiring baubles and lights that adorn the place come Yuletide. With the Plaza Hotel being such a festive heavy hitter and its central location in the city, there's no better place to experience Christmas in New York than the popular film setting.

Dahlonega, Georgia

It's easy to make a Christmas movie in a town with full-on heart eyes for the holiday, and Dahlonega definitely puts its best foot forward when preparing for the season. Hallmark's "Christmas in the Smokies" and "Christmas In Homestead" were both filmed in the town, taking advantage of its ample decorations and spirit.

Though neither Hallmark film was actually set in Dahlonega, "Christmas in Homestead" depicts a town that may as well be the holiday-centric destination. Where most small towns have a parade or put up a few garlands around popular areas, this little community in Georgia puts on the Old Fashioned Christmas event that lasts all month. The entire town is lit up from the ground to the treetops, and don't worry; they also have one mighty parade.

A Hallmark Christmas wouldn't be complete without a horse-drawn carriage ride through a spirited Main Street, and Dahlonega holds up its end of the bargain. It helps that the town's gorgeous Main Street has been consistently named one of the most stunning in the United States. You'll not only be visiting a picture-perfect filming location but also an award-winning town known for its charm and historic nature.

London, England

Centered around a businessman scouring the city of London for the perfect gift, "Jolly Good Christmas" was shot on location. Plenty of the city can be seen throughout the film as the main character (an American) navigates the unfamiliar city with a native personal shopper. One of the most notable landmarks shown in the film is the iconic Palace of Westminster.

Though London is often overshadowed by New York City as a top Christmas vacation spot, a lot of what makes New York truly magical this time of year is also present in its English counterpart. The local businesses and bars that show their spirit are the heart of both cities, and "Jolly Good Christmas" dives into at least one pub for a drink. It would be rude not to, right? Not only does this show just how festive community meeting spots can be in the city, but it also acknowledges the cultural importance pubs have played in England over the centuries.

If you're visiting London around Christmas, consider kicking things off with a pint at one of the many pubs lit up for the holiday. Who knows, it may even be the start of your own English Hallmark love story.

Nevada City, California

Though "The Christmas Card" was released decades ago, the small Californian town of Nevada City is largely unchanged. Visiting the town feels like you're in the shoes of the film's central military man, who visits the town searching for the woman who captured his heart from a handwritten card. When visiting, you'll recognize quite a lot of the featured buildings in the well-received Hallmark film.

When you consider just how much Nevada City hasn't changed, it makes sense that its signature Christmas celebration takes its cues from the past. Its Victorian Christmas sees people dressed for the era caroling down the street as a historic Father Christmas wanders amongst revelers, with authentic gas lamps lighting the way. The fire-dancing performers help keep things lit as well.

Victorian Christmas is a unique way to spend the holiday, and people of all ages will find something they love about the festival. Not only does the charming town of Nevada City pull you into the past, but you'll also feel very at home in its small-town atmosphere. It may have been many years since the network filmed here, but the town still has that signature Hallmark look and feel.

Cajun Village in Sorrento, Louisiana

"My Southern Family Christmas" gives Hallmark fans something a little more flavorful with a Louisiana-set holiday film. While most Hallmark movies are set somewhere completely different from where they were filmed, you can't really have the Louisiana aesthetic without showing, you know, real Louisiana. The Cajun Village in Sorrento is the filming location for some of the more festive scenes in the film.

Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the historic buildings turned antique and gift shops give "My Southern Family Christmas" that signature feel of the South. With a porch lined with rocking chairs and Americana memorabilia, you can practically hear the Southern twang.

To add even more spice, B-movie king Bruce Campbell stars as the estranged father of Alice, the main character, who pretends to be a journalist called Campbell to get closer to her dad. Louisiana and low-budget horror icons are slightly out of place on the Hallmark Channel, but they mesh together oddly well here. The unique setting and cast of characters highlight some of the down-home culture in the state and give viewers a different kind of Christmas film.

Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee

No one carried a holiday tune quite like Elvis, and his famous Graceland home is transformed come Christmas to reflect the music icon's favorite season. "Christmas in Graceland" and its sequel "Wedding at Graceland" used the attraction's spirit to create a magical and musical holiday atmosphere. "Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays" even features Priscilla Presley and was also filmed in the King of Rock 'n' Roll's former home.

Graceland is open year-round for music lovers to visit, but the estate offers a special holiday tour during the festive season. Why settle for one Christmas tree when you can have many? Your path through Graceland will take you by several trees decked out for ultimate Christmas cheer. There's no better time to visit, as the festive tour has won yearly accolades for its efforts.

Possibly an ode to his iconic holiday song, the lights adorning Graceland's exterior and driveway are blue, illuminating the home in an icy hue. You'll feel anything but sad when looking at the joy-filled home, though, as the care and dedication to the memory of Elvis is clear.

Rome, Italy

As a passionately Catholic country, Christmas is a massive event in Italy. Hallmark headed to Rome for their 2018 "Christmas in Rome" for a mostly on-location shoot. Network regular Lacey Chabert acts as a makeshift tour guide through the city, so plenty of Rome's famous attractions are on display.

It doesn't get much more historic than the Eternal City, and the Hallmark film really embraces Rome's reputation with many ancient ruins and landmarks shown in the background shots. You can't have a touristy film in Italy without the Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain is a pleasant bonus filming location. Rome isn't just iconic old stuff, though, and the two fast-falling main characters see plenty of modern culture as they explore the city.

The path shown in "Christmas in Rome" is very similar to one you may take when visiting the city itself. If you go see the Trevi Fountain to recreate one of the Hallmark film's scenes, you'll be in a prime place to walk over to the Pantheon. If your visit aligns, consider stopping by the Roman temple for Pentecost's rose petal shower and live out your own Hallmark moment.

St. John's, Canada

Looking for a splash of color this holiday season? St. John's in Newfoundland is known for the vibrant paint jobs seen on its homes and buildings, which are featured in Hallmark's "Merry Mystery Christmas." Two other Hallmark Christmas films utilize St. John's as the perfect onscreen town: "Everything Christmas" and "My Christmas Guide" were filmed around the same time, and both capture the Christmas charm found in Newfoundland's capital.

Christmas is celebrated differently from country to country, with varying cultural traditions emerging throughout the years. Newfoundland has the unique tradition of mummering, a creative and centuries-old spin on caroling. Dressed in a menagerie of garments that could be described as ghoulish, people take to the streets to sing and dance. With lampshades and horse head coverings, it's nearly impossible to distinguish who is who, so tourists can fit right in with the festivities. As the province's capital, St. John's has the honor of hosting a large mummers festival each December.

Though wearing bras over clothes and painting bizarre faces on sheet masks may not be the ultimate Hallmark experience, St. John's does come through with some other tremendous traditions. Port de Grave harbor puts on a light show worthy of any Hallmark film, with over 50 participating boats decked out in lights. If that wasn't already the epitome of jolly, the crowd sings out a lovely rendition of "Silent Night" that floats over the water.

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

"A Biltmore Christmas" is both set and was filmed in — you guessed it — the Biltmore Estate. The North Carolina resort is decorated beautifully year-round, but they really pull out all the stops for Christmas. Their holiday decorations are so over the top that it's a wonder why Hallmark took until 2023 to lock down the resort for one of their films.

The Biltmore's decor is bold and features deep, rich hues that go wonderfully with Yule. During the day, these color combinations mesh beautifully with live greenery that adorns the elaborate estate. The grounds and the interior walls come alive with lights, and the entire estate is a sight to behold.

Over the course of 15 days, "A Biltmore Christmas" was entirely filmed around the estate. Several rooms are featured in the film, some having been transformed to look like they're from another time. Biltmore is a sight for sore eyes even when the cameras aren't rolling, and a visit here will satiate even the most Christmas-hungry traveler.