The Best Babymoon Destinations In The US Perfect For Your Pre-Baby Vacation

It's common for parents-to-be to go through a nesting phase where they get their home ready for the incoming baby, but some also go through a get-out-of-town phase — this is where the babymoon comes in handy. Usually taken during the second trimester, a couple will take a before-baby trip to reconnect and have some bonding time before their family grows. While you will want to check with your OB/GYN for safety tips first, a babymoon could be just the thing you need to help make your journey to parenthood a little more comfortable.

Once you've committed to a mid-pregnancy adventure and have taken time off for one, you'll need to decide where you will go. While you can certainly make a day or weekend trip out of somewhere close, taking a full vacation and traveling to a place you've never been could usher in that sense of newness and adaptation that comes with becoming a new parent. These U.S. places all have their own reasons for being a perfect babymoon destination. Still, they're also incredibly visitable on their own, and you may even be able to check off one box on your travel bucket list before the baby comes.

Seattle, Washington

Sunny beaches and busy boardwalks may totally be your thing, but there's a special kind of beauty in rainy days and the misty views of lush green forests. Washington offers a mystique sure to please any millennial who spent their teenage years obsessed with "Twilight." The state's largest city is the perfect place to soak up some local culture and find serenity before your little one arrives.

If you can't find your zen in Seattle and prefer to be out in nature, check out the gorgeous coastline views and wooded highways just outside the city. However, if venturing out isn't of interest, Discovery Park will make you feel like you've left the city behind.

Pike Place Market is one of the most iconic sites on the West Coast and a perfect place for someone expecting to dive in and take a long look around. You could spend hours browsing the various goods scattered about the market. Anything from homegrown produce, handmade crafts, and home goods to copious amounts of fresh-cut flowers can be found throughout the market. The market is bordered by some of the most popular eateries in Seattle — be sure to stop by Piroshky Piroshky for an authentic Russian pastry before you leave. Taking some baby bump photos among the flowers or with Pike Place in the background is vital.

New York City

The city that never sleeps is the perfect practice for parents-to-be, and we all but guarantee New York City is easier to navigate than a new baby who has their days and nights mixed up. As the most populous city in the country and one of the most recognizable cities in the world, NYC is ideal for someone who wants to experience something brand new before the baby comes because even if you've been here many times, there is always something to discover.

If your second trimester falls within the holiday season, choosing this city for your babymoon is a no-brainer. The holidays in New York City are hard to beat and it seems everyone in town goes all out with decorations and festivals all winter long. If you're traveling with a partner, the holidays can be particularly romantic and a wonderful way to reconnect.

New York is a true melting pot and offers a fantastic amount of culture, which may be particularly ideal for travelers who have moved to areas lacking representation. Similarly, expecting parents who are craving a certain flavor or cuisine will be able to find practically any food of any culture in the world here — a perk that's hard to beat if you happen to live in a food desert.

Savannah, Georgia

Slow living, Southern charm, and hospitality are what you'll find if you choose to venture to Savannah, which may just be what you need halfway through your pregnancy. The city is one of the South's crown jewels, providing an atmosphere of timelessness that will allow those expecting to temporarily escape all the preparations that come with welcoming a new baby.

Travelers on a budget should especially keep Savannah on their radar, as it is one of the less costly vacation spots in America and was even named one of the top cities for an affordable babymoon in 2019. Not only are lodging prices relatively reasonable, but one of the best things to do is simply walk around and take in the rich history and culture. It also happens to be a great activity for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Savannah has a unique feel to it, from the wisteria hanging from trees as you traverse the parks to the old architecture found throughout. In fact, almost half of the buildings within the city are historical. This makes exploring the city on foot an enchanting adventure.

Miami, Florida

Miami may be known as a party city for the rich and famous, but there is so much more to be found in this cultural haven. Sure, you may not be able to booze it up on South Beach or take advantage of the ever-popular club scene here, but the tropical city is better seen under the light of day anyway. Walking the streets can result in unique observations, like the city's famous art deco buildings that make it seem like you've traveled to a different time.

South Beach is still on the table for pregnant visitors, as they can lay on the beach soaking up the sun's rays, swim in the crystal clear water, or even go boating. Seeing Miami via boat is a great way to experience the city, as the alternate viewpoint gives depth and a bit of wonder to the city, and it's a luxurious way to spend the day relaxing off your feet.

Travelers who like to explore culture while on a trip will especially love Miami's numerous neighborhoods. Each has its personality, history, and traditions; places like Little Havana and Wynwood deserve to be appreciated. Getting lost in the many different cultures of Miami is the perfect escape for an expecting parent who may need to lighten their load a bit.


It's not hard to find a reason to want to flock to Hawaii, and having a baby on the way is one heck of an excuse. The island state is absurdly beautiful, and a trip here could offer glorious beach views atop an active volcano, and you could attend a traditional Lūʻau, all on the same day.

Hawaii's beauty is hard to beat and you'll be raring to explore all the natural wonders. While hiking and water sports are certainly popular here, you may want to get guidance from your doctor before engaging in strenuous activities. For those who prefer a more restful experience while growing a human baby, there's nothing better than a trip to the beach and digging your toes in the sand. Just remember to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun as much as possible — listen to your body and don't push it too hard.

Another important consideration to make when planning a Hawaii babymoon is the flight. Not only is the travel time long, but it's also over water, making it challenging if an emergency arises. If your pregnancy is healthy, you should have no problem babymooning in Hawaii, and an unwinding massage could be waiting for you when you arrive.

Sedona, Arizona

The Southwest has something very calming about it, and Sedona, Arizona is no exception. Although the town draws tourists toward its boutique shops and art galleries, some of the best gems can be found just outside the city.

Impressive landscapes surround Sedona. The red rock formations against the sunrise and sunset are out of this world, the area even being known as a mystical and spiritual place to those that believe in the supernatural.

A photo-op in the desert is a great way to capture your pregnancy in time, and you can probably find something in town to wear that screams southwest chic. If you'd like to find the perfect souvenir, check out some of the turquoise jewelry from the local venders. It's a great way to mark your trip and have something you can pass down to your child when they get older.


If you've always wanted to visit Alaska, you may want to pull the trigger on that before the birth of your baby. While traveling with a little one is possible, Alaska may be a trip for the backburner once your baby is here. The majority of the state is wilderness, and although the massive national parks and reserves are stunningly beautiful, it may be best to stick to exploring the towns and cities like Juneau, where plenty of Alaskan beauty exists.

Alternatively, cruising to Alaska could be a great way to see the gorgeous state and maintain some relaxation. Cruises to Alaska start on the West Coast, and as long as they are close-looped, you will not need a passport. Choosing a cruise for your babymoon takes a lot of the stress out of planning a trip, which is good for both mama and baby.

Austin, Texas

With a tagline like "Keep Austin Weird," the eclectic traveler will find plenty to love about Austin. Exploring a new city is always fun, but this Texas city makes it a little more interesting with its bungalow bars and creative community. Of course, most pregnant people forgo drinks if they are expecting, but the bungalow bars on Rainey Street are worth a sober visit in order to see why they're so beloved.

Though the intriguing bars have been a part of the city's personality for some time, they are disappearing as Austin grows. No matter your feelings on the metamorphosis the city is going through, it is easy to draw a metaphoric comparison to your own changes as your body strives to grow your child and your mind transforms into that of a parent. This makes Austin the perfect place to reflect on who you are and what kind of parent you want to be while also experiencing a new city that prides itself on daring to be different.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the United States' largest cities, but it feels much more personal than that. With its distinct personality and culture, babymooners who want to be surrounded by bustling city life while also finding hidden music and art gems when exploring should consider the Windy City.

With its history steeped in various art forms, Chicago has always been a hub for creativity. Jazz, theater, and architecture are especially prominent in the city, and one could spend a lifetime experiencing all there is in the art scene here as there are seemingly endless ways to enjoy it.

Whether you want to see a grand live performance on the stage of one of Chicago's big theaters, spend a night patronizing one of the city's many piano bars, or explore the streets appreciating the buskers and murals, there is art to be found here in both big and little ways. If you love the art scene, you can start exposing your baby to it as early as your second trimester, making Chicago a pretty awesome place for them to hear their first musical number.

Las Vegas, Nevada

While Sin City may not come to mind when considering a babymoon destination, Las Vegas is much more than its stereotypes and shouldn't be counted out immediately. For those who want to be surrounded by life at all hours, this city always has something going on, and there are few places on Earth where you can find people so uniquely magnetic in high supply. Between the Elvis impersonators, performative magicians, and transplants who exude the strip's eclecticism, the sport of people watching here is unmatched. You may even end up adding a few potential baby names to your list, as the city is in no short supply of clever stage names.

Almost everyone who comes to Vegas is celebrating something, so you will be in good company if babymooning on the strip. Bachelor parties and weddings may be at the top of the list of reasons people come to the city, but who says you can't bring some of that spirit to your mid-pregnancy getaway? It may not be the City of Love exactly, but Las Vegas does have a replica of arguably the most romantic landmark in the world — the Eiffel Tower. If you can't make it across the pond, it puts on a good impersonation for expecting couples wanting some one-on-one time before the baby arrives.

San Diego, California

California is big on beaches, and for a lot of people, a babymoon wouldn't be complete without some fun in the sun. With around 70 miles of coastline, San Diego is known for its sandy beach destinations, with a beach for seemingly every kind of traveler. Mission Beach is by far the most popular of the city's coastline sanctuaries, even coming with its own amusement park. For those travelers looking for a more picturesque landscape, La Jolla's contrasting cliffsides make for a different beach experience.

Babymoons don't have to be just for the expecting parents, as families can use the vacation to bond with any kids who may be feeling the pressure of an incoming sibling, and San Diego is a great option for the whole family. Aside from the beaches, there is plenty of nature to check out, including gorgeous parks, the San Diego Zoo, and an aquarium that will provide entertainment for hours. Alternatively, LegoLand is like Disney for all future engineers and is right next door to the Flower Fields, making the perfect maternity shoot with everyone.

Marfa, Texas

While babymooning in city atmospheres will typically give you more options and flexibility, there is something to be said about small towns, and this small desert town, in particular, is so much more than meets the eye. Marfa is a mecca for artists and creativity, making for a babymoon full of unique sights and finds. If you are creative, you may leave with enough inspiration to finish off the nursery and any other projects you have on the backburner before your time is better spent with baby cuddles and settling into your new role as a parent.

Artists and art lovers will treasure exploring the different murals and art galleries that litter the tiny town in the Chihuahuan Desert, about 60 miles from the Mexican border. Art festivals are also popular here, as well as one festival that is unlike any other in the world.

If you're babymooning at the beginning of September, then the Marfa Lights Festival is kismet. The festival honors the Marfa Mystery Lights, a strange phenomenon of light scattered across the sky, which occurs year-round. For lovers of the bizarre, unexplainable, or even the supernatural, the little town in the middle of nowhere could make for a great story to tell your kids, especially the one who was there in utero.