The Most Unique Themed Hotels From Around The World

Vacations don't often revolve around a specific hotel or accommodation, but every rule has an exception. Themed hotels, for instance, make for a destination all on their own. Whether you are planning a trip specifically for the niche experience of a themed hotel or booking one simply as a bonus on an exotic vacation, there is no denying that unique digs add something special to a trip.

Everyone vacations differently, and time spent in a hotel room varies from person to person. However, most of us spend a good percentage of our trip in the hotel, even if it's just to sleep. You might as well make your time there interesting, and choosing a themed hotel can also add a whole new level of luxury to your stay.

Luxury looks different to everyone, of course. For some people it means bathing in a tub of chocolate or sleeping on a bed made of ice and to others it may involve kicking back in a Hobbit hole. Themed hotels offer a sense of adventure and opulence that can't really be recreated anywhere else. These are our picks for the best around the world. 

Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

There are not many places in the world where you can dine with giraffes, but at Giraffe Manor the gentle giants may just poke their heads right through an open window to sate their curiosity and hunger. Though they probably wish your breakfast was fair game and certainly get close enough to snatch it, the hotel provides snack pellets for the giraffes that you can feed them instead of your own food whenever they come around.

Giraffe Manor offers guests a truly wild time, as you aren't simply staying adjacent to a petting zoo. The impressive lodge is located on 12 acres of private land surrounded by a giraffe sanctuary where the majestic animals are free to naturally roam. Even more wildlife is at your fingertips here as access to various safaris exposes guests to Africa's diverse ecosystems and culture.

If the serene landscape and nature found around Giraffe Manor haven't already mellowed you out, the wellness center located a stone's throw away from the manor will. The Retreat offers everything a person needs to feel fully recharged: A pool, spa, gym, and some great food. Adventures aren't often described as relaxing, but Giraffe Manor offers both wonder and tranquility.

Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden

Jumbo Stay is, quite literally, a jumbo jet that has been converted into a European hostel with some spectacular private rooms. The cockpit of the plane has retained its mechanics even after being turned into a suite so that guests can do more than just dream about being a pilot. While sitting behind the wheel of a jumbo jet in your pajamas likely wasn't on your travel bingo card, it'll make for a killer new profile pic.

The hotel's cockpit suite isn't the only interesting room that plane enthusiasts can book either. The engines have each been turned into their own rooms as well, with their own private entrances. The rooms are small but cozy and they're perfect for singles or couples who won't be spending many waking hours in their room. Other rooms include the iconic porthole windows that make flights more bearable, but sleeping on this plane will be a breeze compared to being stuck in uncomfortable airline seats.

You won't really find a more convenient hotel when visiting Stockholm, as Jumbo Stay is located right outside of the Arlanda Airport. If you haven't had enough of being on a plane once you arrive in Sweden, this unique hostel gives travelers the most comfortable plane experience they'll likely ever have.

Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan

If you've ever dreamed of living in a library or owning your own bookstore, Book and Bed makes those dreams a cozy reality, if only temporarily. The brilliantly conceived hostel in Tokyo, Japan combines a love of the written word and the need for a place to rest your head, as thousands of books surround the reading lounge where sleeping cubbies can be found in between shelves. Guests are practically encased in bookshelves for a quiet night's sleep and the book theme is emphasized by the black and white comic-book pages hanging from the ceiling.

The very best libraries also have coffee shops, and Book and Bed is no different. Both travelers and bibliophiles seem to run on caffeine, so the hotel's cafe hits the spot twofold. The cafe specializes in black products, crafting both food and drinks that are reminiscent of ink on paper. Their menu of pitch-black coffee drinks, pasta, and sandwich bread gives the reading nook of this hostel an extra sense of style and oneness. Book and Bed should definitely be on every bookworm's bucket list — you may not even need a bed if you find a book to stay up all night with.

The Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado

If you know you want to stay at a themed hotel but aren't quite sure what you're looking for, The Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado has 13 floors of unique themes to choose from. Each has one themed room and a decked-out hallway to match. From a "Star Trek" themed room to one inspired by knock-knock jokes, this hotel has some pretty epic designs you can immerse yourself in for the duration of your stay.

The Curtis Hotel may feature a number of hyper-themed rooms, but horror lovers will be especially interested in their infamous 13th floor. The vast majority of hotels don't even have a 13th floor, but here the spook factor is turned up with a horror-themed hallway and special "Ghostbusters" room. You'll find tributes to classic monsters, Hitchcock, Stephen King, and more throughout the hallway.

Despite being decked out in a big way, the hotel manages to do so gracefully. The designs behind the rooms are largely tasteful. How their team managed to include both Slimer and the loud, bright red prohibition sign in the "Ghostbusters" room, for instance, and keep it chic is beyond us.

The Roxbury in Upstate New York

When you think of a themed hotel, you may picture an over-the-top, borderline cheesy collection of in-your-face decorations — this is exactly that. The Roxbury consists of a motel and a collection of miniature mansions that have been fully decked out. Whatever you are into, whether it be Greek mythology, fairy tales, or classic films, there's likely a room here for you. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like sleeping inside a coconut cream pie, for example, The Roxbury has whipped up the perfect dessert room for you.

Sometimes a stay at a themed hotel is just what the soul requires, especially when you connect to one of the rooms. The chances of finding a theme here that is near and dear to your heart are pretty high. Roxbury's "Wizard of Oz" room in the motel is a fan favorite, as well as the superhero suite and faerie forest in the tower cottages. Suffice it to say that a night here will be full of fantasy and deep dives into some of your favorite movies, stories, and aesthetics.

Hotel Not Hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Though the name may be confusing, Hotel Not Hotel is very much fitting for this themed wonderland. A conglomeration of creativity, this hotel brings abstract thoughts into reality with wild art installations and bizarre experiences. Though you can certainly book a room for the night, they are more works of art than mere accommodation. In fact, the rooms are designed by respected artists and follow unique themes. The Vertical Swimming Pool and Cuckoo Clock rooms are two of the most niche. 

Intricate and bold designs abound throughout the property, and lounging in the common areas will give you a real eyeful as you notice more details the longer you stick around. There are rooms hidden throughout the not-hotel-not-museum, including various rooms tucked away behind bookshelves and an invisible room hidden within mirrors. There are plenty of secrets to uncover when visiting Hotel Not Hotel, from hidden images in designs to entire rooms, and there's no telling what you'll find here.

Cartoon Network Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kids, both current and former, will love staying at the Cartoon Network Hotel thanks to its selection of fun and colorful, cartoon-themed rooms. Parents will be transported back to their childhood bedrooms upon seeing the nostalgic "Ben10" or "Powerpuff Girls" bedding and "Adventure Time" obsessed kids will go berserk for their favorite characters plastered all over the walls.

The rooms are just the icing on the cake, though, as it's the outdoor section of the hotel that steals the show. The beach-entry pool is perfect for families with children of all ages, as babies and toddlers can sit in the shallow end and older kids can play in the deep end with the winding water slide. The fun zone also features an inflatable movie screen where families can gather for screenings of new episodes or enjoy their favorite older cartoons.

If the weather is keeping your family indoors, there is also a toon room where kids can explore cartoon-based activities and games. The room also includes a full arcade with both classic and modern games. While not technically a resort, the Cartoon Network Hotel is a destination in and of itself that guests don't need to leave in order to have a vacation full of family fun.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel in Balearic Islands, Spain

While not officially Barbie-themed, you will get major Mattel vibes from this art-centric hotel. If the pink doesn't give it away, the fully public, glass-encased hotel room that looks similar to the packaging will. There are hotels all over the world that use pink as a statement, but none that pull it off with quite as much aplomb as the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel.

This trendy spot uses a funky, retro color palette and design to create an effortlessly timeless look. While pink is certainly a feature color, other cool shades complement the unique style. Its art deco architecture and designs fit perfectly and make the entire hotel look like a real-life vintage Barbie Dream House.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is, at its core, a work of art. The hotel not only surrounds you in its brilliant design but some guests are brought into the fold and their experience made into a kind of live art installation during their stay. While most rooms still have very solid and stylish walls, the Zero Suite is encased in glass and located in the lobby. In exchange for a free night, those staying in the Zero Suite are on display for all to see. 

The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas itself has been the theme of many a high school prom and homecoming, but the city is home to some pretty incredible themed hotels and casino resorts. The Venetian is one of the most world-renowned of these Vegas strip resorts and stands out from the crowd with its very real feel of old-school Venice.

The defining feature is not the massive skyscraper that makes up the hotel and resort, but the recreation of Venice's Grand Canal. The Venetian offers gondola rides with a singing gondolier, which plays up the romance already very present in the city. Actually, the themed resort is the perfect Vegas spot to get married, especially if you want an Italian vibe for your nuptials.

While the classic theme is heavily present throughout the common areas of the resort, the rooms also have a Venetian vibe. Every room is actually a suite, and the spacious accommodation is lush with plenty of marble to make you feel like you've entered a Roman bathhouse.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Norway

Although it is not the only ice hotel in the world, Norway's Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the northernmost of its kind. Impressive ice sculptures are scattered throughout but, each year, they practically build a whole new hotel with a fresh theme and different sculptures, so every visit will result in a new experience. While the Igloo Hotel offers single and family rooms that are as basic as a room made of snow and ice can be, the suites are a completely different story. 

Artists carve designs above the ice beds and throughout the suite to make it feel extra cozy. Yes, each room has a bed made of ice, but the reindeer hides covering them will help soften for sleep. If snoozing surrounded by fancy blocks of ice doesn't sound like the epitome of comfort to you, you actually don't need to stay the night in the Igloo to see the fantastic sculptures and ice carvings. You're able to visit during the day and tour the hotel to learn how the structure is crafted. You're welcome to visit the ice bar during its opening hours too, and can even get married in the hotel's chapel. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is only open for a few months out of the year, though, so plan your travels here carefully!

Rabot Hotel by Hotel Chocolat in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for chocolate lovers, and the tropical paradise boasts more than one chocolate-themed hotel. Hotel Chocolat's Rabot Hotel is arguably the best, though, and it doesn't hurt that a world-renowned chocolate brand stands behind it. The luxury hotel offers a rich retreat with views of cacao trees, crystal clear water, and the impressive Pitons.

Chocolate can be found at every stage of your stay here. To truly experience chocolate, you should know where it comes from, and Rabot Hotel aims to educate its guests by offering a full chocolate tour called Project Chocolat. Not only will participants taste plenty of fresh and locally sourced chocolate, but they also get to tour the cacao fields and even craft their own chocolate bar.

If exploring the rainforest and cacao groves aren't part of the luxurious trip you have in mind, maybe a more laidback, chocolate-infused experience is more your speed. The Beauté de Cacao Spa allows you to get pampered with cacao facials, body scrubs, and massages. No matter what you're looking for in an escape, Rabot Hotel has you covered (in chocolate).

25Hours Hotel in Florence, Italy

Hardcore bibliophiles will revel in the 25Hours Hotel in Florence, as it's themed after Dante's "Divine Comedy." 25Hours has hotels in interesting cities all over the world, and each one brings a whole new meaning to the word "cool." When it comes to the Florence branch, though, Dante's "Inferno" brings the heat in the form of hell-themed rooms. Don't worry, they left the pain and misery out when designing these hellish accommodations.

If for some reason you're not jumping for joy at the opportunity to stay in one of the nine circles of Hell, the hotel offers some Heaven-themed rooms as well. Guests can choose from light-filled rooms and those with dark and decadent red furnishings when booking, each theme coming in a few different sizes. And, for travelers wishing to stick around for a while, the largest room could quite literally be Heaven. 

It includes its own private entrance, pool, and terrace along with a pizza oven and barbecue. There are likely other references to Dante's work scattered throughout the hotel, with at least one common area having allusions to his work's last section, "Paradiso." Book lovers will surely enjoy finding meaning in the design and other travelers will revel in the interesting sights to be had here.

Hotel Tapasoli in Xilitla, Mexico

Fans of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy will be more excited about this hotel than a Hobbit about to dig into second breakfast. Hotel Tapasoli brings the Shire to life in the most magical way possible with a collection of beautifully crafted Hobbit houses. You will truly feel as though you've stepped into the pages of J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," as the hotel captures the fantastical nature of Middle Earth.

Jaw-dropping doesn't even describe how otherworldly Hotel Tapasoli is, especially when you consider that its beauty is a reflection of the natural surroundings in Xilitla. The town in central Mexico is known for its many man-made creations that complement and accentuate the natural wonders found here. Reflecting pools and waterfalls are scattered throughout the rainforest marked with towering sculptures.

When it comes to staying at the Hobbit house hotel, there are a number of options for rooms and each one is as cute and desirable as the next. Choose to stay in a burrow by the stunning lake or one with an elevated view, but no matter what, you're guaranteed a cozy visit. Winter at the hotel brings with it the use of a wood-burning fireplace in each dwelling, and there's nothing like laying back in a hearth-warmed burrow to channel your inner little folk.