Sky Ariella

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New York
Hunter College
Travel, Lifestyle, Journalism
  • Sky has spent years traveling around the world's unique wonders and writing about it all.
  • With experience in everything from solo backpacking around Asia and Colombia to road-tripping across the United States and Mexico, Sky has the first-hand knowledge to curate super helpful travel content.
  • That's why she has researched and written hundreds of travel articles for top publications like Travel Lemming, Zippia,, and In The Know Traveler, amassing millions of readers and a strong online presence.


After graduating from college, the first thing Sky did was book a one-way flight to Thailand to travel alone on the other side of the planet for months. That decision led to her life as a full-time traveler and professional content writer. Today, Sky has over three years of experience developing travel and lifestyle content for millions of readers. Before joining Explore, Sky wrote for many major publications like Travel Lemming,, Zippia, and In the Know Traveler. She's also done lots of work outside the travel realm, including writing for a top YouTube documentary channel with 1.5M+ subscribers and a fashion blog.


Sky Ariella graduated Cum Laude from Hunter College in 2018, earning a bachelor's degree in Psychology coupled with Philosophy and English minors.
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