The Most Romantic European Destinations For Couples To Visit

European getaways, especially when traveling with your partner, tend to be a tad more romantic by nature. From dramatic coastlines and charming villages to island paradises made for two, there are more than a few destinations in this epic region that are perfect for lovebirds. Whether you are celebrating a blossoming connection, honoring a relationship milestone, looking for a great escape with your significant other, or simply dreaming of a grand couple's trip to top all trips, no one is going home broken-hearted here.

A truly stunning continent with so many romantic settings to choose from — knowing where to go first is easier said than done. What's more, no two places are alike, each offering something a little different for almost every type of duo. But, if your goal is over-the-top romance, then there are definitely several European havens to holiday in with your sweetie. So for those looking to pull out all the stops, here are the most romantic European destinations for couples to visit that are sure to please.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

With remarkably beautiful scenery, Scotland is a must on any couple's to-do list, as there are so many places to spend quality time here. Take the otherworldly Isle of Skye, for instance, with its stunning vistas, lore, natural wonders, and romantic little towns perfect for canoodling — making it a wonderfully romantic destination for couples no matter the season. In fact, a few dreamy locations to marvel at with your partner on The Isle of Skye include Fairy Glen, Neist Point, the Fairy Pools, and a first-rate view of the Northern Lights.

Fairy Glen is a lush meadow full of vibrant greens, rock cairns, and a fairy-tale backdrop (which is probably why there are ample stories of the mythical fairies that flutter about in this region). Likewise, Neist Point provides the perfect opportunity for couples to have a romantic picnic or walkabout with waves crashing against moss-covered seaside cliffs, fluffy roaming sheep, a beautiful lighthouse, and an almost guaranteed magical sunset. And what is a trip to Skye without a romantic stroll by the cascading Fairy Pools? That said, after enjoying these wondrous sights, lovebirds can head to the city of Portree for a candlelit dinner at one of the charming restaurants. And before retiring to their cozy accommodations on this isle, elated couples can top off their romance-filled excursion with some quality stargazing and the alluring Northern lights.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta, is an excellent choice for couples looking for old-world charm and romance. Touted as the sunniest city in Europe, Valletta is located in the heart of an island paradise that is, as a whole, brimming with ancient fortifications, beautiful cathedrals, lush gardens, impressive Baroque palaces, stunning natural wonders like the Dingli Cliffs, and more. With this capital city's incredible vibes, waterfront views, spas, and sunset sailing, love is undoubtedly in the air in Valletta.

A little romantic getaway for two to Valletta can also include horse-drawn carriage rides through historical towns, city tours, enchanting dinners, plus some good old-fashioned wining and dining with live jazz music seaside. This popular wedding and honeymoon destination also has ample adventuring for couples who play together. From snorkeling and diving to rock climbing and sea kayaking, there is no shortage of land or sea fun available, so if this sounds like your type of lovers' holiday, then a trip to Valletta is definitely in order.

Bordeaux, France

Wine, art, and history couples are in for a real treat in Bordeaux, France. Known as the ideal urban escape for lovers, Bordeaux is adorned with 18th-century architecture, first-class restaurants like La Fine Bouche, dinner cruises on the Garonne River, cultural activities, riverside terraces, health and wellness couple retreats, chateau-style accommodations, and then some. With romantic biking and walking tours, couples can take in the bustling city center before heading to Bordeaux's idyllic countryside.

Once there, visitors will quickly note that this captivating French city also knows a thing or two about vino. So, couples can partake in some refined quality time with countless tastings, wine-tasting workshops, grape harvesting, and other vino-related activities. Likewise, visiting lovebirds can immerse themselves in the splendid Bordeaux wine region, which just so happens to be home to approximately 6,000 vineyards. You and your significant can opt to explore Bordeaux's cityscape while indulging in bold wines, or embark on the Bordeaux Wine Route (via rented bikes, guided tours, or self-guided excursions), or maybe even do both! No matter your itinerary here, a truly romantic experience paired with an abundance of wine awaits.

Porto Santo Island, Portugal

Porto Santo Island, Portugal, is another phenomenal option for couples who want to enjoy some fun in the sun. A true hidden gem, Porto Santo is a must-visit with its miles and miles of golden beaches, first-class wellness resorts, trendy bars, delightful restaurants like the Panorama restaurant, and outdoorsy points of interest, including Porto as Salemas. Here, nature-loving couples can also bask in each other's company with beautiful coastal backdrops and marvel at more than a few gorgeous scenic areas (also known as Porto Santo viewing points) that are perfect for romantic walks or drives.

The island of Porto Santo is not the largest in the Madeira Archipelago region, however, couples can still have a lovely multi-day beach getaway with diverse landscapes, non-beachy activities such as hiking, a distinct heritage, unparalleled ambiance, and peaceful vibes. What's more, the equally wonderful sister island of Madeira is only a charming ferry ride away. So, if you and your partner are looking for a quiet paradise that feels like your very own culture-rich and private escape, then Porto Santo Island is worth considering for your next romantic little getaway.

Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain, is a romantic getaway for two that you will never forget. Thanks to Seville's picturesque scenery, stunning outdoor spaces like the Parque de María Luisa, breathtaking architecture, fabulous eateries, Arab baths, flamenco shows, and more, couples can appreciate the finer things in this dazzling European city. But that's not all Seville has to offer. With incredible neighborhoods like Santa Cruz, the Royal Alcazar Palace, Roman ruins, and the Barrio Santa Cruz, a city center worth exploring hand-in-hand, visitors are in for a one-of-a-kind escape with all the lovey-dovey trimmings.

Besides all of this, couples can also take a romantic ride via a rowboat at Plaza de España and marvel at the spectacular city space while enjoying cocktails at any of the Seville rooftop bars. Other activities for lovers that bring on all those warm and fuzzy feelings include a tour of the Seville Cathedral, admiring fine works at the Seville Museum, and watching a beautiful sunset along the Guadalquivir River. And these are just a handful of amorous entertainment options for parties of two that are available in the city of Seville.

Bruges, Belgium

Dubbed one of the most romantic cities in Europe, Bruges, in Belgium, is a fairytale-like escape that will only bring couples closer together. Here, lovebirds can explore preserved medieval buildings and UNESCO World Heritage sites, marvel at world-class art, stroll down cobblestones streets, embark on guided city tours, and of course, enjoy some of this particular city's divine delicacies (chocolates, pralines, and more). Often referred to as the Venice of the North, this Belgium city is also brimming with serene canals and beautifully designed bridges.

With intimate hotel stays, endearing restaurants, horse-drawn carriage rides in Market Square, and abundant lovey-dovey fun around every corner, Bruges is the place to be for in-love twosomes. While in Burges, happy couples should also make it a point to check out Minnewater Park and its famous Lake of Love. Local lore says that when you and your significant other cross the main bridge in Minnewater Park, your love for one another becomes eternal. So if this sounds like your kind of romantic holiday, then stop by for a magical time with your sweetie.

Cornwall, England

Cornwall, England, is situated in one of the U.K.'s most westerly regions and is your quintessential seaside town. With cozy B&Bs, lavish hotels with incredible views, village cottages, celebratory afternoon tea, dramatic coastlines, first-rate beaches, and relaxed country vibes, Cornwall has romance written all over it. Accessible from nearby U.K. cities via train, even getting to this English holiday retreat feels romantic. In addition to appreciating all the surrounding beauty here, couples can de-stress together at blissful retreats like The Clearing Spa and enjoy long romantic walks on any of Cornwall's marvelous beaches.

Lovebirds can also get in some quality time while adventuring and sightseeing. From adventure parks and ample water recreation to golfing, hiking, and exploring caverns, a romantic getaway to Cornwall can be whatever you make it. For instance, you can spend the day with your sweetie checking out castles like Pendennis Castle, St. Catherine's Castle, Launceston Castle, and St Michael's Mount Castle. Plus, Cornwall has a wealth of must-see landmarks and natural attractions, including Trethevy Quoit, Land's End, St Agnes Head, Kendall Vale, and King Doniert's Stone — just to name a few. And after enjoying all this and more, couples can indulge in fresh seafood, sophisticated dining experiences, and some truly divine cuisine — making Cornwall one more top spot on the map for a super romantic couple's vacation.

Lucerne, Switzerland

In the heart of central Switzerland, wandering couples will come across the romantic town of Lucerne. This Swiss city is perched on a sparkling lake and is a popular honeymoon destination among newlyweds. With a charming medieval ambiance, distant mountainous scenery, and classic couple excursions, you and your significant other will not be disappointed here.

When visiting Lucerne, lovebirds can appreciate this destination's picturesque backdrop and enjoy each other's company as they stroll the city streets, take in all the beauty at Chapel Bridge via boat, marvel at the swan-filled waterways, and immerse themselves in Swiss culture, wine, and the local fanfare. Plus, with dreamy lakefront accommodations and Chateau-like stays surrounded by lush woodlands, visitors will find the mood pretty much sets itself in Lucerne. That said, a few romantic couple musts while in Lucerne include a day trip to Mt. Rigi, an evening in Old Town, catching a performance at the KKL Luzern Concert Hall, and checking all the wonderful city landmarks like Musegg Wall off the list.

The Azores, Portugal

Made up of nine breathtaking islands, the Azores is a part of Portugal and is an utter paradise. Sometimes referred to as the Hawaii of Europe, the Azores has something for every couple. So if your definition of romance includes lush forests, hot spring pools, beautiful sunsets, romantic beaches, seaside dining, and pristine wilderness that is absolutely worth exploring, then the Azores are for you.

A couple's getaway in the Azores is ideal for nature lovers, hiking duos, and avid island hoppers, especially since these islands are home to more than a few natural wonders. Points of interest like the Sete Cidades and Furnas Valley in São Miguel Island, Pico Island's Pico Mountains, and São Lourenço Bay on Santa Maria Island are dazzling sights and reason enough to spend ample vacation time exploring the various islands. The Azores also have a wealth of hand-crafted wonders, including the Vineyards of Criação Velha on Pico Island and the Tea Plantations on São Miguel Island.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is undoubtedly another special spot on the map for couples. With its perfect mix of lake vibes, charming villages, Alpine views, lovely beaches, lavish villa stays, fantastic lakeside dinners, and sensational sunsets you will want to savor, Lake Como is an Italian gem that is a cut above the rest when it comes to romance. In fact, couples who do decide to check out this peaceful Italian Lake District will have ample opportunities to woo one another.

So whether you and your partner want to cuddle up on a private sailing tour, swoon over the Swiss Alps, ride a Vespa through vibrant villages, or get in some much-needed couples pampering at Villa d'Este, showing how much you appreciate each other is easy to do at Lake Como. Additional couple activities to consider on your leisure holiday include luxury helicopter tours, vintage boat rowing experiences, phenomenal nature walks, and possibly even a quick day trip via train to Milan. No matter the romantic endeavor, lovers will definitely see sparks fly in Lake Como.

Venice, Italy

Of course, not too far away from Lake Como, the birthplace of European romance, Venice, awaits. Lovers on holiday will be beyond smitten as they partake in romantic gondola rides, intimate Italian dinners, and all sorts of couple-approved fun. Touted as one of the world's top honeymoon spots, romantic moments in Venice are not hard to come by either. So, why not take some pressure off yourself and let the destination do most of the work?

Since there is no denying the fact that Venice was made for lovers, you and your partner can expect to be exchanging sweet nothings all over town. Moreover, there is no shortage of exciting outings for couples that promise to bring on all the feels in the Floating City. Lovebirds, for instance, can appreciate firs-rate operas at Teatro La Fenice, dine at historic bistros like the Cantina Do Spade (a rumored haunt of Casanova), soak up the view from the San Giorgio Maggiore Campanile and check out the countless museums. Couples can also head over to the nearby island of Torcello for some history, beautiful gardens, and even more amorous vibes.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most romantic places in the world, not just in Europe. This breathtakingly beautiful destination has everything one could want for an extraordinary baecation — and its iconic seascape is just one of the many reasons why Santorini is a must for couples. Here, lovers can marvel at the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, indulge in delicious food, appreciate Santorini's many museums, peruse the local markets, and delve deeper into this island's fascinating history.

Traveling twosomes can also lounge about on several picturesque beaches, book a rejuvenating spa day, visit the island's wineries, plus check out major points of interest like the hot springs at Palea Kameni. Likewise, romantic seaside dining, watching a movie under the stars at Cine Kamari, a delightful open-air cinema, horseback riding, and boating are other great ways to pass the time in Santorini with your partner too. That said, with all the marvelous accommodations available on this island, it is perfectly understandable if you prefer to sequester yourselves away in your remarkable and romantic seaside stay for the first few days before embarking on any island escapades.

Paris, France

Finally, it doesn't get any more romantic than the City of Love. In fact, Paris is pretty much everyone's go-to spot for celebrating love in all its forms, and it is not difficult to see why. Simply exploring Paris with your significant other is one of the easiest ways to take your courtship to the next level. With charming neighborhoods like Montmartre, picnics in the park, the Louvre, Seine River cruises, stolen kisses near the Eiffel Tower, castles, nearby vineyards, French cuisine, and so much more, couples have a plethora of romantic things to add to their lovey-dovey itinerary.

So whether you want to speak the language of love while at the Temple d'Amour, pop the question in the Tuileries Gardens, or spend time in the most romantic city in the world with your favorite person, Paris has got you covered. Ultimately, the City of Love takes the cake here. But really, any of these European destinations are sure to stoke the fires of passion — while offering you and your partner a truly unforgettable time away together.