Should You Try A Weddingmoon?

Destination weddings, honeymoons, babymoons ... all of these are probably familiar. But have you heard of a weddingmoon? This idea of a combined wedding and honeymoon is taking the world of wedding planning by storm and is worth considering for your upcoming nuptials.

Before we look at whether a weddingmoon is right for you, let's learn a little about honeymoons. A whopping 99% of couples take a honeymoon after their wedding and they have a very good reason to do so. Statistically, couples who go on honeymoons tend to have happier marriages than those who don't. However, honeymooning isn't cheap: Newlyweds spend an average of three times more on their post-wedding vacation than they do on a regular trip. Add to that the cost of the wedding itself, and you've got a very expensive couple of weeks on your hands. A weddingmoon allows you to combine the ceremony and the honeymoon into one, bringing a host of benefits.

Save on costs and organization

There are tons of advantages to having a weddingmoon rather than a separate wedding ceremony and honeymoon. First off is the convenience. You can plan two very special events at the same time and in the same place. Lots of resorts offer wedding and honeymoon packages, so you'll be able to deal with one company for everything. You also only have to travel somewhere once. Most wedding venues aren't around the corner from your house, but heading to a resort usually means that the wedding happens at the same place where you're staying, and the honeymoon begins immediately.

Another benefit of a weddingmoon is the cost. Having everything all in one place is likely to save you money. Some resorts even give you the wedding for free if you stay there afterward for a certain number of nights. Anyone who's planned a wedding will tell you that is a huge saving.

Guests and romance

Let's address the elephant in the room. Most people invite fewer guests to destination weddings than they would if they held the wedding in their hometown. For a weddingmoon, you will likely have a smaller guest list that consists of close family and friends. Only you and your partner can decide whether this works for you. The pros of this are that your wedding will likely cost less with fewer guests, and you'll get to spend quality time with the people who are there. This is especially true as many guests will stay after the wedding and you'll get to enjoy your honeymoon with your loved ones too (again, this might be your dream or a bit of a nightmare!)

Finally, having a weddingmoon can be much more romantic than having a separate wedding and honeymoon. You arrive a couple of days before the ceremony at a picturesque destination you've hand-picked, where you can relax before the wedding rather than rushing around finalizing those last details. And, as you waltz straight from the ceremony into the honeymoon, your first few nights of marriage are free from jetlag and exhaustion. So, for a cheaper, less stressful, and more romantic wedding, try a weddingmoon.