Laura Jones

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Opole, Poland
University Of York, UK
Travel, The Outdoors, The English Language
  • Laura has been a freelance writer since 2017.
  • She's previously written for travel sites like and Matador Network, and for English language sites, including Lingoda.
  • She is an avid traveler herself and has covered a lot of ground in North America, Asia and Europe.


Laura has been a professional writer for over five years. She started by writing English-language lessons for learners and quickly progressed to more creative article writing. She writes about the (many) quirks of the English language and the English-speaking world and about travel in places across the globe. Laura is a regular contributor to the Lingoda blog and has also written for sites including Matador Network, PitchUp and She loves to travel and in June 2023, is finally checking Alaska off her bucket list.


Laura has a bachelor's from the University of York in the UK.
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