Why You Should Definitely Brave The Crowds At Melissani Cave In Kefalonia, Greece

There is nothing more exotic, nor more mysterious, than finding and exploring both small and large cavernous voids that are naturally carved into mass rock formations around the world. Each is unique in its own geological makeup, and each reveals hidden wonders and rich, historical pasts. From ancient artifacts, pictographs, and petroglyphs to rare gems, fascinating minerals, and paradisal grottoes filled with illuminating water, these caves can be both enchanting and a tad ominous.

Throughout much of Europe and its islands, intriguing caves are either openly visible or tucked away, hidden from the world, creating an air of curiosity for those who stumble upon them. Many, like Melissani Cave in Kefalonia, Greece are so popular, visitors wait their turn to enter its stunning formation, as reported by The World Travel Guy. Resembling a giant cenote found in the jungles of Mexico, braving the crowds to visit Melissani Cave is definitely worth the time spent waiting to explore its magical landscape while visiting this captivating Ionian island in Greece.

The mythological, blue grotto of Kefalonia, Greece

History reveals that Greece is shrouded in incredible myths, fables, and legends. From Zeus to Aphrodite, the world over has heard of and learned of the gods and goddesses that shaped the beautiful country of Hellas. It is said, by Visit Greece, that the unrequited love of the Nymph Melissani for the Greek god, Pan led to her ending her life, drowning within the light blue waters of the cave. Thus the formal name Melissani Cave was given in tribute to her heartbreaking and tragic death. Its fabled name is The Nymphs Cave.

It was approximately 72 years ago when the captivating waters of Melissani Lake were found hidden within its cave formation. The open-air ceiling of the grotto was created by an earthquake thousands of years before, as reported by Kefalonia Way, revealing the extreme beauty within its stunning geological surroundings. Over 500 feet in length, the crystal clear, turquoise blue waters of the lake within the grotto come to life from late morning to mid-afternoon when the Mediterranean sun projects its illuminating rays upon its aquatic reflection, creating an array of transcendental colors. Visitors to the grotto are also exposed to the stunning, prehistoric Stalactite formations covering the walls and hanging from the ceiling of this eerie, yet ethereal structure.

What to know before you go to Melissani Cave

As Melissani Cave is subterranean, you must access it through a modernized, underground tunnel and walkway by foot until you reach the lake itself. The journey there is just your first step towards exploring this hidden beauty. Opening times and costs to access the cave are listed on their website. Upon reaching the lake, boats await visitors to take them into the cavernous grotto to experience nature's beauty full-on. The peaceful surroundings of the cave and silenced hush as rowing boats appear to be hovering above the transparent, blue waters of the lake mesmerize visitors as they take in everything the Nymph Cave has to reveal.

Located on the island of Kefalonia, close to the picturesque, fishing village of Karavomylos, visitors to the area are exposed to an authentic Greek island way of life — away from the maddening tourist crowds found in popular island destinations like Santorini — before heading into a natural wonder of immense beauty and intrigue. Plan your trip accordingly when visiting Greece to experience it during the best weather months of the year, and enjoy taking in all of its historical and magical wonders.