The Simple Greek Island That Locals Highly Recommend Visiting

When someone mentions the country Greece to you, what automatically comes to mind? The original movie, "Mamma Mia!" perhaps? Could it be the intriguing, white stone cliff houses with electric, cyan-blue rooftops and entry doors? Or, if you're a philosophy buff, maybe Greek Philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Plato come to mind — to name a few. Quite possibly, it could be the stunning, blue Mediterranean Sea that provides a breathtaking backdrop to Greece and its many islands, or it's a combination of everything.

Whatever it may be, Greece and its thousands of islands — as confirmed by Visit Greece — have been around for centuries. Not surprisingly, this ancient country is an extremely popular vacation destination, and according to ITB, the arrival of tourists to Greece in 2022 has broken extraordinary records, making the "Land of the Gods," a tourism hotspot. And, with places like Athens and Santorini being prime choices to visit with tourists, there is one Greek island known for its beauty and simplicity that comes highly recommended by the locals as a must-visit destination.

Kimolos: The gem of the Cyclades

They say good things come in small packages. Enter, Kimolos. This tiny, volcanic island within the group of Greek islands known as the Cyclades, is known for its secluded sandy beaches, framed by the captivating, crystal, turquoise-blue, Aegean Sea, chalk rocks, hidden caves, medieval and unique sites, and its charming, peaceful tranquility. Unspoiled by the weight of tourism, Kimolos' now quiet and peaceful setting was once rocked by its historic battles, and the history of rulers spanning from Venetian royalty to the Ottoman Empire, according to Greeka.

Its numerous relaxing beaches that stretch around the island provide residents and visitors alike with jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets. Ellinika Beach secrets the sunken ruins of the ancient city of Kimolos: Once a part of the larger island of Milos, a devastating earthquake ripped the island in half sinking the once vibrant city. Prassa Beach is known for its soft white sand, enticing blue waters, and enchanting thermal springs, says FeelGreece. It's also the favorite beach on the island, as reported by BeachSearcher.

Things to do on Kimolos

Don't let this perfect, little island fool you: Although it's petite in size, there is a treasure trove of things to see and do here. From an Archaeological Museum to a Folk and Maritime Museum — historical, cultural, and nautical enthusiasts will find each location fascinating to tour. Visitors intrigued by ancient history will also find a medieval castle, old cathedrals perched on cliffs, and ancient windmills. For adventurers, take a leisurely swim or boat ride to Gerakias Cave, or hike up to Skiadi Rock and be mesmerized by this unusually large, natural stone formation that resembles a giant mushroom.

If visiting Kimolos is something you want to add to your bucket list, know that it is only accessible by ferry or boat. Flights do depart from Athens to its neighboring island, Milos, however, this gem of a tiny island can only be reached by water. And who wouldn't want to traverse the intoxicating, crystal-blue Aegean Sea to reach an island getaway that provides some of the most spectacular views in the Cyclades?