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Tokyo, Japan
Temple University, Japan Campus
Expat Life, Guides And Itineraries, East Asia Destinations
  • Aaron holds the distinguished title of being the 3,448th person to conquer Mt. Kofuji ("little Fuji") on Hahajima, a remote island situated 620 miles to the south of Tokyo.
  • He once spent weeks exploring Switzerland and Austria after months of research, determined to avoid touristy spots, only to realize the touristy spots were the best part of the trip.
  • When he's not immersed in writing, Aaron is kickboxing, on the quest for the ultimate bowl of ramen, or (literally) diving headlong into Japan's vibrant punk hardcore scene.


Aaron is a seasoned content writer based in Tokyo, Japan, originally hailing from about as far away as you can get—Little Rock, Arkansas. Despite planning only for a brief school stint, his love for the culture, food, and kind people led him to make the land of the rising sun his home for over a decade. Aaron has been featured in several online and print publications, including guides on budget travel, local events, off-the-beaten-path journies, and even advice for relocating to a new country. He's since broadened to official state-run tourism, news, and economics, writing for Japan Today and various chambers of commerce—sharing stories about foreigner-led businesses and life in the countryside or on far-away islands. With Japan as his home base, he readily explores Southeast Asia, spending weeks in inviting countries like Thailand and The Philippines.


Aaron earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Temple University's Japan Campus, concentrating on media research, journalism, editing, and documentary filmmaking.
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