This Airline Is Recognized As One Of The Best In All Of Europe

Whether during peak times or off season, you might be wondering what's the best way to travel around the European continent. Planes, trains, or automobiles, or even travel by ferry depending on where you're headed, are all feasible options when bouncing between countries in Europe. While the European rail system is generally convenient, if you plan on visiting more than one city, there's no denying that choosing to fly saves time.

With plenty of European carriers to travel with, and ticket prices that are often quite competitive, you'll want to find a fair balance between finding a good deal and finding a reliable airline. For one of the best airlines on the continent, opt for Iberia, the flagship airline of Spain with headquarters in Madrid. Not only does the airline fly to a wide array of destinations over several countries and territories, but it is globally recognized as one of the best in Europe for factors like service, on-time performance, and quality of food and beverage onboard.

An airline that truly soars

Flight delays, especially during peak travel season, are unfortunately inevitable. To lower your chances of being affected, however, your best bet is to choose an airline that has a history of punctuality. Insert Iberia. Iberia was the most punctual airline in the world in January 2024, according to the consulting firm Cirium. This factor certainly contributes to its reputation as one of the best carriers in Europe.

Airlines, like hotels, have certifiable star ratings, assigned by Skytrax. Iberia ranks at a whopping four-stars, largely thanks to its onboard service, quality of products from the comfortable seats to the beverage and food selection, the hospitable cabin and ground staff, and overall cleanliness.

Aside from punctuality and a superb rating, Iberia also ranks high in a few other categories that can enhance the airline experience. For those who are privy to visiting a lounge prior to traveling, Iberia ranked second in data collected by AirAdvisor for its lounge reviews. In the same study, Iberia also ranked second for family-friendly airlines. Even better, due to its consistency in all categories, AirAdvisor named Iberia the best European airline in 2023.

Where they fly and what you'll pay

As Spain's national airline carrier, Iberia is an obvious choice if traveling through the country. The airline flies to several cities in Spain, including but not limited to Madrid, Ibiza, Alicante, Tenerife, San Sebastian, Valencia, Barcelona, and many other destinations. Most excitingly, Iberia offers a long stopover program in Madrid called Stopover Hola, Madrid, where leaving the airport, even on an international layover, is encouraged. With Stopover Hola Madrid, you can stay up to six nights in the city on a layover. Outside of Spain, Iberia flies to 137 total destinations spanning across 46 countries and territories.

If you're an aviation geek who loves collecting points and miles, you'll be pleased to know Iberia is part of the oneworld Alliance. To become a part of Iberia's loyalty program, join Iberia Plus and collect Avios, the "official currency" of their mileage program. While the airline is not technically low cost, collecting points and miles is one of the easiest ways to save on flights (and to get that coveted airline elite status). Most of Iberia's long-haul flight fares include a checked bag, even in economy class.