16 Cheap Places To Travel In October

October is one of the best times of the year to get out and about in your community. No matter what part of the United States you call home, the seasonal change that rings in the autumnal atmosphere is magical and filled with feel-good features. From bundling up in warmer clothing to hitting local festivals and markets in the newly brisk evening air, October truly provides.

But October isn't just a time to explore your own community. It's the shoulder season for many great destinations around the world. From Mexico's Riviera Maya (in the Quintana Roo state) to Europe's fascinating cities, October provides excellent bang for your buck alongside slightly less crowded landscapes that allow for greater exploration and freedom. 

Perhaps the best feature of traveling in October is that already budget-friendly destinations become a bargain, and those that often come with a higher price tag during the tourist season become more financially accessible during shoulder seasons. To create this list of cheap places to visit in October, we pulled from personal experience and included places that offer dramatic October savings using comparative pricing. You can learn more about our methodology at the end of the article. 

Quintana Roo, Mexico

Mexico is routinely found among travelers' favorites list. High up within the country is its Gulf Coast gem, Quintana Roo. Here, you'll find Cozumel, Cancún, and Tulum, among many other fantastic hamlets of Mexican history and culture. From Cancún, you can easily explore nearby Mayan ruins like Yamil Lu'um or El Meco. Alternatively, larger sites like Chichen Itzá and Tulum can be found in the area as well.

October sits squarely within shoulder season in Mexico. This time of year is affected by hurricane season, so that is something to watch out for. However, hurricanes tend to hit randomly all along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast, so it's typically not going to be a prominent or consistent problem that travelers will need to plan heavily around. By booking a vacation during October, a time with fewer tourists and lower hotel occupancy rates, you can significantly cut your lodging costs.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a fascinating historical city. Dating back to the seventh century, Istanbul has been called many names and served as a home to many peoples. It's a unique place that straddles the continental divide between Europe and Asia and a city of magnificent tourist attractions, including the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, a honeycomb marketplace of more than 5,000 vendors.

For an average couple, a trip to Istanbul tends to cost roughly $70 per day (per person), which includes a reasonable hotel room in the mid-budget price range. In October, you can expect price reductions since the largest crowds of tourists will be long gone. But this isn't the only benefit of a trip to Turkey's largest city in the fall. Istanbul's geography means that it experiences hot summers and frigid winter chills. However, a visit in October offers a happy medium between the two poles, making for a comfortable adventure at a more budget-friendly price.

Jordan: Amman, Petra, and Jerash

A nation of equal majesty but far less travel (even with a substantial tourism industry), Jordan is a truly underrated jewel of the Levant and greater Mediterranean region. Situated behind Israel, it doesn't share the Mediterranean coastline that some of its neighbors are graced with. However, culturally, Jordan showcases many of the same fabulous hallmarks, mixed in with a wonderfully robust desert and Bedouin history. 

Highlights of a trip to Jordan include the Roman ruins found scattered throughout Amman (the amphitheater found in the city's center and the Temple of Hercules on one of its hilltops, for instance), Petra, and Jerash, a massive Roman complex in Jordan's north. Great swaths of Jordan are also accessible in bite-sized day trips from Amman when renting a car — something I can personally attest to — so plenty of sites are legitimate options for the adventurous traveler.

Car rentals in the Middle East are typically cheap, and Amman's Queen Alia Airport is no different. You can expect to drive off for less than $30 per day, and free parking can be found nearly anywhere in most places — aside from lots outside Jerash or Petra. Street food is some of the best stuff you'll find, and these meals are typically only a few bucks per person. Budget travelers should expect to spend around $70 per day at a push, but during low tourist season — as is the case in October — you may see hotel prices drop significantly.

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is yet another city with a long and storied past. It was founded over 5,000 years ago and has continued to spread up and down the coast, while also creeping ever so steadily along the mountainous rise at its flank. From Beirut, visitors can explore a bustling city that's alive with activity and an electric atmosphere, including a thriving nightlife that rivals other acclaimed party cities. Visitors can also visit the Jeita Grotto, a pair of limestone cave systems named among the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Cedars, and the Khalil Gibran Museum, rounding out an enriching trip. 

In Beirut, you can blow your budget with a luxury hotel and a night out shopping, eating, and drinking. But it's also a place that offers dirt-cheap meals and beers. For example, in Hamra, you can find pints for startlingly high prices or pennies. An average budget requires roughly $90 per day per person, but cheap eats — like falafel or shawarma sandwiches, for instance — often only cost a few dollars. 

Similarly, asking for servees (sir-vees) when getting into a taxi will yield wildly discounted rates. These taxis cost 2,000 Lebanese pounds, or about 13 cents, and will pick up and drop off passengers along their route in a shared ride format. The point is, with a little know-how, you can experience Beurit on a budget, and in October, high season prices and the summer heat drop, with temperatures fluctuating between 69 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Goa, India

Goa has routinely found a place in the hearts of travelers, and the Indian seaside community is home to some of the country's most immense beaches, but Goa isn't short on history either. The Magnificent Ruins of Hampi are a day's drive from Goa, meaning you'll need to plan a multi-day excursion or a lengthy day trip (if you can find a willing driver or guide) to visit. Goa is also a place that has experienced a significant flux of cultural influences, with a documented history to at least the second century and much farther back as an ancient settlement.

On top of the fabulous historical significance, wonderful beaches, and amazing sightseeing around Goa, the prices here are wildly inexpensive. A meal at a standard restaurant in the community averages around 400 rupees, or about $5 per person. Accommodation in the city can be found for roughly the same price, per night, if you're looking for a dorm in a hostel, but about 1,400 INR (nearly $17) per night for a private room with a bathroom. 

Due to Goa's famous nightlife, prices can rise during the high season, but fortunately, October sits just outside the higher-traffic winter months. The temperatures in October have also calmed down a bit from the summer monsoon season that brings flooding rains and baking heat. But it's still nice and warm in October, allowing for a great environment that's perfect to relax in.

Provence, France

Provence was reincorporated as part of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur in 2016, but the community found nestled along France's southern Mediterranean coast retains its own unique heritage and identity. In addition to sumptuous beachlines, the region is perhaps best known for its rolling lavender fields and small-town marketplaces. It's a great option for anyone looking to unwind in France's legendary south.

France is a place that's known for its luxury and costs, but those who plan ahead can optimize their purchasing power. In Provence, you can find a three-course meal for under $30, and October serves as the tail end of the area's warm season. This means that you can enjoy the same sunshine and relaxation as summer holidaymakers without having to shell out high-season cash to fight for reservations at hotels and restaurants. Moreover, as cities empty out, the fall is a fantastic time to explore France for fresh vineyard harvests, food festivals, and much more. The weather, pricing, and experiences are right this time of year.

The Grecian Islands

From Mykonos to Rhodes, the Greek Islands are a fantastic travel destination for anyone seeking sun, sand, and relaxation. Greece is culturally rich, and its islands each deliver their own flavor of Grecian hospitality, fun, and cuisine. Popular Greek islands include Milos, Sifnos, and Syros, a particular favorite among travelers looking to experience Greece outside of peak travel season.

The farther south you venture into the Aegean or Mediterranean proper, the warmer your island destination is likely to be throughout an autumn trip. Beaches are therefore a hit among travelers looking to explore Milos, Santorini, or Symi. Not only will you enjoy a fantastic beachside stay without the heavy influx of peak-season travelers, but September and October are also budget-friendly times to visit Greece. Although still competing with other accommodations, hotels look to cash in on whatever interest remains after the rush of summer.

Alentejo, Portugal

Stretching from the Atlantic coast to Portugal's interior border with Spain, the Alentejo region is just north of the magnetic Algarve region that attracts droves of tourists. Due to its size, the large region is marked by great variance in weather, tourist activities, and more. It's a particularly productive winemaking and olive-harvesting region, making for a great option for foodies and wine enthusiasts alike. Throughout Alentejo, you'll find ruined castles and the leftovers of a strong Roman presence dotting the hilltops. The result is an oasis of culture and history marked by fantastic views and excellent opportunities to unwind and enjoy life at a slightly slower pace.

The allure of this part of Portugal often rests in the rural hotel selection that visitors will find. The region offers great beaches, of course, but inland, you'll find vineyards and other estates that provide a rustic feel that's perfect for unplugging and spending time with loved ones. October is perhaps the best time to visit the Alentejo region. Not only are prices lower during the shoulder season, but the temperatures range from 59 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. With its milder temperatures and slower pace, Alentejo in October settles into an enchanting state of perfection.


Vietnam is a land of fabulous beaches and a scarred history, with a gigantic cultural presence. From Halong Bay's spectacular views to the Cu Chi Tunnels in northwest Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), there's plenty to explore and take in throughout the country. Visitors can bask in the Sun along Vietnam's unbeatable coastline, or dive into the war's tragic and yet fascinating history. There's something for any type of visitor in Vietnam.

Average budgets for travel in Vietnam are often threadbare. The country is simply an inexpensive place to traverse. Around $40 per day is all you'll need for a place to sleep, and often less than $5 per day for all your meals. Tickets and activities are routinely inexpensive, too, making for an all-around inexpensive trip from start to finish. To top it off, October marks the start of Vietnam's dry season, meaning you won't likely deal with drawn-out rain showers that might otherwise ruin your budget-friendly plans.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is a (somewhat) hidden treasure tucked away in the Himalayas and sandwiched between China and India. The nation is often overlooked by travelers seeking an Asian continental destination but remains a hardcore draw for hikers. Not only is the Mt. Everest summit accessible from the Nepalese side, but numerous other towering tops fit within Nepal's unique, natural skyline. For those who aren't trekking the Himalayan spine, sites like Swayambhu (the monkey temple), the Boudhanath Stupa, and the Pashupatinath Temple make for fantastic historical and cultural exploration.

It's worth noting that Nepal's trekking season starts in October, so getting ahead of the crowd, if you aren't trekking, might be a good idea. Alternatively, if you are planning to ascend one of Nepal's famous peaks, October will be the best time to arrive, regardless of other considerations. This is a must-visit place for people seeking a place of immense natural beauty and a temple-lined locale in East Asia. Fortunately, it's almost always a cost-effective destination, with a week trip for two costing roughly $762, on average.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

The best destinations for an October break from your routine aren't solely found outside the United States. There are plenty of fantastic vacation spots found within a much closer proximity. North Carolina's Outer Banks is a perfect example. The coastline, separated from the larger landmass by the Pamlico Sound, stretches from Hatteras Island northward toward Kitty Hawk and Virginia border. The barrier island supports a nearly unbroken strip of East Coast beaches that consistently draw huge surfing crowds. Beyond water sports, the Outer Banks offers a phenomenal coastal environment to unwind, especially later in the autumn when crowds begin to dry up.

A trip to the Outer Banks can run you tens of thousands of dollars if you opt for uber-luxury, but prices can range down as low as $45 per night when looking for budget accommodation outside peak season. October is one of the best times to visit because it pairs warm water and a still-pleasant atmosphere with far smaller crowds and highly reduced prices. A budget of $1,500 will do you serious justice in early October, just weeks after peak tourist season begins to die down. 

Vienna, Austria

Among European cities, there are not many that stand up to the majesty of Vienna. The city plays host to more than 100 museums, offering something for any kind of visitor, and it's well known for its flourishing opera and theater scene. Palatial construction and an old-style imperial grandeur can be found throughout the town, and the public transportation system is often named the best in the world, making Vienna a solidly navigable environment to explore.

Vienna is a little more expensive, on average, than many other destinations on this list, but it can be explored on a budget. This is especially true for travelers thinking of visiting in October when crowds begin to wane. Typically, you'll want to budget roughly $160 per day, with hotels acting as a major expense. Off-peak travel can greatly reduce hotel rates. For instance, the average hotel cost is around $200 per night during the busier summer months, but during the off-season, you may find the same hotels for nearly half the rate. 

Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, and Giza

Egyptian culture is an amalgamation of exciting and groundbreaking new territory that is grounded in an ancient yet living past. Visitors exploring Egypt will almost undoubtedly walk away with a new appreciation for the culture and people of the country. In addition to the historical sites (the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and a heavy scattering of temples and monuments in Giza, Alexandria, Luxor, and elsewhere), modern Egypt is a place electrified by its own unique personality and pride. Egypt is also a place of modern historical significance, with the Tahrir Square protests sparking one of the only enduring (if somewhat obfuscated) revolutionary political changes to remain after the Arab Spring of 2011.

Antique Egypt is a place of collision. Roman, Greek, Coptic, Byzantine, Christian, Arab, and, of course, ancient Egyptian influences are all prominently stamped within the corpus of modern Egypt. The result is a country brimming with museums and open-air monuments that celebrate this varied and longstanding history. 

Costs for a vacation to Egypt will vary wildly, depending on what you choose to do. Taking a tour — like a river cruise down the Nile to see Luxor's temples and other sites — may dramatically increase your cost. But you can also plan a budget trip from just $360 for two people for the week. Naturally, in October when peak season ends, scoring discounted rates on tours and other activities will be far easier, making an otherwise expensive trip more manageable.


Visiting Brazil is often rife with decision-making. Will you explore Rio de Janeiro and its famous Copa Cabana Beach (and Christ the Redeemer overhead, of course), opt for a visit to Sao Paulo, or choose something more nature-focused like visiting the Iguazu Falls? Your budget will be dictated by these decisions. 

However, Brazil can be a budget-friendly destination. Depending on where you visit, you may need to budget about $90 per day for just hotel rooms. However, budget travelers can explore Brazil for dirt cheap: a two-week holiday on a threadbare running tally can see you pay out less than $300 if you plan ahead. This means that off-peak travel combined with budget-conscious decisions can drastically reduce your expenses and make for a comfortable vacation.

October is a fantastic time of the year to visit. Although it's considered the shoulder season, which means lower costs, October marks the end of winter, with sunny and warm days. No matter where you choose to spend your Brazilian vacation, an October visit can result in a memorable and seriously cost-effective trip.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is constantly at the forefront of travelers' minds. The city is a haven for Catalan culture and serves up the best of Catalan cuisine and hospitality. Chipirones should be on your table at every meal. From the Sagrada Familia to La Rambla, there's a lot to love about the constant energy of Barcelona's sights and nightlife. Along with eating and drinking, walking around the Gothic Quarter, Barceloneta, and Montjuïc, a steep hill capped off by Montjuïc Castle standing guard over the city since 1640, immerses you into Barcelona's one-of-a-kind environment. 

Depending on your choice of hotels, Barcelona can be a wildly budget-friendly destination, with travelers needing as little as $80 per day to see the sights and take in the aura of Barcelona's unique culture. October also offers some of the most agreeable weather of the year, especially for travelers hoping to wander around the city aimlessly, with temperatures ranging from 62 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. A visit in October is a fabulous opportunity to take in the Spanish port town in all its glory.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a magnetic center of culture and a remarkable place for epic fun. Bourbon Street is a consistent draw for adventurous travelers looking to experience the staple nightlife of the town, but there are also fantastic local attractions like the National WWII Museum and Audubon Zoo. The architecture is another big feature of the city, and just getting out and about in this community to take in the atmosphere can make for a fantastic weekend trip (or longer). 

As is the case with many destinations on this list, temperatures this time of year are perfect for all-day exploration. In October, you can expect highs of 79 and lows of 67 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day, making for the perfect backdrop to explore New Orleans' thriving Creole sensibilities. To save money, you may consider planning a mostly weekday trip to NOLA. Alternatively, the city offers a wealth of hostels that provide cheap accommodation for solo or group travelers who are comfortable with bunk sleeping arrangements. Depending on what you're planning to explore in Creole Country, a budget as high as $239 per day may be required. However, in October, you'll be visiting outside of Mardi Gras (in February) and the peak seasons of spring and summer. 


The cities, regions, and countries we've highlighted are noted tourist destinations that travelers and guides alike agree can be much cheaper when visiting outside of peak season. All of the destinations we've noted also experience a low or shoulder season during October, making their prices attractive for visitors looking to get the most value out of their budget. To note, I've also visited many of the places mentioned during October and can attest to the travel benefits and cost-savings of exploring these parts of the world during this time.