The Best Camping Gifts For The Outdoor Enthusiast In Your Life, According To Reviews

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Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be a daunting task, especially if they have a hobby that's not your cup of tea. Outdoor enthusiasts, in particular, require specific gear to fully enjoy their activities. This makes gift-giving a challenge for those unfamiliar with the recreation. Sure, they can camp in a simple tent, though having a few accouterments is much nicer to make the camping more pleasant. That's why we're here to help you become the best gifter this holiday season!

We've collected items any camping enthusiast would appreciate. These are appropriate and not too personal, like a tent or gear that campers typically prefer to pick out themselves. Instead, these accessories offer both functionality and an element of style for your outdoorsy loved one. Techy gear, practical gear, as well as just some things to make camping a less arduous task await you and your gift recipient. So, what are you waiting for? Let's shop!

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

How we selected our products

Items included in this list have been vetted with user reviews online as well as positive press that reinforces their status as quality products. In the case of a few of these accessories, like the STNKY Bags, LAKA Coolers, and LectroFan Micro, we have used these products and can attest to their worth and durability. We also tried to select items that range in their use from essential hygienic products to fun, inspirational pieces and everything in between.

‌When it comes to durability, this is particularly important for camping gifts and gear. Knowing if something can withstand the outdoors is vital in an age when shiny social media campaigns can make anything look incredible. Campers need rugged items to stand up against the unpredictable weather their adventures entail. That's why innovative products like the Luminoodle are so vital to successful and modern camping journeys. We know any of these dozen gifts will make the camper in your life so happy!


So, this isn't a romantic gift, though it is a handy one your camping friend likely won't have already. These laundry bags are perfect for travelers, with particular essential status for outdoorsy people. STNKY Bags trap nasty odors from seeping into the rest of your stuff or making your tent, cabin, or RV unbearable after a long day of hiking. STNKY Bags are the perfect gift for an outdoorsy person who loves the scent of pine forests but isn't a big fan of how they smell after a long day.

STNKY Bags can also be used as laundry bags. You can keep all your fetid items in them, toss them in a washer, dry it, and voilá! No more smelling the nasty day's odors after an extended camping adventure. Just don't forget to unzip and flip your STNKY bag inside out so the mesh lining allows more soap and water into the garment bag.

LAKA Coolers

A cooler is a camper's best friend. While options like Yeti often dominate the conversation, LAKA Coolers are a more budget-conscious option. Coming in many colors and sizes, these incredible little coolers are just as versatile as the Yeti without the sometimes staggering price tag. These coolers are also a fraction of the weight of competing brands. LAKA Coolers are a great way to keep stuff cold without being too heavy to lug to a campsite.

Depending on the size, some LAKA Coolers even come with a telescoping handle. So when you get sick of carrying it to the campsite, the cooler can roll like wheeled luggage instead. These rubber latches will likely serve your giftee for a long time. The cooler is sealed with rubber instead of metal or plastic, resulting in airtight closure. LAKA Coolers are so efficient that they can keep things cold for up to five days, even in temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

LectroFan Micro

Campers can be techy, too, you know! These itty-bitty white noise machines double as Bluetooth speakers and can easily fit in a cargo pant pocket. They can be powered by USB with an external battery or solar charger, making them ideal even for the great outdoors. Using the LectroFan Micro for sleep sounds will allow the speaker to stay alive for up to 40 hours while playing sounds on Bluetooth can bring that charge down to about 20 hours. These little machines make acclimating to a new place much easier.

For shorter camping trips, the LectroFan Micro is perfect for minimalist campers. These speakers pack a wallop at just the size of a tennis ball. They come in multiple colors with 11 sound modes for white noise or sleep sounds. Not only can the LectroFan Micro overpower the sounds (or lack thereof) for camping, but it can also help drown out disturbances like snoring.

Power Practical Luminoodle

This USB-charged, easily portable rope light will keep your home base warm and cozy even in the middle of the night. Plus, if the rope light is still wrapped up, the bag it resides in is partly transparent, allowing it to act like a lantern. The Power Practical Luminoodle comes in 5- or 10-foot increments, which can transform a camping destination.

Not to mention, the Luminoodle is dimmable. A user can have the brightest setting on when everyone is awake and slowly bring the light down without sacrificing the ability to see. These rope lights also have ties to keep them attached to whatever you want to light, from a tent to the sitting area outside an RV. Once camping season is over, these light ropes can also be used inside the home with no problem, making it a truly terrific and thoughtful gift. It also serves as fabulous décor. 

Klymit Drift Camp Pillow

Just as with home pillows, one rarely thinks of replacing their camping pillow unless it's vital or they lose it. That's why these Klymit Drift Camp Pillows will be both a welcome gift to your favorite camper as well as a much-needed one. They'll think of you every time they lay down their weary heads.

These pillows are made from shredded memory foam, offering users a comfortable yet supportive sleep environment. The Klymit pillows also have reversible covers. One side is a soft, Jersey cotton material, and turning it inside out offers a polyester that is water and dirt-resistant. Camp pillows sure have come a long way in the last few decades.

Since the camp pillow is made of memory foam pieces, it's easy to crush it into a packable size. These pillows compress very well to make for easier packing before puffing right back up when unpacked. Bonus points for camp packing if you place these pillows in a vacuum bag that will further condense them.

Wondery Outdoors Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottle

These gorgeous Wondery Outdoors Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottles are perfect for a camper who loves the National Park System. The water bottles are designed with a unique and special touch. Each bottle features an engraving of an icon representing a national park and comes with stickers for your friend to place on the corresponding design after visiting each park. It's a perfect and portable representation of their outdoor adventures all over the country. 

There are 63 parks featured on the bottle that can hold both hot and cold beverages. Cold drinks can be kept in the bottle for a full day, while hot beverages can last about 12 hours. The bottle comes only with one wide-mouth lid but can accommodate others. Best of all, this gift has a philanthropic bend to it as well — 5% of all proceeds support the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA). The NPCA works diligently to keep the national parks thriving nationwide.

Kelty Camp Galley Deluxe

Especially perfect for families of campers, the Kelty Camp Galley Deluxe is like a toiletry bag for all your camp kitchen essentials. It can hold settings for up to four people, think plates and utensils, and can be hung up for easy access when cooking. These hanging organizers come especially handy if a camper is trying to grill without access to small tables or chairs to hold their wares. The Galley Deluxe can simply be hung on a nearby tree or bush to keep the items off the ground and out of the way.

Storage organizers are inside and outside the Galley Deluxe — from elastic loops to keep utensils upright to a zip pocket big enough for plates. Plus, the bag is water resistant and only weighs a few pounds for easy carrying. A paper towel holder on the bottom of the bag can be used as a clothesline as needed. Who knew so much capability could come in such a small package?

Big Agnes Echo Park 20 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags, like tents, can be a particular gift for any camper. However, the Big Agnes has received attention because of its size-inclusive nature, making it ideal for gifting. It even has a sleeve in the bottom to store your sleeping pad if your recipient decides to add one or already has one they like.

The Big Agnes has a 74-inch hip girth and 80-inch shoulder girth, making it one of the most size-inclusive sleeping bags on the market. There are also built-in cold-resistant protections like a zipper seal and hand pockets to get the user extra toasty. If your loved one has been griping about not having a sleeping bag that can keep them warm enough or the right size, the Big Agnes may be the answer they are looking for.

These sleeping bags are also made partly from recycled material. Outdoorsy folks can appreciate, often more than non-outdoorsy folks, how important it is to use recycled items to protect the Earth.

Under the Stars USA by Lonely Planet

A campsite book from Lonely Planet can be a perfect addition to your camping-obsessed friend's collection, particularly for those who already have everything they need to conquer the outdoors comfortably. This handy little book showcases 200 campsites nationwide that can introduce them to new places they could fall in love with. The book even lists wild campsite locations your friend may not otherwise find or know about.

These aren't just standard campsites either. Lonely Planet has compiled a book that features a wide range of camping options, from luxury glamping to rugged, off-the-grid living. "Under the Stars USA" makes for a beautiful gift for a camper curious about the world around them. If they're always looking for the next great adventure, why not start with a book of favorites and hidden gems? Plus, if they want to stay informed on their trip, the book is small enough to take along.

NEMO Stargaze Luxury Recliner Camp Chair

Take their camping chair game up to the next level with this incredible, luxury portable chair. With the NEMO Stargaze Recliner Camp Chair, your friend can watch the constellations go by without cranking their neck too far back (or accidentally tipping their traditional chair over.) The NEMO chair can be set up and taken down in less than a minute, so it won't hinder their camping adventures. It weighs about seven pounds, making it heavier than a traditional chair.

The Stargaze chair is also NEMO's first swinging chair, offering a different experience from a standard camping stool. It folds up so compactly that the NEMO is an easy and portable addition to any campsite. It is a huge step up from the canvas chairs that most campsites are littered with every day. These chairs come in a few colors and have a head and footrest for the ultimate stargazing comfort.

Taoxiwave Solar Charger Power Bank

Being out in nature doesn't necessarily mean disconnecting from your electronics. A solar power bank is one of the best ways to keep your tech charged. Even on cloudy days, these handy little gadgets will help your friend stay connected, even on those not-so-sunny days. Another valuable and fantastic feature of this product is that it is waterproof — no need to worry about rain damaging the device or accidentally dropping it in water.

Besides acting as a power reserve, the Taoxiwave Solar Charger Power Bank also has built-in flashlights. Two flashlight settings can help the user see or send a visual SOS signal to others. And the power bank as a built-in compass. This is a three-in-one gift that any camper would appreciate since it can help in a pinch and takes up far less room in their pack than having all three items separately.

Ursack Major Bear Bag

It's important to have a bear-resistant bag for camping safety, especially in areas where these creatures are becoming more common. That's where the Ursack Major Bear Bag will help. It is a much lighter version of traditional camping bags and bear canisters and can keep wildlife out of your foodstuffs. These can help prevent big and small critters from feasting on your snack stash. These bags are so well-designed that they aren't just bear-proof but also bulletproof!

Beyond protecting your loved one's camping food, these bags can hold seven day's worth of food per camper. It helps that the bag's primary function is to keep its contents away from critters since wildlife can be very unpredictable, especially when humans get in between them and their next meal. Also, who wouldn't appreciate the punny Ursack Major name? This gift is perfect for the campers and the jokey, outdoorsy people of the world.