Why You Should Consider Practicing Setting Up Camp Before Your Trip

Camping is a wonderful way to get some time in nature with family and friends. It's also something that requires some preparation. You have to ensure you pack for different weather, plan how you're going to cook your food (whether it's over a campfire or a stove), the right food to bring in the first place, and more. Then there's the tent, which you have to set up, even during unexpected bad weather.

That's why it's important to practice setting up camp and using your equipment before heading out on your wilderness adventure. Though the gear you're taking probably comes with instructions, it's worth giving it a shot first to see if you encounter any issues. What if you stumble upon a problem and you're in the middle of a campsite late at night without shelter? Even if you're an experienced camper and know your way around a tent, new equipment is worth trying out before the trip.

You can set it up in your backyard or even in your apartment if you have the space available. If not, a public park might be a fun way to test it all out. If you do have a yard, you can do a full practice run to prepare and save yourself the stress. 

Practice makes perfect

The two big pieces of equipment to try before you camp are the tent and the camp stove if you're bringing one. There are all different types of tents out there. Some have guylines to give the structure stability. Some just pop up, while others have stakes to hammer into the ground.

Knowing how to do it can save you time and hassle. The included instructions are great if you get there while it's light out and have perfect weather, but unexpected things can happen. To make it easier, you might want to check out YouTube by searching for your tent make and model to find a how-to video. It can be easier to see it put together rather than just reading about it. 

The same goes for your camping stove, which may require some set-up practice. Even more important is to test it out by cooking on it. (Some parks prohibit stoves, so check before practicing at one.) You can find YouTube videos on that as well by searching the make and model.