Visit This Beautiful New York Town For A Lakeside Couples Vacation

It's no surprise that the Finger Lakes in New York State is one of the most desirable regions for both visitors and New Yorkers alike. The area is well known for producing some of New York's best wines, and, of course, having some of New York's most pristine lakes. There are plenty of towns in the area to choose from for several different reasons, but one is simply so picturesque that it makes for a great romantic couples getaway.

Skaneateles is a small town promptly located directly on Lake Skaneateles. The town is known is one for being one of the more upscale, chic towns in the Finger Lakes region, which could be largely due to the cleanliness of the lake. Lake Skaneateles has consistently been voted as one of the cleanest lakes in New York State, making it that much more attractive to visitors. Best of all, despite the predisposition that Upstate New York is only worth visiting in the warmer months, Skaneateles can be visited year-round.

Time to unwine-d

See what we did there? Skaneateles is located in the Finger Lakes, which is one of New York's most prominent wine regions. However, it should be noted that Skaneateles as a town is not home to any wineries, and there is only one winery, Anyela's Vineyards, and one distillery, 1911 Tasting Room at the Apple Hill Campus, on Lake Skaneateles. Regardless, the area is still prime for taking a wine tour, with nearby Cayuga and Seneca Lakes being home to plenty of the region's best wineries. Booking a tour with a company such as Crush Beer & Wine Tours is a great option to ensure you experience the best wine the Finger Lakes region has to offer.

Skaneateles is known for some seriously exquisite eateries, where, while not directly on a winery, you will have the opportunity to sample local wines. For one of the dreamiest restaurants in town, head to The Krebs, where they serve decadent appetizers like a lobster crepe and whipped feta, and mains like chicken a l'orange and Norwegian salmon. If you and your lovebird are feeling a bit more casual, head over to The Lakehouse Pub, where you can split nachos and wings.

Where to stay

Despite being relatively small, Skaneateles is known for having some of the best accommodation in the Finger Lakes. The best option in town for a truly over-the-top luxurious experience is Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles. Visitors from all over flock to Mirbeau simply to utilize their top-notch spa services, where there's an outdoor hot tub that serves charcuterie boards and Prosecco and cocktails for guests — but their 18 guest rooms all feel exclusive in their own right.

Skaneateles Boutique Hotel is one of the best in town for a centrally located locally-owned accommodation option. Conveniently located within walking distance of some of the town's best shops, Skaneateles Boutique Hotel allows guests to walk from their room directly into the charming atmosphere that this quaint, romantic town provides.

For a historic stay, head over to Hannum House. The property was allegedly built in 1840, making it one of the oldest resorts in town. With only five total rooms, getting a reservation here can get competitive, but the experience of staying here is second to none.