18 Of The Most Romantic Getaway Destinations In Upstate New York

Spending time with your significant other in a romantic setting is often the key to keeping the spark alive. Small gestures and all the little things that show your partner you care usually do the trick. But there is nothing quite like a romantic getaway to stoke the relationship fires (via Getaway Mavens).

If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time sans the kids or want to plan an absolutely dreamy couple's escape, New York State is a wonderful choice. Upstate New York, more specifically, has several delightful options that promise to knock your socks off and then some. However, only a handful of places truly earn the title of the most romantic (via Travel Bliss Now). Even if you or your boo are not avid travelers, just one look at these upstate New York destinations and you will be packing your bags.  

Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake is a lovely area in upstate New York that is in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. This sleepy little upstate haven is full of amazing shops, chef-owned eateries, outdoor recreation all year round, and lots of activities for couples (via Saranac Lake). So if you and your partner are the type of lovebirds that are all about exploring and trying new things, you are in for a fantastic getaway in Saranac Lake. 

Couples can enjoy a romantic getaway here, no matter where they say. You could pick an outdoor-focussed spot under the stars, you could try glamping, hang out in a rustic cabin, or have a refreshing and pampering time at a charming resort (via Getaway Mavens). Couples looking to spend some quality leisure time together will find ample opportunities to reconnect. With a wealth of accommodations available, a lively downtown area, rich history, health and wellness experiences, museums, and live entertainment, Saranac Lake is an excellent choice for all types of coulples.

Lake Placid

Not too far away from Saranac Lake, couples will find Lake Placid. This is yet another amazing couple's escape in the Adirondacks waiting to happen, especially for lovers who enjoy a side of luxury with their outdoor fun. Particularly in the winter months, lovebirds can hit the slopes, cozy up by the fire in their vacation rental, and create their own kind of winter wonderland (via Tripoto).

Of course, if you are looking for a warmer adventure in Lake Placid with your significant other, all hope is not lost. From golfing to hiking and water sports, thrill-seeking couples are in for a real treat in the warmer seasons, too. What's more, with stunningly scenic views, a bustling historic downtown area, intimate little restaurants, breweries, vineyards, and then some, feeling extra romantic with your significant other is definitely par for the course here (via Couple Travel The World).


Cooperstown is a quaint upstate New York village that is an ideal getaway destination for couples who love a good small-town vibe. Lovebirds can easily push the pause button on their busy schedules and simply enjoy each other's company in this part of the state. With more than a few intimate B&Bs, wellness lodges, romantic inns, and resort hotels in Cooperstown, rest and relaxation can be the name of the game here if you so choose (via New York Upstate).  

Plus, with all the amazing fine dining establishments, romantic getaway packages, and breathtaking scenery, Cooperstown knows how to deliver when it comes to a getaway (via This Is Cooperstown). There are also seasonal activities that make for great date nights. So if you are planning something special, celebrating each other, looking to bond more deeply, or just hoping to take your relationship to another level, Cooperstown is definitely in your corner.


Couples who love bonding over history should consider planning a nice getaway to Kingston, NY. This upstate history hotspot is brimming with stunning mid-1800s homes that have been reimagined into lavish B&Bs and cozy boutique hotels. But that's not all — Kingston has a historic waterfront district, a must-explore Uptown, charming shops, fascinating walking tours, ample museums, and, honestly, too many historical sites to count (via Planetware).  

That said, you and your significant other do not have to spend all your time traipsing through this destination's captivating past. Couples can enjoy plenty of activities (contemporary and otherwise), ranging from relaxing to adventurous, depending on what you want (via Travel New York Now). Plus, with private sailboat charters, picturesque scenery, couples massages, and more than a few opportunities for an intimate candlelight dinner with your boo, this city is simply delightful. Regardless of what you two end up doing, one thing is for sure — Kingston is the perfect setting for over-the-top romance.


On the other hand, Chester is the ideal destination for lovebirds looking for more of an intimate escape or to nest. The town of Chester itself, in many respects, is your quintessential upstate New York town. Still, the draw for couples dreaming of a romantic getaway is the decadent Glenmere Mansion, best described as a lovers' retreat that exudes European elegance. Situated in the lower region of Hudson Valley, this 5-star hideaway is adults-only and is not afraid to pull out all the stops for its guests (via Jessie On A Journey).

A former respite for actual royalty, Glenmere Mansion is a wonderful option for couples that prefer their privacy. With an onsite spa, two gourmet restaurants, limited but lavish guest suites, a gorgeous rolling hills backdrop that spans over 150 acres, lush gardens, and live entertainment, romance is definitely in the air here (via Hudson Valley Happenings). Of course, there are a few other nice places to stay in Chester, but if you want to make this a memorable getaway, book the Glenmere Mansion.

Cold Springs

Cold Springs is another amazing place for couples looking to experience the great outdoors together. From breathtaking castles and phenomenal parks to hiking and exciting river expeditions, Cold Springs offers couples activities that are perfect for strengthening their bond. But that's not all — Cold Springs is also a wonderful spot for couples who are self-proclaimed foodies. So, if you and your significant other enjoy some good old-fashioned wining and dining, then get ready to indulge (via Around The World In 24 Hours).

Besides Michelin star-worthy eats and outdoorsy couple activities, Cold Springs has antique shops, a charming downtown area with a trolley, and superb accommodations. There are actually more than a few cozy B&Bs and inns in Cold Springs that offer stunning views of the Hudson River for a truly romantic stay. All in all, this is a fantastic destination for couples and is an ideal spot for falling in love all over again while enjoying each other's company (via The Wonder Map).


Woodstock is not just for New Yorkers, music fans, and hippies — it is also for lovers. A truly iconic location, it may surprise you to learn that the actual Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held in Bethel. But regardless of that tiny detail, Woodstock is still an excellent option that promises an ultra-romantic getaway. Woodstock and the Catskills are often a nice 2-for-1 adventure, so you and your significant other will have lots to see and do (via Step Out Buffalo).

Of course, couples can easily spend most of their time in Woodstock with its renowned shops, inviting restaurants, picturesque scenery, and limitless outdoor recreation. This beloved upstate town also has magnificent cottage rentals, charming boutique hotels, and luxurious mountain resorts. Couples can tailor their dreamy getaway for a more private vacation or explore their adventurous and outdoorsy side in Woodstock's mountainous surroundings (via Local Adventurer).


If your ideal couple's getaway involves some serious pampering and a little relaxation, then the upstate village of Rhinebeck is likely the lovey-dovey destination you have been dreaming of. Located in the beautiful region of Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck exudes romance. With delightful B&Bs, first-rate spas, and the legendary one-stop shop that is the Mirbeau Inn & Spa, couples can be at peace (via Off Metro).

After spending considerable time indulging in the finer things in life, there is a whole quaint town to explore. Lovebirds can take to the sky for a romantic plane ride, enjoy a long walk through town, and even catch an exceptionally good theatre performance at the local playhouse (via Hudson Valley Magazine). Rhinebeck is also an incredible spot for decadent sweets, beautiful historic mansions, fancy dinners at trendy restaurants, and the occasional massage-induced nap — making it an absolute gem for happy couples.


Owego is known as one of the most charming upstate destinations around and is a hit with honeymooners. Thanks to this romantic destination's overall inviting vibe, lovely boutique stays, vintage movie theatre, beautiful historic districts, and semi-bustling downtown area, celebrating one's everlasting love is definitely not a challenging task here. With incredible eateries, quaint cafes, gorgeous scenery, and an impressive waterfront district that runs along the Susquehanna River, Owego is actually a lovely getaway spot for all couples (via Travel Bliss Now).

There are a variety of leisure activities that couples can enjoy in Owego, including the ever-popular antiquing, chasing waterfalls, hiking, historic walking tours, and more (via Couple Travel The World). Plus, Owego is only a short drive away from New York's sensational wine scene and dozens of vineyards. So lovebirds can also pair some phenomenal wines with their romantic holiday while in town.

Lake George

For couples looking for an escape from city life, Lake George is a dream come true, if only for a little while. What makes Lake George so special is its origin story. Known as the birthplace of the American vacation, Lake George is a picture-perfect region that is made up of over 170 islands (many of which are state-owned). Though there are more than a few family-friendly resorts and accommodations scattered throughout this region, Lake George is still one of the country's most popular romantic getaway spots (via Visit Lake George).

Lake George is beautiful all year round, and there are Victorian-era resorts and lodgings that were literally made for romance (via Lake George). Here, couples that can't get enough of each other have their choice of romantic getaway packages, intimate stays, and starry-eyed couple activities. There is also a tantalizing local food scene, a must-see marina, and a fairytale-esque downtown area (via New York Upstate).

Hudson Valley

If there is one place in upstate New York that is tried and true when it comes to romantic getaways, it is definitely Hudson Valley. With heavenly scenery and a robust cultural scene, Hudson Valley is an amazing destination for couples, especially those with diverse interests. From outdoor recreation and local attractions to gourmet dining, vineyards, and live entertainment, you cannot go wrong with this upstate gem (via The Wonder Map).

Of course, the romantic accommodations in Hudson Valley are plenty. In fact, a lavish castle stay with onsite spa services, a historic B&B surrounded by gorgeous gardens, and 5-star hotels with spectacular amenities are all available here. There are also contemporary guest houses and inns that offer more privacy, which are great options for bliss-seeking twosomes on a budget. So, if it is a fun-filled, enchanting, and extraordinary couple's escape you crave, Hudson Valley awaits (via Jetsetters).

Saratoga Springs

A popular wedding and proposal destination is what couples will find when they set their sights on Saratoga Springs. Touted as one of the most perfect backdrops for romance, this upstate destination has a long-standing history when it comes to indulgence and pampering. So, If you are ready to declare your love to the world or get down on one knee, then Saratoga Springs is definitely a good place to do so (via Local Adventurer).

Of course, if you guys are not there quite yet, that is perfectly okay — you and your sweetie can still have a fabulous couples getaway in this city all the same. Saratoga Springs is brimming with first-rate spas, culture, fine art, lush outdoor spaces, historical sites, luxurious accommodations, thoroughbred horse racing, outdoor fun, and decadent dining (via Getting On Travel). And these are just a few reasons why Saratoga Springs is a top-tier haven for romance.

Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes region is another romantic go-to spot for couples looking to kick back and relax with some vino. Home to over 400 wineries and vineyards, the Finger Lakes region is definitely for wine lovers and charcuterie board enthusiasts. However, you and your significant other can totally branch out in your activities and enjoy renowned spas, fine dining, local events, annual festivals, and then some (via Visit Finger Lakes).

In addition to the copious amounts of wine tasting available here, the Finger Lakes region has even more to offer couples on their quest for romance in upstate New York. With intimate digs, several gorgeous lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, stunning scenery, and the pristine outdoors as your personal playground, lovers are in for a real treat in the way of the overall ambiance. Having said that, a Finger Lakes getaway is a good call for couples passionate about rest, some occasional recreation, and relaxation (via Couple Travel The World).

New Paltz

Every now and then, you come across a destination like New Paltz that seems to have everything. Well, for couples who want romance and adventure in the great white somewhere, New Paltz is, in that respect, the stuff that inspires fairytales. The crown jewel of accommodations (and recognized national landmark) in this little town is the Mohonk Mountain House — a literal Victorian castle-style resort and spa. So if you desire romance, consider booking your getaway here as soon as possible (via The Crazy Tourist).

The town itself also has a lot to offer, such as rave-worthy restaurants, gastro pubs, and quaint cafes that are perfect for intimate dates with your partner (via Travel Off Path). New Paltz has a wealth of leisure activities available as well. And for couples craving limitless adventure, the Mohonk Preserve, Minnewaska State Park, and the River-to-Ridge Trail are all located in or very close to New Paltz.


Though it may be surprising to some, Ithaca is another wonderful destination that has romance written all over it. Here, couples can deepen their connection by visiting beer gardens, farmers' markets, lush state parks, a multitude of vineyards, and Taughannock Falls. What's more, your romantic couple's trip practically plans itself when you pair these kinds of outings with a cozy cabin or rustic lodge stay (via Only In Your State).

A college town at heart, Ithaca also has a lively nightlife scene. So if you and your significant other are up for it — poetry slams, comedy clubs, art shows, trendy bars, concerts, and much more are all exciting date night options to consider (via Visit Ithaca). Spending part of your romantic getaway on a college campus might initially seem a little odd. But they say one of the best ways to keep love alive is to never stop dating, right?

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is a haven for honeymooners and is yet another dreamy couple's escape. No matter the season, Thousand Islands can be the perfect little Upstate New York getaway you and your significant other never knew you needed. Of course, for obvious reasons, this renowned water wonderland is the most idyllic in the summertime and is best enjoyed in the warmer months (via New York State Destinations).

With over 2,000 islands, numerous local attractions, vast outdoor recreation, including a plethora of water sports, countless eateries, a large casino, museums galore, and even a historic castle, couples can definitely get in some quality time here. Plus, you can customize your lovers' getaway to fit almost any budget with a diverse selection of romantic stays (cozy inns, B&Bs, first-rate hotels, and Airbnbs). So, at the end of the day, a Thousand Islands baecation is both time and money well spent (via Travel Awaits).

Watkins Glen

Described by many as the perfect town for a romantic couple's respite, honeymoon, or even a mini-moon, Watkins Glen is best known for its dazzling state park, Watkins Glen State Park, which features a show-stopping waterfall-filled gorge. Located near the Finger Lakes region, Watkins Glen isn't necessarily overflowing (pun intended) with activities. But there are still romantic stays, cozy little eateries, wine festivals, historical sites, sunset sailing charters, and all that the surrounding area has to offer (via Vacation Idea).

So, if you and your significant other prefer a more relaxed getaway, then Watkins Glen is a great destination. With all the charm of upstate New York and then some, this little village is truly worth considering. Overall, with no shortage of excitement for lovers, Watkins Glen or even the rest of upstate New York could easily end up becoming a yearly thing for the two of you. (via Sometimes Home).

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is technically a little further upstate than most other options. Still, it is one of the most romantic getaways one can plan, hence, why it is a popular honeymoon destination. But the good news is you do not have to be on your honeymoon to enjoy this natural wonder. Couples looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, posh stays, 5-star pampering, and even a day trip to Toronto (which is right around the corner) should consider planning their elevated romantic escape for two on either side of the Falls (via Vacation Idea).

Niagara Falls also is a delightful winter couple's trip that is often overlooked due to the possibility of freezing temperatures. But the truth is you are missing out! Niagara Falls and its fantastical lodgings are open all year round. A bonus here is that this area actually looks quite magical and even more romantic with a light dusting of snow and a lack of tourists (via Getaway Mavens).