This Clever Dice Hack Makes It Easy To Stay Entertained While Traveling

If you're about to embark on a long road trip with your family that includes small kids, you might be dreading the inevitable restlessness that your little munchkins might feel after so many hours just staring out of the window. If this isn't your first road trip with the kids, you've probably experienced at some point this exact scene from "The Simpsons," where the kids berate you from the backseat with "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" We are low-key feeling Homer's frustration here.

Luckily, there are fun, easy, and low-tech games you can play to keep them entertained, and it won't make a mess or drain your car battery. Reach into your favorite board game for the entertaining travel essential you didn't know you needed and start rolling. You guessed it: the dice! There are tons of games you can play with just the dice perfect for road trips, like the game "Beat That" where each player attempts to roll the highest number, and the goal is to beat that number. Or there's the very appropriate road trip game "Going Somewhere" where you calculate the distance you're traveling, and for each number you roll, that's how many miles you've traveled.

Keep your dice safe in a Tupperware container

Rolling a pair of dice in a car can be a bit of a gambit, as there are so many crevices and hard-to-reach spots your kids could lose them. No one wants to be going 80 miles per hour while reaching deep under their seat for a lost dice. But there's a clever solution: Put the dice inside a small Tupperware container. Flipping the clear container upside down so the lid acts as a rolling surface, every time you shake the container, you get a perfect roll every time and keep your car mess-free. Honestly, this hack makes the dice games appropriate for travel by plane, train, or bus too.

And if you don't have a pair of dice, there are games you can buy where the dice already come sealed in a container, perfect for road trips. TikTok user @woosung.boardgames reviewed a really fun dice game called "Slam Dice" where dice with both letters and numbers already come sealed inside a shakeable container. With the letters, you have to spell out as many words as you can with each shake. With the numbers, called "Slam Bluff," you can either declare the high number you rolled, or bluff, hoping the next player won't be able to roll a higher number.

Who knew that dice are a budget-friendly and fun way to keep the kids entertained on the road? Well, now, you do!