How The Updates On The Upcoming iPhone Will Help Improve Future Travel

While current iPhones are already packed with useful tools for travelers, they're about to get a first-class upgrade with a window seat. Some of the more interesting features you can already try include this iPhone messages hack and this creative way to film your flight's take-off. While these are great and all, Apple clearly realized it was time to give their best-selling tech a much-needed facelift.

On September 12, Apple announced that the iPhone 15 will include changes to the charging and data port, Find My iPhone tracking, satellite assistance, and durability. If you are already a fan of the iPhone for its great photographic capabilities, you'll be pleased to hear that this new iteration will also include some camera upgrades. Improvements have also been made to the notification system to allow you to stay apprised of your flight and ride-sharing status, as well as enhancements to the audio quality. But which features are we most excited about for travelers like you? Keep on reading to find out.

It's finally here -- USB-C comes to iPhone and more

Though anyone with an iPhone knows this pain, if you're not aware, let us introduce you to the bane of every iPhone user's existence: the lightning port. Everywhere you go when you travel with an iPhone, you can't just bring a USB-C charging cable, which is used for almost all tech devices in this day and age. Nope, you have to take a separate cord just for Apple's proprietary lightning port, and if you forget and no one around you has a lightning cable, you're screwed.

Thankfully, this era is over, all thanks to new European regulations coming in 2024 that require all new mobile devices to use USB-C ports. Not only does this reduce the amount of cables iPhone users need to carry around with them, but in the long run, it will also reduce e-waste. A win for iPhone users and the environment!

Additionally, users will also get an upgrade on the materials used to make the new iPhones. New phones will now be made with titanium, a lighter material that is just as strong as the previous aluminum casings. The screens are still being made with the Ceramic Shield, so you can count on your phone remaining intact no matter what you end up doing on your next trip.

The new iPhones are making travel safer

While many of the new iPhone 15 features are cool, and we're excited to reduce the amount of cables we're carrying around, what really matters to us are the things that make our lives easier and safer while traveling. This is why we love the Find My app tracking capability updates, as well as the satellite Roadside Assistance feature.

Find My is an Apple application that combines Find My iPhone — which helps locate lost devices and AirTags — and Find My Friends — which finds other connected users like friends and family. While Precision Finding has been available for finding Apple devices, Find My Friends is getting an overhaul with the Ultra Wideband chip. This will help users locate their other iPhone-using friends and family. Yes, even if you lose your mom at the Trevi Fountain or can't find your friends after doing a little barhopping in Nashville.

The other powerful new safety tool coming to iPhone 15 is the new Roadside Assistance feature. This feature connects your phone to satellites so you can connect with emergency roadside services and get some help. Best of all, Apple has partnered with AAA to directly connect you with their Roadside Assistance services, which you get with the purchase of a new iPhone for two years or is included with a AAA membership. This isn't just a safety feature, this could be a lifesaver for your next road trip!