Film Your Flight's Take-Off With TikTok's Creative iPhone Hack

Your favorite airline seat depends on your travel style. For some, that's the window seat. It's the best spot on the plane for a good snooze, especially for those long overnight flights. You don't have to get up for other passengers who want to get in and out of their seats. And a window seat can feel more private and cozy. Most important of all, however, is the view. The window seat offers incredible sights from liftoff to landing. 

If you're an avid traveler or someone who loves to document every adventure, TikTok has a fantastic iPhone hack that will take your content to new heights — literally! Say goodbye to silly in-flight airplane selfies, and instead, save up your phone's battery to film your flight's take-off using this creative hack. The trick is surprisingly simple, yet incredibly effective. All you need is your iPhone, ideally a window seat (even better if it's by the plane's wing), and a few easy steps to get started.

How it works

First, open your iPhone's camera app and switch to the time-lapse mode. This feature is perfect for capturing the entire take-off process in a condensed and captivating video. It usually takes about 10 minutes for a plane to reach cruising altitude from the moment the wheels lift off. With the time-lapse feature, you'll be able to capture minutes of video and convert it to seconds! 

Next, place your iPhone in a standing position at the bottom of your airplane window's ledge. The back camera should have a clear view from your window, and the phone should be somewhat stable. This is where the hack comes in: Secure your phone in the window by pulling the window blinds over the phone or just enough to hold the phone in place. This allows you to have the time-lapse going hands-free, ensuring a perfect shot without any shaking or wobbling. 

Finally, once you're settled in and the plane is ready for departure, hit the record button and let the time-lapse mode work its magic. Watch as the runway zooms past and the plane takes flight over the beautiful landscape of your bygone destination, all condensed into a visually stunning video.

Share your take-off moments

Keep in mind you may be asked to pull up your blinds by a flight attendant. The main reason for having the blinds open on a plane for both take-off and landing is safety protocol, as most airplane incidents happen during these critical moments. Having open blinds allows for better aircraft visibility and assists the crew in case of an emergency. Some airlines, like United Airlines, allow the blinds to be half or even fully closed, in which case, you should be able to do this hack. Otherwise, steady your hand and hold that phone in place. A few minutes should do the trick and still yield a beautiful video. 

Once you've filmed your flight's take-off using this creative TikTok iPhone hack, it's time to share your thrilling moments with the world. Upload your video with the appropriate hashtags and watch as your followers experience the excitement of take-off alongside you. Make sure to share your experience with family and friends. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, an adventure vlogger, or simply a passionate traveler, this hack will definitely elevate your take-off memory to a whole new altitude. So, the next time you embark on an international journey, remember to try out this hack and make your flight an unforgettable experience. Happy flying and filming!