Minimize The Stress Of Packing With This Genius Time-Saving Hack

Oftentimes, the biggest stressor of traveling isn't when we actually arrive at our destination, but everything that comes beforehand. Organizing an itinerary, finding a pet-sitter if necessary, getting time approved off work, and worst of all, packing. Many people wait until the last minute to pack and can find themselves frazzled in the process, constantly quadruple-checking what it is they might be forgetting, including the right chargers, necessary medications, and of course enough socks and underwear. 

It's no secret that packing is probably the least fun part about traveling (well, aside from returning home when you typically never want a vacation to end), but there are a few hacks that can make this annoying task a little more bearable. If you hate packing just as much as the rest of us, we're here to help. Rest assured that packing doesn't have to be a nuisance when it comes to travel. In fact, after reading this, we have a feeling you'll find packing such a breeze that you'll be eager to get started on it sooner. 

Don't procrastinate on packing

While many of us leave packing until the last minute, as it turns out, that might be the most stressful way to approach it. The reasoning behind saving it for the last minute varies from person to person, but generally speaking, most people don't feel like they have enough time to pack, which is why it constantly gets shoved to the bottom of the priority list. Procrastinating on packing could actually be more time-consuming, so, instead, it's wisest to prioritize packing a few days before a trip as opposed to a few hours before.

Packing can take ages but to lessen the stress, know that you don't have to pack everything in one go. If you start early, you can phase packing out in steps (more on that later). Think about it — wouldn't you prefer the night before you leave on an epic getaway not to be filled with the pressure of scrambling to get your suitcase in order? That time would be better spent with a good night's sleep, or spending quality time with anyone who might not be traveling with you (like a pet, if you have to leave them behind for a trip).

Tips to make packing easier

Simply put, separate your packing into stages and complete one every day leading up to your trip. The order in which you choose to do them is up to you, but the stages could be as follows: First, pack medicines and toiletries; Second, pack electronics and camera gear; Third, pack clothing and shoes. Separating packing by stages can make it feel less like one giant, insurmountable task and instead, three (or more) smaller, more bearable ones. 

Create checklists for each phase, and that way, you won't feel as frazzled like you're potentially forgetting something along the way. Or, better yet, if you are, you'll have a checklist to see exactly which item it is. While there are plenty of packing hacks out there, from playing Tetris with your underwear to utilizing everyday items to pack makeup to following everyday packing strategies, a great way to separate out each stage is by investing in some compression bags or packing cubes. 

Compression bags are a great way to pack several outfits into a smaller bag, especially if you're trying to only travel with a carry-on. They come in lots of different sizes, so you can choose what goes into which one. For example, one could be used for swimsuits, another for jackets and sweaters, and a third could be used for everyday wear. Packing cubes, meanwhile, are more helpful for smaller, clunkier items, like jewelry, electronics, and toiletries.