The One Unexpected Travel Essential That Will Make Packing Makeup A Breeze

Trip planning can be an exciting process. From picking your getaway destination to finding just the right accommodations, the fun is often found in the details. However, that feeling is typically rivaled by the stress travelers come face-to-face with when it's time to start packing. For many adventurers, simply trying to fit everything into luggage can be a daunting task. Then there's the worry around airport regulations when you're flying to your destination. The experience can be challenging, to say the least.

For many travelers, having makeup readily available while traveling is on their list of essentials. Even when you think you've packed it all according to code, there's a chance that when you reach the security line, your expensive new liquid foundation could be just over the allowable limits. Watching it be confiscated can be understandably disheartening. These days, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows each passenger to carry travel-sized containers of creams, pastes, and gels onto aircraft at a maximum of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters each. Depending on your makeup collection, picking and choosing what to carry on can be tricky. The good news is, there are routes to eliminating this worry.

There's one simple travel essential that makes packing makeup easier than ever. If you happen to own a contact lens case, you already have it. This is an unexpectedly easy-to-use item when flying or road-tripping alike that will work wonders for your makeup packing routine.

Pack a lot of makeup in a small amount of space

An empty contact lens case is an ideal solution for bringing a variety of makeup options along on your journey and keeping it all in one, comprehensive place. Each contact lens case has two storage wells perfect for packing mixed and matched makeup hues. What's more, these efficient travel essentials hardly take up any room in your suitcase, checked luggage, or your carry-on.

A traditional contact lens case measures just 5.6 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters. In total, a case holds 2.5 milliliters of solution which converts to less than 1 fluid ounce. The amount is well below the TSA regulations which means you're free to throw it in your purse or carry-on and be on your way stress-free.

One makeup product that travels extremely well in a contact lens case is a liquid foundation. It's a staple product for many makeup wearers, but the containers it's sold in are often bulky. Simply pour the foundation into the two contact lens wells and secure the lids. Don't be deceived by appearances when using the contact lens method for packing makeup. It might not look like a lot of foundation on the surface but it's sure to be more than plenty to get you through your trip with adequate base coverage included. The same packing method can be used for liquid concealers you want to bring along.

A strategy that works for all types of makeup products

If you're someone who prefers stick concealer and foundations, the contact lens case strategy still works. You'll just want to grab a toothpick to help you transfer the product. Scrape the foundation or concealer off the top directly into the lens case and you'll be ready to go.

When you're packing lipstick, the same method applies. Feel free to fill both sides of the contact lens case with your favorite color when you don't want to run out. That said, adding as many shades as possible across a variety of contact lens cases provides you with fun, aesthetic options you just might want while traveling. If you're planning on packing dry eye shadow, you can crumble the amount you want to bring and let it fall loosely into the contact lens case. From here, you can crush it back into a fine powder with a small spatula or your finger and pack it into its new container shape. This ensures it's smooth and ready to use upon arrival. The process would be exactly the same for filling a contact lens case with powdered blush.

Using a contact lens case to pack your makeup for upcoming travel is a simple, easy, and lightweight solution. There's not even a need to worry about any spilling in transit. These cases are designed to hold saline solution and aren't prone to leaking. That's definitely a win for traveling makeup lovers everywhere.