Try This Space-Saving Hack When Packing Your Undergarments

The way you pack can set the mood for your trip. Nothing is more frustrating than digging around in your suitcase to find what you need and unpacking — only to discover that your bras have lost their shape or been damaged beyond repair. Look, bras are pretty complex to design in the first place, and everything is where it is for a reason. 

While bras without underwires are more likely to survive a trip intact, even those can lose shape if they have molded cups. Plus, you've got little hooks that grab every loose-woven garment in your suitcase, and straps that can tangle with other items. Then there is the rounded shape –    which doesn't lend itself to being packed neatly into a rectangle. We've got a few great bra and underwear packing hacks for you to try. Bras are not cheap, and a few extra minutes will help you keep them in good shape for the long haul. 

Tetris your underwear

The tried and true way to pack bras in a suitcase might bring to mind a video game you played obsessively on your phone. It's Tetris, of course, and the idea is to pack something in every bit of empty space. With the odd shape of bras, the easiest way to keep them in good condition is to follow the game and take up every inch around and inside them. 

Stack your bras with the cups of one inside the next, and so on. Put them against the edge of your suitcase with a pair of rolled-up socks between the cups in the space against the suitcase's side. Then stuff inside of the cups of the last one with rolled-up underwear or socks. Put enough in there that you won't see any remaining space. That should hold them in place and keep the wires from becoming misshapen. 

To save even more space with this method, twist the bra at the center, then tuck one cup inside the other (the "tuck fold," according to Nomad Paradise). Then fill the space with underwear. Doing this against the side of the suitcase will give more stability, though you can also use this method inside a packing cube. The technique will free up space for other things and keep all your undergarments in good shape. 

Other undergarment packing hacks

If you're packing one or two bras, you can put them in a plastic baggie (leave some air for cushioning), stacking them to protect the delicate fabric. This will keep things like your new dark jeans from "crocking" color onto lighter fabrics. If you have heavy things in your suitcase, like shoes or books, keep those at the bottom and the bras near the top with plenty of cushioning (like a cotton hoodie, for instance) in between. 

One really important tip that should be used no matter what option you choose to hack your bra packing; Tuck in the straps so they don't snag other items, then fasten the back (or front for a front closure) so the hooks don't rip or scratch anything. As a last resort, if you don't have time to do any of that, pack your bras around the corners of your suitcase so the stability of the sides protects them a little more. Hang them when you get to your destination to keep them at their best.