How To Use Packing Cubes More Efficiently

When it's time to pack for an upcoming trip, travelers tend to lean on their own unique sense of travel style. Some notoriously overpack their suitcase thinking they'll never have everything they need. Others are guilty of never having enough on hand when they get where they're going.

Even those who know exactly what they need to bring along can find organizing a suitcase to be a difficult task. The challenge has many travelers turning to packing cubes in hopes of keeping a suitcase meticulously arranged. These nylon and mesh bags come in all shapes and sizes and can be zipped up to keep items separated within the luggage.

While packing cubes are easy to find, and their purpose seems pretty straightforward, there are several ways to make these helpful packing tools even more efficient. Implementing a few small changes with packing cubes can turn the process of packing a suitcase into a stress-free event. These strategies also help travelers save time finding what they need in their luggage when they arrive at their destination.

Consider switching up sizes

It can be tempting to purchase packing cubes in bulk that are all the same size. While these cubes will certainly keep items in a suitcase separated, they might be taking up more room than is necessary in your luggage. Much like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, mixing and matching packing cube sizes is a good way to maximize space in a suitcase.

Once you have your packing list narrowed down, try purchasing packing cubes that specifically fit the dimensions of the items you're bringing along. This approach frees up room in your luggage for other items you want to travel with too. It might even create added space for souvenirs you plan to bring home on the return trip.

Investing in packing cubes that come in a variety of sizes is a good way to avoid overstuffing cubes full of items as well. Purposefully limiting available space in a few packing cubes can help you stay within airline luggage weight restrictions. It's also a good reminder that if something doesn't fit in the designated cube, there's a good chance it doesn't need to be in your suitcase at all.

Visually, having packing cubes of different sizes in your suitcase can make locating what you're looking for that much easier. Items will not only be separated by size, but the cube dimensions will be a direct indicator of where to search. It's a simple way to save time and eliminate unnecessary travel stress.

Color code, categorize, and stack with purpose

The American Automobile Association estimates around 100 million Americans plan to take family vacations annually. Simultaneously, the Federal Aviation Administration handles nearly 16.5 million flights per year. Together, this adds up to a large number of suitcases being packed. If you find yourself part of that travel crowd, using packing cubes more efficiently can make all the difference.

When you're packing for multiple travelers within a single suitcase, using different packing cube colors for each person is helpful. Varying hues make for a quick and easy search for specific personal items within shared luggage. Packing the cubes with the zipper facing up makes it easy for multiple travelers to take a look at what they need without having to dig through and rearrange everything.

Travelers can also position packing cubes carrying similar items near one another in a suitcase for added efficiency. Consider placing cubes with clothing on one side of the suitcase while cubes with accessories like jewelry and toiletries go on the opposite side. Once the cubes are categorized in this way, placing larger cubes on the bottom and fitting smaller packing cubes in between can save space.

Taking some time to make your approach to packing cubes more efficient is a great way to maximize time and suitcase space. It could make your suitcase lighter while also keeping you well-prepared for everything you'll need during your travels. Anytime you can reduce stress in this way, it's definitely worth your while.