The World's Most-Visited Countries To Add To Your Bucket List

Every traveler has their own travel bucket list full of destinations across the globe, and as a whole, tourism is a two trillion-dollar industry. So where are all the wanderlusters off to? Well, there are definitely some key staples that should be on everyone's roster. From Thailand to Australia and everywhere in between, there are more than a few places that entice travelers.

What's more, countless destinations await whether you are an avid beachgoer, a history buff, an art and culture enthusiast, an adventurer at heart, or simply someone bitten by the travel bug. So if you are ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime but do not know where to begin, that's okay. To remove some of the guesswork, here are the world's most visited countries to add to your bucket list — if they are not on there already — that are sure to satisfy even the loftiest of travel goals.


First and foremost, France is undoubtedly one of the world's most visited countries, with an impressive 89 million+ visitors annually. But, with famed cities like Paris, Nice, and Bordeaux, as well as hot spots like the French Riviera (a truly scenic coastline), and the region of Champagne, this country is a must. Thanks to France's first-rate culture, beloved cuisine, fashion, ample tourist attractions, easy-to-use transportation, and incredible experiences that one cannot simply find anywhere else, it makes perfect sense that this destination is a favorite among the masses.

In fact, the world-renowned city of Paris is actually one of the most visited places in Europe. But even if the City of Lights and all its lovely arrondissements are not high up on your bucket list, France has so much more to offer beyond this phenomenal city, including must-visit regions, picturesque countryside scenery, beautiful beaches, and one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces to explore. France is also brimming with history, with over 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and stunning natural wonders like the Chamonix Mont Blanc. And after you have toured even just a handful of this country's major points of interest — the Eiffel Tower, the Museé du Louvre, Mont-Saint-Michel, Château de Versailles, and the lavender fields in Provence, for instance — chances are you will want to see even more. Plus, with a wealth of wine, cheese, bread, and delicious fanfare practically everywhere you turn, France will likely make it to your annual travel list time and time again.


Spain is easily the second most visited country in the world, with roughly 83 million tourists heading to this idyllic country each year to experience all this cultural haven offers. From gorgeous landscapes to seaside paradises and bustling metropolises, Spain is definitely bucket-list worthy for a whole host of reasons. With its rich history, vibrant customs, all kinds of architecture, divine dishes, agreeable weather, picturesque beaches, great fashion, exquisite art, incredible nightlife, and more, Spain is truly an adventure for world travelers.

In addition to all this, popular cities in Spain, like Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, are overflowing with sights, sounds, and then some — thus, visitors will have no trouble fully immersing themselves in this enchanting destination. From wine and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to fantastic fiestas, watersports, hiking, and even skiing, this country does not disappoint in the way of activities either. And an added bonus here is that Spain is also home to some pretty phenomenal islands — Ibiza, Minorca, Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Graciosa, and the Balearic Islands — each offering something different. So, if you have the time, do yourself a favor and check out as much of Spain as possible.

United States

Yet another country to add to your bucket list is none other than the United States. Brimming with national parks, iconic cities, countless museums, famous landmarks, a melting pot of culture, and ample places to explore, the U.S. is a treasure trove for travelers and attracts over 79 million visitors annually. So whether you are an outdoorsy person, a foodie, a nature lover, a person fascinated by American culture and history, or simply want to see parts of the U.S. you have never seen before, this place is definitely worth a tour.

With 50 states to delve into, visitors have plenty of options in the way of entertainment, tourist activities, and must-see attractions. Moreover, each state has its very own culture, hidden gems, scenery, culinary delights, accents, and vibes — making the U.S. truly unique as a whole. That said, no matter your interests, travel goals, or intended destination within this country's borders, it is highly recommended that you experience the U.S. at least once in your lifetime.


Coming in at number four on the list of most visited countries, with just over 65 million tourists, is China. Of course, with several thousand years' worth of history to peruse, it is not hard to see why so many people flock to this destination. But that's not all this spot on the map has to offer — this charming country has unbelievably beautiful landscapes, pristine wilderness, water towns, architectural wonders like The Great Wall, diverse cuisine, modern marvels, a well-balanced blend of cultures, and more. As a result, China is the perfect go-to for anyone who wants to explore a variety of cultural customs, enjoy unique cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, visit amazing temples, or marvel at all the incredible surrounding feats.

Plus, no matter where your adventures here take you, there is no denying that China is scenic, budget-friendly, and inviting, with ample things to see and do. A truly exotic place with life-changing excursions you will not find anywhere else is just one of the many reasons to visit this great country. In fact, globetrotters who add this distinct destination to their bucket list often gain a new and more worldly perspective and are thankful for an undoubtedly matchless traveling experience.


Italy is not too far behind China, with approximately 64.5 million tourists heading to the beautiful country yearly. However, if you have not yet had the pleasure of an Italian holiday, when given the opportunity to explore world-famous locales here, such as Rome, Tuscany, Naples, Pompeii, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast, it is important that you take it. Rich with history, delicious and life-altering cuisine, flowing wine, ancient ruins, museums, and then some, Italy is beyond bucket-list worthy.

Italy is also a must for lovers of the good life. From art, history, and architecture to romance, wine, and shopping, Italy is teeming with the finer things. Must-see structures like the Sistine Chapel, art-adorned cathedrals, sculptures, design wonders like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and world-famous art galleries await visitors — enriching this country's overall blissful ambiance. Likewise, Italy is excellent for couples' vacations, iconic destination weddings, and honeymoons. With leisure activities aplenty, old-world charm, cliffside villages, quaint boutiques, high-end luxury fashion houses, gondola rides down dreamy canals in Venice, and wine sipping in the Tuscan countryside, falling in love with the Beautiful Country is almost inevitable, so don't be shy, add this amazing travel spot to your list.


With 45 million visitors annually, Mexico should definitely be on your to-do list. Here, travelers can enjoy white sandy beaches like Tulum Beach, a diverse landscape, a colorful culture, and traditional cuisine. Besides all this, Mexico has countless vibrant cities to immerse oneself in and touristy spots like Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta, offering visitors ample opportunities for some real fun in the sun.

Similar to other bucket-list-worthy destinations, Mexico is also littered with UNESCO sites and must-visit attractions. In particular, history lovers can learn more about great civilizations like the Maya peoples of the Yucatán Peninsula, who built the ancient city of Chichen Itzá, and peruse a variety of cultural and art museums. Alternatively, marine life enthusiasts can marvel at the many whale sharks, turtles, fishes, and then some while scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or via a guided boat excursion. With Cenotes, coves, and ruins to explore, foodie and tequila tours, plus Mexican festivals like Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico is a good time just waiting to happen.


Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is just one more cultural hub that is full of amazing experiences, activities, and breathtaking scenery. On average, over 39 million visitors make their way to the Land of Smiles each year for an unparalleled getaway. From pristine, exotic beaches and great weather to lively nightlife, exciting festivals, and once-in-a-lifetime escapades, Thailand is an excellent option for globetrotters who want to see as much of the world as possible.

Additionally, Thailand is a vacationer's dream come true with friendly locals, diverse accommodations, wonderful cuisine, and vast history. And, for die-hard explorer types, this small but lively country has an abundance of gorgeous temples, Buddha statues galore, bustling cities like Bangkok, and adventures around every corner. What's more, the Land of Smiles is also home to unique wildlife, lush tropical forests, beautiful landscapes, ancient ruins, and nearly 150 national parks worth exploring. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, then head to Thailand for a vacation you will never forget.


Travelers off to Europe should make it a point to be a part of the roughly 39 million tourists visiting Germany annually. Here, history buffs, cultural enthusiasts, and art lovers, especially, are in for a real treat with countless museums, including Berlin's Museum Island, modern and historic theatres, plus just about every kind of tour one can imagine. That said, Germany has a whole host of things to see and do outside the realm of history, culture, and the arts.

In fact, most visitors tend to explore this lovely country via scenic road trips, outdoor adventuring, guided excursions, or by hopping aboard an efficient train. Plus, world-famous events like Oktoberfest, more than a few fairytale-like castles, the Bavarian Alps, the Autobahn, charming villages, legendary Christmas Markets, the Black Forest, and absolutely stunning architecture in just about every sovereign state — all make Germany another travel bucket list must. So if you have never considered a getaway to this one-of-a-kind country, now is the perfect time to jet off to Germany.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (U.K.) is another incredible country attracting around 39 million visitors yearly. And since the U.K. is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, there is definitely a lot of ground to cover here. With so many different cultures, cities, charming towns, and points of interest in the UK as a whole then, it is highly recommended that you break up your U.K. adventures into more than one trip.

By making multiple visits to the UK, travelers can experience what each destination has to offer and cross most of the iconic highlights off their location-specific itineraries. From London's bustling cityscape and Stonehenge in England to the Scottish Highlands, the Northern Ireland's Causeway Coastal Route, and the countless castles in Wales, the UK is brimming with otherworldly landscapes, landmarks, history, pubs, and attractions. So, whether you plan on visiting Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England, first, make sure you add every inch of the UK to your bucket list.


Greece should also be high on your travel bucket list. With just over 31 million visitors exploring all that Greece has to offer yearly, it is undeniable that there is something special about this particular part of the world. And regardless of whether you are headed to Athens, Crete, or some other phenomenal spot in the Greek Isles/Islands, you will quickly see that Greece is simply breathtaking.

In fact, both mainland Greece and the islands have incredible attractions, gorgeous beaches, Mediterranean views, rich cultures, ancient historical sites, plus mouthwatering cuisine and fanfare. Of course, if you are looking for insane nightlife, a trip to Mykonos is in order. Alternatively, if you want to experience a spectacular sunset with iconic white buildings and blue rooftops as your backdrop, then Santorini should be your port of call. Greece, as a whole, actually has many amazing destinations with ample things to see and do, so you will likely need to add this popular paradise to your list more than once.


The Netherlands and its capital, Amsterdam, are legendary, with an annual estimate of over 20 million visitors. Touted as one of Europe's favorite tourist destinations, the Netherlands offers an in-depth look into Dutch culture, a chance to revel in enchanting windmills and tulip-covered landscapes, and to bike about to your heart's content. In addition to being cycle-friendly, this country has a first-rate transportation system and miles of canals in Amsterdam.

Beyond the DAM, visitors can enjoy charming villages like Aalsmeer and other inviting cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. Likewise, nature lovers can spend quality time outdoors in stunning national parks and at pristine North Sea beaches while in this neck of the woods. The Netherlands also has more than 500 years' worth of history to explore, art from all over the world to appreciate, plus more than a few stately homes to tour, and these are just a few reasons why the Netherlands should be on your bucket list.

Czech Republic

With around 14 million international tourists visiting the Czech Republic each year, it is safe to say that this country is also bucket-list-worthy. Of course, many travelers flock to the capital city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, as it is truly one of the most famous cities in all of Europe. Going to Prague is a world traveler must if not almost a rite of passage — thus, this is reason enough to make your way to this incredible part of the world.

Even outside of Prague, the Czech Republic is full of culture, heritage, history, castles, entertainment, spas, and beer — which definitely makes for a well-balanced vacation. So you can tour the many UNESCO sites, explore the beautiful countryside, relax in spa towns like Karlovy Vary, indulge in this country's amazing party scene, and then some here. And when you factor in the hospitable locals, affordability, and countless music festivals, the Czech Republic may easily become a place you never want to leave.


Yet another country with a renowned party and nightlife scene is none other than Ireland. Known for its festivals, extensive pub culture in the iconic city of Dublin, whisky, Guinness beer, and friendly people, Ireland is definitely a country that should also be on your travel roster. Of course, the Emerald Isle is so much more, thanks to its attention-grabbing scenery, castles, history, fascinating lore, and cinematography.

So if you have always wanted to see filming locations for "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones," marvel at the natural wonders like the Cliffs of Moher, go looking for fairies and leprechauns, or traipse about thousands of medieval castles, Ireland has got you covered. From distinct culture and traditional Irish music to unreal coastal views along the Wild Atlantic Way and the world-famous Gaint's Causeway, the Emerald Isle is truly epic and subsequently attracts 11 million visitors annually. There is even a wealth of dark tourism spots to check out in Ireland, which are bucket-list-worthy all on their own.


Last but definitely not least, Australia, for many travelers, is a dream getaway, and it is not hard to see why. With approximately 9.5 million international tourists each year, Australia is undoubtedly a popular respite. Thanks to the Great Barrier Reef, a plethora of phenomenal beaches, laid-back vibes, ample sunshine, diverse culture, and bustling cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, this country is an experience you will never forget.

Thus, despite the lengthy travel time to reach this great nation, Australia should be a bucket list staple for any globetrotter. Here, visitors can bask in this gorgeous country's pristine wilderness, enjoy countless unique open spaces, check out the Great Ocean Road, island hop in the Whitsundays, and marvel at Australia's distinctive wild and marine life. And while touring major cities, particularly Sydney, there's a wealth of famous sites and sounds that can only add to your overall adventure. That said, no matter what you decide to get into while in Australia, once there, you will see why it is just one more dazzling destination that should be a part of your travel goals.