Jordan Wirth

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Phoenix, AZ
BYU Idaho
World Travel, Foreign Languages, Travel Budget
  • Jordan has lived most of his adult life abroad; he's spent years spread out across Chile, Russia, South Korea, and the Philippines—with more destinations planned.
  • He speaks three foreign languages: Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.
  • He is excited to be able to distill all his years of travel expertise into helpful Explore articles that guide travelers through the nuances of Earth's most fascinating corners.


Jordan has penned half a dozen novels and started another hundred. After the pandemic ended his stint as an English teacher, he got into copywriting. He's been leveling up his content-making experience at the HOTH, SteadyContent, and other content mills. Before joining Static Media in 2023, he lived and worked abroad. He would write informative articles on everything from tech to travel by night. By day, he would walk St. Petersburg's frigid canals or stroll along Boracay's pristine white beaches. Jordan is currently working hard on the next great cyberpunk thriller novel.


Jordan has a bachelor's degree in English creative writing from BYU Idaho, and a minor in Russian.
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