Eva Criscuolo

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New York, NY
Trinity College Dublin
European Travel, Budget Travel, Airbnb
  • Eva is an ardent poet who is currently engaged in the process of publishing her debut book.
  • She possesses extensive travel experience, having explored close to 30 nations and maintaining a consistent pattern of visiting 10-14 European countries annually.
  • Eva also enjoys conducting interviews with media professionals. She had the privilege of interviewing Shamim Sarif, a director of "You" Season 4.


Eva has contributed to various publications since she was 13 years old. For four years, she has devoted her time and expertise as a writer and editor to Trinity College Dublin's esteemed independent arts and culture magazine, TN2 Magazine. Continuing to explore diverse avenues, Eva joined Static Media when she began writing for Explore in 2023. In this role, she meticulously shares invaluable travel tips for like-minded adventure enthusiasts, establishing herself as a trusted resource in the realm of exploration.


Eva is completing her final year at Trinity College Dublin, pursuing an English Literature and Film Studies degree. She plans to pursue a Master's in Marketing at a top European university.
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