How To Keep Your Belongings Safe When Sleeping On The Train

Train journeys can often be long and tiring, tempting you to doze off. However, when traveling solo, it's important to take precautions to safeguard your belongings and ensure their safety. To enjoy a peaceful slumber during your tram journey, selecting the appropriate seat and compartment is essential. Opt for a seat and compartment that offers ample comfortable space for both you and your luggage. Choosing an aisle seat is a wise decision, providing you with the convenience of easy movement and the added benefit of being able to keep a watchful eye on your belongings.

If you are packing valuables adhere to the pro traveler packing strategy of splitting them. When traveling with multiple bags, do not pack all your valuables in a single one. Distribute your valuable items among your bags to minimize the risk of loss or theft. If you are bringing one bag, divide your treasured possessions between different pockets and compartments. This will make it less likely for everything to be stolen at once.

If the thought of dozing off while on a train trip still has you concerned about bag bandits, fear not, for we've got some more simple yet effective hacks to bolster your luggage's safety while you bask in some well-deserved shut-eye!

Secure your bags

Keep your carry-ons close to you at all times. Try using a small lock or luggage strap to secure your bags together or chain them to the storage compartment. For a small investment of a few dollars, you can secure your peace of mind with a combination lock featuring a sturdy steel cable, leaving no room for anyone to tamper with your belongings. Additionally, employing padlocks on your bag zippers serves as a brilliant strategy, adding an extra layer of protection against pickpockets and potential mischief-makers.

If you are truly thinking of sleeping, then we suggest you grab a blanket. If you're carrying a backpack, consider looping the straps around your arms and positioning the bag in front of you. This not only keeps your belongings close but also provides added warmth. As you raise the bag and a blanket to cover yourself, you can snuggle up with your blanket, enjoying a cozy and secure slumber on your journey. 

If you find yourself with a considerable amount of luggage and the opportunity to choose seats facing each other, think of adopting TikToker @ziaduejensen's clever train seating position idea, the "L position." To achieve this, keep your back straight and extend your legs onto the aisle seat of the parallel row, forming an L shape with your body. This ingenious seating arrangement, not only offers you more space and comfort during your journey but also serves as an effective human blockade for safeguarding your belongings.

Remain somewhat alert

Remain ever vigilant of your surroundings. Employ wisdom by refraining from displaying or wearing expensive jewelry or flashy electronics. Doing so will deter any unwanted attention, ensuring a safer and more pleasant journey.

Furthermore, according to The New York Times, while the most pricy noise-canceling headphones provide prime passive- and active-noise reduction, most average headphones can just as easily obstruct the sound of human voices. Either noise-canceling headphones or your average run-of-the-mill headset may enhance the quality of your sleep, but we suggest you skip them for this particular journey. Maintaining your ability to hear and see at a moment's notice can be crucial in ensuring you stay alert and aware of any potential security concerns. If it's winter, pack on a few layers of clothing. If you manage to get even two layers on you may have enough to put together two outfits in case of emergency. And with the AC trains typically pump out, it will only help in warding off the cold and staying comfy. For extra safety, keep your shoes on. Or at least remember to keep them near your belongings so you can react swiftly if needed. And lastly, if you happen to wake up and anything seems suspicious, don't hesitate to alert the train staff.

With these valuable suggestions, we're confident you'll experience the most restful sleep of your life on the train, knowing that your belongings are well protected.