The Coolest Caves And Caverns In California

California is known as the Golden State. It is famous for their National Parks, Golden Gate Bridge, stunning mountains and beautiful beaches. It is home to some of the most unique terrain in the world. But, some of the most incredible sites California come from their spectacular caves and caverns.

Caves occur in hollow areas inside the earth and are usually formed by the weathering of rock. California has a series of interconnected caverns, and claims to have the most extensive system of caverns and passageways.

If you have never experienced the thrill of walking through a cave, you definitely want to consider booking a trip to California. Below are some of The Coolest Caves and Caverns in California.


The Arroyo Tapiado

canyons, it is known to be one of the most extensive mud cave systems in the world.


The Balconies Cave

rock formations. Make sure you bring a headlamp; part of your adventure through Balconies Cave is extremely dark.


Bear Gulch Cave

Pinnacles National Park. According to the National Park Service, "The Bear Gulch Cave provides a home to a colony of Townsend's big-eared bats as they rest there in winter and raise their young in the late spring and summer." That being said, the best time to visit is the last week in October when the entire cave is open for at least a week.


The Lava Tube

hike, you will hit the main cavern. Bring your camera, you will want to capture pictures of the dramatic lightening and dark hardened lava.


Mitchell Caverns

Mountains. It is currently undergoing repairs, but make sure you stay updated.  When the tours reopen, you will definitely want to capture the beauty of this limestone cave.


Subway Cave



Moaning Cavern

camera to capture pictures of "The Igloo."


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