This Clever Beach Hack Stops Your Towel From Blowing Away Without Piling Stuff On It

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Beach days are a summer staple: the sounds of crashing waves, enjoying your favorite cool drinks by the water, the unbeatable tuna sandwich and chips combo, and the feeling of bobbing along with the waves while soaking up some well-deserved sunshine. However, if you've ever had a beach day, you'll also know they come with their own set of not-so-pretty challenges. First, the sand gets everywhere. Then, the saltwater starts to burn your eyes. And just when you think you've got it all figured out and are ready to lay down ... your towel flies up into the air.

Luckily, TikToker @ajcoastal — aka, Jules — has a clever beach hack that'll help you avoid the situation. In a quick 20-second video that's currently amassed over 200,000 views on the platform, Jules breaks down how to avoid trying to pin down your towel with all of your belongings. First, she explains, you'll want to lay your towel down flat like you typically would. Then, grab each corner and dig a little hole in the sand, fold it in, and add some extra sand on top. Per the creator, this should be able to hold your towel down "like nothing you've ever seen."

There's no need to pile things on top of your towel

While most beach bums would probably just resort to using their shoes and bags to pin down each corner of the towel, Jules' handy beach hack makes it so that you don't need to spread out all your things in order to get your towel to stay still. Better yet, Jules isn't alone when it comes to loving the hack. "Yesss I've done this since i was like 6 and it's the best ever" user @kathryncritt commented on the video — with 198 likes to show just how well it works.


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Alternatively, there are other ways you can hold your towel down. For starters, some people recommend filling up four plastic resealable bags with sand and then using those to keep your towel in place. It's similar to using your things, sure — but it also means you can actually grab your stuff when you need it without risking a corner flying up and throwing sand into your face. If these tricks still aren't doing it for you, there's one more option to prevent things from flapping away. Enter: beach towel clips (also called beach towel anchors). Designed precisely for holding down your towel, these clips — available on Amazon — work kind of like a beach umbrella. Simply dig them into the sand and fold the flap down to secure your towel.

More beach hacks for a great day out

Flying towels aren't the only thing that might get in the way of a successful beach day. Luckily, TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving — and the platform has plenty more tricks up its sleeve to help make your beach days easier — with thousands of videos showing them off.

Coarse, irritating, and sticking to everything, sand is often the culprit of why some people hate the beach. So, how can you try and avoid getting covered in the thing? Most users are quick to praise the so-called "fitted sheet beach hack." The premise is simple: Grab a large fitted sheet and open it up with the fitted side up. Then, use your personal belongings to hold up the corners, creating a small enclosure. Add a bucket filled with water to rinse your feet off before stepping in and bam! You have yourself a "sand-free beach setup" that's actually enjoyable to sit in — like this one, by TikToker @rrrachelaustinnn.

Once it's time to pack up and leave, use one TikToker's genius baby powder hack to clean your sandy beach feet. The advice? Grab a sock and fill it up with baby powder. Then, use it to tap the wet sand — this will dry it up — and then gently rub it off. Other users in the comments also chimed in with their own tips. "Try a microfiber cloth.. works like magic!" one said, with a few others agreeing.