How To Ensure You Have Cool Drinks On The Beach Without A Cooler

There's no better way to spend a hot summer day than at the beach, and sometimes, you absolutely need a beach visit. You can sunbathe, cool off in the gentle waves, toss a frisbee or football, read a book or magazine, or doze off in the afternoon sun. Whatever you do though, it's important you stay hydrated. The hot sun can zap your energy, and while you may be immersed in water, your insides are still in need of it. It's important to keep drinking liquids to stay safe whether you're in or out of the water. A cold, refreshing drink will quench your thirst, cool you down, and hydrate you all at the same time. The trick, however, is keeping your drinks cold.

It's disappointing when you're ready for an ice-cold beverage and instead find a bottle filled with room temperature, if not hot, water, soda, juice, or whatever drink of choice in your bag. Maybe a cooler wasn't an option for you. Regardless, you're sweaty with a hot drink rather than a cold one. Don't worry, we have a solution for you that doesn't require a cooler.

Freezing your drinks

If you're on vacation, it doesn't make sense to try and bring a cooler across the country if you're flying. It also doesn't make sense to buy one that you'll only use a handful of times before getting rid of it. This doesn't change the fact that you're in a hot place without a means of keeping your drinks cold, though. To fix that, we have a simple solution for you: freeze your drinks.

If you're planning a beach day, throw your drinks in the freezer the night before. In the morning, they'll be rock-hard and frigid. Once you're at the beach, the heat and sun will begin to melt the liquid. You can sip on it throughout the day since it won't all melt at once, making it a cold beverage that lasts. Note that this does not work for glass bottles and cans. Glass can crack in the freezer and cans can explode, so keep this in mind when you pack your freezer.

Sponges as a solution

If you're not so fond of starting the day off with a completely frozen drink, or you simply don't want to wait for your beverage to thaw, there's an alternative. You'll need a bag and some sponges. For this hack, you'll want to wet your sponges, sprinkle some salt over them so they freeze faster, then put them in the freezer. Once frozen solid, you can place them in your bag along with all of your drinks. This will keep them cold while you're out and about. For best results in keeping the beverage temperatures cool, make sure your drinks are refrigerated before putting them in the bag.

Whichever method you choose, you'll have refreshing, cold drinks on hand during your time at the beach. You can stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your day without needing to spend extra cash on a cooler or at a restaurant or snack shack for a cold drink.