Many Consider This Airline's First Class Experience To Be Among The Best In The World

Whether your flight feels uncomfortable or luxurious largely boils down to the cabin class in which you're seated. If you have the extra funds (or rewards points) to spring for first class, the added benefits and fancy seat features can be well worth the cost, especially if you're flying with Emirates. The Dubai-based carrier is esteemed and joins the list of airlines with the best first-class based on traveler reviews. Luxury travel vlogger Trek Trendy included Emirates in his video about the world's best first classes. Forbes featured the airline in a similar list, and Business Insider described an Emirates first-class flight as a gratifying splurge.

The extravagant amenities offered to first-class Emirates fliers quickly explain why it's so highly regarded. One of the most luxurious features is the in-flight shower available on the A380 aircraft. Each shower is limited to five minutes, just enough time to freshen up at 30,000 feet. Unfortunately, travelers booked on the Boeing 777 won't have access to shower facilities. 

Furthermore, passengers are also given a fancy schmancy Bulgari toiletry kit and a sampling of Byredo skincare products. You can also expect to find a huge (by plane standards) TV next to each seat, particularly on Emirates' new Boeing 777 aircraft, which features a 32-inch screen. To enhance the VIP treatment, some first-class fliers receive a complimentary chauffeured ride to the airport and once again when they land at their destination.

Sleeping on a plane has never been this comfy

Upgrading to first class might be worth it purely for the major boost you'll get in sleep quality — bye-bye, jet lag! Emirates' first-class cabins are equipped with comfort-adding features that make it easy to catch ZZZs in the sky. First, each seat is private, either with an enclosed room-style design or a privacy door (depending on which aircraft you're on). Once you're in the space and ready to snooze, you can recline the seat into a bed as if you're in your own little hotel room.

But wait! Don't forget to change into your pajamas. If you're on a long-haul flight, your Emirates' first-class seat will be stocked with super luxe pajamas infused with moisturizing shea butter and skin-friendly oils — and they're yours to keep after the flight ends. A pair of Bowers & Wilkins noise-canceling headphones is another amenity you can look forward to during your flight. If you're sensitive to sound, pop them on and tune out the world as you close your eyes.

Finally, take note of the zero-gravity seats found in some of Emirates' newer first-class cabins. The feature is inspired by NASA technology and simulates the weightlessness you might feel if you were in space. The seat setting might just have you wishing you could always fall asleep on a plane.

Fliers are served five-star meals and drinks

Plane food is often seen as a bland but necessary part of air travel. However, meals are usually elevated in first class; this is especially true on Emirates flights. The airline doesn't skimp on its food and beverage service for premium customers. Unlimited caviar, filet mignon, decadent desserts, and other foods are just part of the experience. Additionally, many dishes are created by some of the world's best chefs. For drinks, sip top-notch Dom Perignon champagne or grab a beverage from the personal mini-bar at your seat. Still thirsty? Head to the bar and lounge area (available on A380 planes), where you can order a drink from a bartender.

One of the most alluring benefits of Emirates' first-class food is just how personal and customizable it is. Emirates is regarded as the best choice for vegetarians and vegans, so you never have to worry about going hungry, even if you have dietary restrictions. First-class travelers can also order their meals at any time during the flight, making it easy to choose when to rest and when to refuel.