Why This Airline Is The Obvious Best Choice For Vegetarians And Vegans

The days when vegans and vegetarians would dread going on a flight due to the poor meal options are becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, airlines are really upping their game when it comes to providing delicious meat-free meals in the sky. Out of all of the carriers that have expanded their menus, Emirates is being hailed as one of the best for those on a plant-based or vegetarian diet.

They have seen a 40% increase in demand for these kinds of dishes, so the airline has responded by adding 300 new meals to their menus. According to figures from Emirates, they served 450,000 plant-based meals in 2023, an impressive rise from 280,000 in the previous year. Their efforts haven't gone unnoticed, as the Travel Season website rated them as the number one airline for vegetarian food on the way to your vacation. As a second opinion, Veg News voted them as number one for vegan food, too. To guarantee your meal, you can order it up until 24 hours before your flight, and the most popular routes as well as first-class offer them as standard.

What is on the Emirates meat-free menu?

Emirates offers vegan and vegetarian food in all of its classes. In economy, some main meal examples include chickpea crepes, pumpkin frittatas, tofu tikka masala, and chickpea stew. Premium economy offers dishes like jackfruit curry, and squash and chestnut stew. Business customers can expect offerings such as roasted cauliflower with grains, caramelized pear pesto, and tofu and shitake mushrooms with glass noodles.

Those who fly with Emirates' top-rated first class can sample cuisine like polenta and mushroom ragout, aubergine curry with rice, and sautéed spinach with vegetable jus. There is also an impressive range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly desserts available to accompany these dishes in all of these classes. Emirates also plans to introduce a vegan snack menu that includes pizza, fruit muffins, and decadent cakes like chocolate pecan and raspberry tonka. It's important to remember that menus can vary and change depending on the seasons and your destination. Although, whatever the meal is, it is likely to be a delicious way to spend your time in the sky.

Other airlines with good meat-free meals

Swiss International Air Lines drew attention from veg lovers when they partnered with Hiltl, famous as being the world's oldest vegetarian restaurant. You can preorder from their restaurant menu if you wish, and options range from salads to curries. Coffee lovers will love German carrier Lufthansa, as you can get an in-flight oat milk latte along with healthy vegetable-based dishes.

Fast food aficionados should travel with Delta as they offer vegan Impossible burgers on their flight menus. United Airlines also offers Impossible meatballs and sausages, as well as a vegan breakfast bagel. If Middle Eastern food is your thing, Qatar Airways provides vegetarian and vegan meals like biriyanis with traditional spices. 

East Asian food lovers will similarly appreciate Singapore Airlines as it provides meals like vegetable noodles and stir-fries that encapsulate these flavors but without the meat. As demand continues to rise, vegan and vegetarian options on flights look set to diversify and improve with time. This is especially the case with a trail-blazing luxury airline like Emirates leading the way.