Many Airlines Have This Comfy Built-In Feature On The Seats You May Not Know About

For some, a travel pillow is almost as essential as a carry-on suitcase. A wobbly head can be the one thing separating you from getting shut-eye on a plane. You may have even considered swapping your travel pillow for a neck brace just to ensure you'll remain comfortable on your flight. However, you might not need to pack a pillow or supportive gadget at all. Next time you're flying, take a closer look at your seat. You might discover a built-in headrest that can be moved to conform to your head and neck.


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The hidden feature went viral on TikTok after @lyfehaks posted a video showing how it works. The content creator can be seen adjusting her headrest so it cups her head while passengers around her appear oblivious to the seat amenity. Others, like @trianahampton, have also demonstrated the function on the social media platform. "If you already knew, when did you find out?" Triana captioned her clip before showing how the headrest folds to offer support.

Headrests aren't available on all flights

As you can see in the TikTok videos, plane headrests aren't limited to those who upgrade to first class from business class. Passengers in the economy cabin also have access to the feature. Unfortunately, the headrests may not offer ample support for all travelers. They're typically designed with wings that can be folded inward, offering support on the left and right sides of the head. However, they rarely come with a height adjustment, and if they do, it's not adjustable to the extent a car headrest might be. To put it simply, passengers who are shorter or taller than average may not find plane headrests so useful.

Still, it's worth trying out the feature on your next trip, particularly if you'll be taking a long-haul flight where sleeping on a plane is necessary. Several airlines offer adjustable headrests. For instance, @lyfehaks appeared to be flying with Southwest Airlines while @trianahampton was on an American Airlines flight. Singapore Airlines even offers a highly customizable "six-way headrest" on its A350, A380, and 787 planes.

Keep in mind that seat designs can vary based on the aircraft and the length of the flight. If you don't want to risk becoming a human bobblehead, consider packing your travel pillow just in case your plane isn't equipped with comfy headrests. Happy resting!