A Professional Stylist Tells Us The Ideal Color To Wear For A Glammed-Up Vacation

Whether you're using the 54321 packing rule and traveling light or hauling your entire wardrobe in two checked suitcases, figuring out what clothes to bring — let alone the color — is no easy feat. When planning a vacation, choosing the right color to pack can make all the difference in both glamour and luggage efficiency. According to Liz Teich, a stylist with over 20 years of experience and founder of The New York Stylist, the ideal color is white. In an exclusive interview, Teich explains how this color enhances style for immaculate "I'm on vacation!" vibes and helps simplify your travel wardrobe.

White is the quintessential vacation color, embodying a sense of relaxation and escape from daily routines. "You can't go wrong with white while on vacation," Teich states. "It's such an easy color to feel easy breezy, and like an escape from daily life." It's undeniable that many travelers feel their best when they're away, often feeling more vibrant, whether it's due to a sun-kissed tan or a refreshed makeup look. White enhances this effect, highlighting your holiday glow.

Moreover, white is incredibly versatile, from formal affairs to more casual occasions. It can be paired easily with almost any other color, offering a perfect canvas that lets all your accessories (or tan!) pop. It's also practical — Teich explains that because it's lighter in color, it is less likely to show wrinkles, which is a common concern when living out of a suitcase. Who has time to iron while on vacation? 

Styling and accessorizing with white

When it comes to styling white outfits on vacation, Liz Teich recommends keeping it simple. The key is to feel relaxed and unencumbered. "I like to be less fussy and keep jewelry minimal while traveling, but I do love a chunky earring or necklace to make a simple white outfit look exciting," she suggests. This approach maintains an elegant simplicity and allows standout pieces to shine. As for footwear, Teich advises that sandals of any color are the perfect complement to white attire. Whether you opt for neutral tones or go bold with vibrant colors, sandals add a casual, chic touch that aligns beautifully with the holiday vibe. A white dress, gold necklace, and gladiator sandals look to go watch the sunset in Santorini. Yes, please!

While a white base is refreshing, incorporating pops of color can enhance your travel wardrobe's versatility and appeal. Teich loves adding color through accessories, like a vibrant clutch or a bold lip color. "I keep the tones of my outfits pretty similar to make it easy to work together," she explains. This strategy allows for greater flexibility and creativity without the need to pack extra outfits. Swimwear is another excellent avenue for introducing more color. Since swimwear typically doesn't take up much suitcase space, you can afford to bring multiple options. This allows for playful experimentation with different hues and patterns, adding a fun element to your beach or poolside attire. What's more, you can pack more efficiently with this color-coordinating hack.

Travel tips from stylist Liz Teich

Liz Teich also shares a crucial tip for keeping your stylish outfits in top condition: "Whatever you end up wearing, make sure to pack a travel steamer." Wrinkles can detract from even the most carefully planned outfits, turning what was meant to be a chic ensemble into a disheveled disappointment. A travel steamer ensures that your white garments remain crisp and elegant throughout your journey.

With tips from a professional stylist like Teich, travelers can embrace the ease and elegance of white, ensuring they look and feel fantastic throughout their trip. Indeed, the key to a successful vacation wardrobe lies in the colors you choose and also how you care for them on the go. Teich also regularly shares fashion advice to nearly 500,000 followers on her Instagram @thenewyorkstylist and offers helpful stylist services like The Closet Refresh™ on her main website

So, pack light, choose versatile pieces in those stunning whites, and don't forget your travel steamer to keep everything looking its best. With this approach, you're all set for a glammed-up getaway that's as stylish as it is enjoyable. Fun fact: white is the world's oldest recorded color. From the Paleolithic era to the ancient classical cultures, and up until today, white is a symbol of purity and perfection — a timeless hue that will give your travel wardrobe a clean slate.