Many Consider This Little-Known Beach With Crystal Clear Water To Be Among Slovenia's Best

Slovenia is a slice of paradise in Central Europe, as it has beautiful natural areas and a small yet charming 29 miles of coastline that begs to be explored. One of the beaches that is considered to be one of the best in the country is Moon Bay Beach in Strunjan. It is in the perfect location on the Adriatic coast, and close to a protected nature reserve in a historic area of cultural significance.

The beach is relatively untouched without a ton of amenities, so it gets less crowded than others in the area, especially because it takes about half an hour to walk there. It is also a great base for other cliff walks or exploring traditional streets, and local biodiverse areas. This beach is perfect for a first-time solo trip to Europe, as it is a laidback location in one of the safer countries for women to travel. It also has some incredible places to stay in the areas nearby, which have a fascinating history as well as world-class spa facilities to relax and indulge yourself in.

Things to do at Moon Bay Beach

It is an adventure to get to Moon Bay Beach, as there are two main trails to get there. One walk is from the parking lot near Hotel Svoboda and travels via Strunjan Cross, which takes about half an hour. From Strunjan Beach, you can travel north along the cliff to get here, which takes around 30 minutes, as well. Down at the bay, you can swim in the clear water where you can see the pebbles at the bottom of the ocean floor.

This area is a must-visit for nature lovers who also want to visit the Strunjan Landscape Park. It has old saltpans where salt was harvested that can seen to the south of the bay. There are trails through the park where you can enjoy this verdant paradise as well as the pretty Stjuža sea lagoon. Birdwatchers can look out for peregrine falcons, hoopoes, and eagle owls that live here. One nearby hotspot that can't be missed is the popular town of Pirin, which is just a 17-minute drive away. It is famous for its preserved Venetian Gothic architecture with winding streets that are precariously perched on a narrow peninsula. Take your Slovenian experience to the next level by visiting one of its fabulous spas or staying in a spa hotel. This country is a top European wellness destination, so spa culture thrives here.

Places to stay near Moon Bay Beach

There are no hotels on Moon Bay Beach itself, but there are some wonderful accommodations just a short walk away. One highly-rated place to stay nearby is the 3-star Hotel Laguna – Terme Krka, which has 4.3 out of 5 stars on its Google Reviews. This hotel has rooms with stunning sea view balconies, private pools, saunas, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis as well as a delicious buffet breakfast.

Hotel Svoboda is a 4-star hotel that is top-rated on Google, and it boasts excellent spa facilities. It is particularly special as you can see the historic salt pans from your window. Its Vitarium Spa & Thalasso has thalassotherapy (treatments inspired by the sea, like seaweed wraps) as well as massages, saunas, and other treatments. Another great option is Pastoralni dom Stella Maris, which has 4.4 stars on Google. Known in English as the Stella Maris Pastoral Center, this picturesque historic building holds retreats and weddings as well as offers rooms for travelers. It is next to Church of the Apparition of Mary and the center itself is run by an organization dedicated to humanitarian work and religious guidance. With accommodations at such a high standard here, it is another reason why Slovenia should be your next big Eurotrip.