Why This Lesser-Visited European Nation Is Perfect For A First-Time Solo Trip

Solo travel is on an all-time rise. Many are learning that oftentimes, the best company while gallivanting the globe is your own. This theory is understandable; it can be exhausting to wait around for friends, family, and loved ones to agree to join you in your dream destination. if you can't seem to get your sought-after getaway out of the group chat and are sick of pulling teeth when it comes to convincing others to join you on your globetrotting, it's time to start planning your first solo getaway.

The ultimate question is, where will you go? While it's true that anywhere can be experienced as a solo trip, for your first one, you'll want to choose carefully. Safety is subjective, and bad things can happen anywhere, but choosing a less "risky" destination, statistically speaking, is not a horrid idea. You'll also want a destination that is equitable on a gender and inclusivity scale, especially for women and LGBTQIA+ travelers. The answer is Slovenia. The country is enjoyable year-round, ranked as the seventh safest country in the world according to the 2022 Global Peace Index report, and is a downright striking destination. If you're pining for a vacation, party-of-one, it's time to plan a trip to Slovenia.

What makes Slovenia perfect for solo travel

Aside from the general beauty that Slovenia brings (more on that later), it is an inclusive destination for all travelers. The European nation, which was once part of Yugoslavia, was the first one to legalize same-sex marriage in post-communist Europe. Black solo travelers have also praised Slovenia for its inclusivity. TikTok user @zimeee1 stated, "I felt safe and everyone was quite nice and friendly." She further explained, "Whenever I found myself in an unfortunate situation, there was always someone offering to help."

Solo female travelers, generally speaking, have plenty to praise Slovenia for. Don't assume you need to bring a romantic partner with you to enjoy the best of this fairytale-like nation has to offer. Why wait for a special someone to visit one of Slovenia's many enchanting historic castles when you could simply just bring yourself? Head to Predjama Castle built around a natural cave, or Otocec Castle around a river. And if castles aren't fairytale-like enough for you, know that over 60% of the country is covered in forests.

One of the most underrated cities in Europe

It's great to be safe and inclusive statistically, but if there's nothing to do, then, frankly, who cares? Luckily, Slovenia has something for everyone, whether you're a nature lover or a city enthusiast. We've established that there are castles and forests for days, but if you're into the hustle and bustle, the capital, Ljubljana, is one of the most underrated in Europe. You'll soon learn dining alone is anything but awkward as you savor the local cuisine of Slovenia. And with 21 restaurants on the Michelin Guide, you'll certainly be eating well.

The city's old town, which is situated next to the Ljubljana River, is the heart of the city. Enjoy its pedestrian-friendly streets, rich history, and jaw-dropping architecture. For an easy day trip out of the city, head to one of Slovenia's top sights: Lake Bled. Lake Bled is less than an hour's drive from the capital and is one of the most popular day trips for travelers. And if you thought riding a gondola in Venice was the only cool, exclusive boat ride in Europe, think again. Riding a pletna on Lake Bled is certainly a nice way to commodify your first solo trip.