This Beautiful Country Has One Of Europe's Cheapest Airports To Fly Into

Oh, the luck of the Irish! And luck is definitely on the side of Americans eager to explore the capital of Ireland when it comes to scoring big on affordable flights. The average cost of airfare from the United States to a European airport tends to fall around $1,200 round-trip during peak seasons, making it difficult to bring your European travel plans to life. Fortunately, there's one airport in particular that supports easy convenient travel between the United States and Europe.

According to statistics from Going, a website dedicated to helping its users find good flight deals, Dublin International Airport is one of the cheapest airports in Europe to fly to. While airfare rates continue to soar, Dublin remains one of the most economically friendly destinations for international travelers attempting to save a few extra pennies. Saving money on plane tickets means you can reallocate expenses planned for airfare into the trip itself, treating yourself to all the exquisite sights, sounds, and tastes that Dublin has to offer guests!

There's more than one reason Dublin International Airport is a coveted favorite among frequent flyers that stretches beyond just price. It isn't just the gateway for an epic excursion around Ireland. Given its large size and high level of air traffic, it's also a popular connection point to other major cities in Europe. 

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Dublin International Airport is a top-performing airport when it comes to servicing flights to unique, exotic locations around the globe for affordable rates. According to USA Today, Dublin International Airport's larger size means it's able to receive more flights, resulting in cheaper fares from the United States into Dublin. As one of the largest airports in Europe, there's rarely a time of day when this connection hub isn't buzzing with activity. The airport received over three million passengers in 2023, making it one of Europe's busiest airports. Dublin International Airport is also one of the few airports offering the luxury of a pre-clearance screening for passengers. Travelers go through customs at Dublin International Airport, saving them time and stress, while avoiding extra screening upon arrival in the United States.

An added benefit for passengers flying into Dublin, this hub is a major connectivity port for its flagship carrier, Aer Lingus. It's common for an airline's flagship headquarters to offer reduced rates, given the various flight routes operating multiple times a day. Major connectivity hubs also tend to offer enhanced services to their customers, such as luxury lounges, more efficient terminal systems, and an abundance of convenient flight connections to neighboring cities. With Dublin International Airport serving four major American airlines, the airport offers direct flights from 16 U.S. cities, expanding the market for American travelers and making it easy to catch a non-stop flight into this European city. 

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According to the New York Times, larger airports tend to have more competition, which helps to keep rates low and results in the best flight prices. Major U.S. airlines offering direct flights between cities in the United States and Dublin International Airport include Delta, United, and American Airlines. Aer Lingus, Ireland's primary airline operator, also operates flights to several U.S. cities, including Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Seattle. The cheapest fares for direct flights have been reported from Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and New York. 

Even if you're not planning to stay in Dublin for the entirety of your trip, it's still a worthwhile investment to fly into the capital city. Located just 6 miles outside Dublin, flying into this central airport is an easy and convenient transportation process for arriving travelers. Competing airports like Shannon Airport in County Clare are a few hour's drive away, but this may be a better choice if you plan to start your trip at the Cliffs of Moher or Galway.

When you're ready to head out and explore the remainder of the Irish Isle, Dublin International Airport is an excellent choice for selecting connecting flights to neighboring cities in Ireland and across Europe. Not only is it a primary connection point between the United States and Ireland, but it also supports a large network of flights for RyanAir, a budget-friendly Irish airline. Dublin International Airport is one of the major hubs for RyanAir, along with London Stansted Airport, Barcelona-El Prat Airport, and Rome Ciampino Airport.