Pack Your Winter Coat Like A Pro With This Game-Changing Trick That Opens Up Space

Packing for a trip is a game of strategy and efficiency. Whether you're only bringing a carry-on and need to avoid overpacking or you're teetering on the edge of having to pay the overweight fees for your checked luggage, there's a delicate balance between what you want to bring, what you need to bring, and how much space you actually have. Throw in the added challenge when you also need to pack bulky clothes like jackets and coats — especially during the winter months, where layers are your best friend — and it's enough stress to make the entire ordeal a pre-travel nightmare.

Luckily, though, the expert duo over at the Jeff and Lauren Show on YouTube are sharing their best hack for packing that puffy, bulky jacket like it's no big deal — and better yet, it doesn't involve any fancy gadgets or ​​complicated steps. It's simply a clever way of packing additional items into your jacket, so they each take less space, along with a method for folding to make it small and tight. 

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So, what's their secret for packing that bulky jacket? According to their video from January 26, 2024, all you need to do is layer the inside of your jacket with some unfolded, lighter clothes — think t-shirts or blouses — before zipping it closed and folding the arms in. From there, you simply roll the jacket tightly from the bottom up, and once it's rolled all the way, stuff the burrito-like bundle into the hood so it's nice and compressed. And ta-da! You've basically packed four or five items in one.

Along with Jeff and Lauren's genius rolling tip, there are plenty of other tricks around that can help you save space — and keep your sanity intact — if you need to pack a little more than expected. First, if you're not too bothered about wrinkles, a great option is to use some packing cubes that'll both compress the garment and keep things tidy for when you arrive at your destination. Alternatively you can also try vacuum seal bags, which work to remove air and reduce bulk.

Lastly, if your packing woes are getting the best of you and you still can't fit what you need into your suitcase, why not just wear your jacket instead? Sure, this isn't exactly as convenient as checking it in your bag, but it does mean that you can free up a ton more room in your suitcase — and that you get to stay warm and toasty during your trip.