This Southern Beach Is A Fun Getaway Known For Its Pristine Beauty

These gloomy winter woes seem too dark and too long these days, and we don't know about you, but we could certainly use a quick fix of a sandy, beachside escape. You don't only need to look to Florida for sun-kissed getaways. Though seaside cities like Miami and Key West are never a bad idea, some seriously underrated USA beach towns are frequently overlooked. At the top of that list is a tiny Texan beach town because, yes, even Texas has beaches.

Port Aransas is a quirky coastal town less than an hour's drive from Corpus Christi. With a population of less than 4,000, you'll not only get to see unique Texas beaches, but you'll also meet many locals who all exhibit a tight sense of community. Much more than just a seaside town, Port Aransas hosts a wide array of annual festivals, has some seriously delicious eats, and is an underrated beach town for spotting unique wildlife.

What makes this tiny Texan beach town so special

Why should you choose a tiny Texan coastal town for your next beach destination? Well, aside from having a beach, in true Texan fashion, this small town is home to some great eats. Head to The Venetian Hot Plate for Italian food so good that you might be convinced you're in New York or Venice. For some proper Texan seafood, go to Tortuga's Saltwater Grill and order the customizable seafood tower.

To get around this tiny town, note that you must rent a vehicle. You could get a regular car or mimic the locals and drive around Port Aransas (or, as the locals call it, Port A) in a beach buggy or golf cart. They are fun to ride around in and come in a wide array of colors.

For a hands-on activity, visit the Port Aransas Art Center. It offers painting, acrylic art, mosaic art, and photography classes. One of the town's most unique and exciting attractions is The Bollard Buddies, lined along the beach. These crocheted characters were created and installed by Diana Vondra, and they range from personalities like Betty Boop to Willie Nelson.

Unique festivals in a stunning beach town

There's never a bad time to visit Port Aransas, not only for its year-round charm but also because of the incredible annual festivals it holds. For those interested in conservation and wildlife, the annual Whooping Crane Festival, founded in 1996, celebrates all things birds, particularly the endangered whooping crane. The festival features wildlife experts and allows guests to participate in volunteer work at a nature preserve. It also has plenty of boat tours where attendees have the rare chance to spot a whooping crane.

If you're less interested in birds and more interested in all things beachy, head to the annual Texas SandFest. Port Aransas is home to the biggest sand sculpture competition in the USA, and each April, sand sculptors from around the globe come here to compete. It is definitely a sight to behold, as sand sculptures in the past have consisted of anything from angels to snakes to over-the-top sandcastles.