The Unexpected Reason Gordon Ramsay Refused To Sit With His Own Kids On A Plane

Parents, we want you to be honest with us. Has there ever been a moment (or several) when you wished you didn't have to sit with your kids on a plane? Many of us think wistfully of the days of watching an in-flight movie uninterrupted or taking a nap in the air. Flying with kids can be stressful, but in reality, most of us wouldn't dream of not sitting next to our own.

Trust celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey to do the exact opposite of that. Ramsey refuses to sit with his six children while flying. But it's not (entirely) because he wants to nap in peace. Pulling no punches, Ramsey told The Telegraph newspaper that when he boards a plane with his wife Tana, he asks the cabin crew to "Make sure those little f—— don't come anywhere near us." The chef and his wife make themselves comfortable in first class while his kids head off to economy class. And for Ramsey, it's mainly about teaching his children about the value of money.

Not living the high life

We want to point out that Ramsey had four children aged 15, 17 (twins), and 18 when the article was written. Even the fiery chef wouldn't leave young kids to fend for themselves on long flights (we assume). But he had absolutely no qualms about sending his teenagers to sit in coach while he went off to first. Ramsey told The Telegraph, "I worked my f—— arse off to sit that close to the pilot," saying that his children hadn't worked hard enough to earn or appreciate the privilege.

Making his children sit in economy class was only one way Ramsey was teaching them the value of money, as he told the newspaper. Despite having a father worth millions, all of his children had budgets of £50 per week (about $63) to pay for their bus fares and phones. They had also learned to cook so they could fend for themselves. Ramsey's children participated in charity work, too, helping at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Keeping kids grounded

Gordon Ramsey isn't the only person leaving his children to languish in economy while he strolls off to first class. Kevin O'Leary, "Shark Tank" judge and multimillionaire entrepreneur, also travels in first class while his kids fly coach. Speaking to CNBC, O'Leary said he wanted his children to learn that they didn't have any money, and seating his son in economy was a way to teach him about the connection between money and personal freedom.

Non-celebrities who fly in a different class from their children include property investor Samuel Leeds, who posted a TikTok from a recent flight. He showed his kids sitting with their nanny in economy while he was upfront. He added a voiceover saying, "Rich people, don't spoil your kids." The comments were a mixture of praise for teaching his children respect and people saying they couldn't do it.

Freelance writer Jill Robbins wrote a piece for Business Insider about leaving her 13-year-old children in coach while she and her husband sat in premium or first. Robbins wrote that other parents can be "sniffy," but she thinks it's the right decision. After all, her kids are too young to need the extra legroom or the free alcohol that comes with an upgrade to first class.