One Of The Best Rated Snorkeling Tours In The US Is At This Caribbean Island

The United States is not particularly known for snorkeling. When we want a taste of the deep blue tropical waters, Americans are usually on the next flight out to the Dominican Republic or even far-flung destinations like the Philippines or Palau. Something that tends to go over all of our heads, however, is that no passport is needed to get a sweet taste of the Caribbean. Finally, a definite answer to the question we've heard all too often: "Does a trip to Puerto Rico require a passport?"

Puerto Rico, while not technically a U.S. State, is indeed part of the United States, meaning citizens of the United States of America can leave their passports at home when embarking on a tropical, paradisal escape. Water lovers rejoice because one of the best-rated snorkeling experiences in the United States, with a 5-star rating and nearly 8,000 reviews on Tripadvisor (at the time of publication), is in Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan. So, if you want to swim with turtles and fish but forgot to renew your passport, lost it, or don't feel like traveling internationally, visiting San Juan is in order.

The San Juan Guided Snorkel Tour

With so many snorkeling tours in Puerto Rico and states like Florida and California, what makes this particular Puerto Rican underwater jaunt offered by Try Scuba Diving so top-notch? Well, an excursion on paper could be incredible, but it can quickly be ruined if the hospitality is lacking. Reviewers praise the guides on the San Juan Guided Snorkel Tour, voted the "​​​​​​#1 tour in the world for snorkeling and watersports."

Even first-time snorkelers express admiration for the patience of the guides in showing them the ropes of how to snorkel safely and properly. The operators were also applauded for thorough explanations throughout the process, even before swimmers got in the water. This experience is Try Scuba Diving's most popular package. It costs $59 per person, lasts about two hours, and is suitable for beginners and persons 8 years and above.

Guides aside, the aquatic life beneath the water's surface is unmatched. Reviewers rave about the sightings of turtles, barracuda, plenty of fish, and even an octopus. There's even a shipwreck that snorkelers can see while underwater. Who needs vacation souvenirs when you have memories of swimming near a shipwreck alongside a cute sea turtle?

Tour details and alternative

Not only do travelers who embark on this tour get the snorkeling experience of a lifetime, but they'll also have the footage to capture it with the included GoPro video. Snorkels and gear are provided to all guests, and snorkel lessons are obtainable to those who don't feel as comfortable in the water. Guides are available in English and Spanish, and travelers up to the age of 99 can sign up, making for an inclusive, fun, family-friendly vacation in the Caribbean. Tour groups are limited to only 20 people, so the experience is intimate and not too crowded overall.

If you're captivated by San Juan's vibrant marine life, consider the Scuba Diving Tour for a more up-close experience. This water tour, also offered by Try Scuba Diving, matches beginners aged 10 and above with a personal diving instructor. The one-and-a-half-long tour teaches the basics of snorkeling techniques and proper equipment use to help you fully enjoy the stunning underwater offerings of San Juan. No matter your tour preference, make sure to bring cash (U.S. dollars) as gratuities for your incredible guides, as it's not included in package fees.