The Most Affordable Places To Stay For Coachella 2024, According To Trusted Booking Sites

Come to Indio most times of the year, and you'll find a calm desert town surrounded by the beauty of Coachella Valley. But during two weekends in April, this part of California draws hundreds of thousands of music-loving people. The Coachella Festival is among the biggest and most famous happenings on the globe. Each year, phenomenal artists descend to the dusty desert grounds of Indio's enormous Empire Polo Club. The 2024 lineup won't be an exception with Lana del Rey, Tyler the Creator, and Doja Cat headlining, No Doubt making a special appearance, and more than 160 other artists performing. The dates to save are the two weekends of April 12-14 and 19-21.

When you go to a music festival frequented by 125,000 people per day, the issue of accommodations is a pressing one. Coachella is not the most budget-friendly event, with a weekend pass starting at $499. Neither is it the most convenient event, hotel-wise. The grounds are far from big cities, and the options are traditionally scarce. 

But worry not. We've selected the most affordable places to stay for Coachella using personal experience, researching booking websites (like, Agoda, and Airbnb), and reviewing the experiences of others who've navigated lodging options around the festival. Don't wait to book, though, as the properties go like hot potatoes, and prices rise with lightning speed. All prices in this article indicate the rates, as of this writing, for the second festival weekend (April 19-21), if not written otherwise in the entry.

Official car and tent camping

If you're a seasoned camper, don't think twice about booking a camping spot for Coachella. With an attractive fee of $149 per weekend per car, it's a perfect way to save money and fully experience the festival. If you're a first-timer, imagine how cool it would be to start your festival camping experience at one of the best festivals in the USA. It won't have the comfort and amenities of a hotel or Airbnb, but you will have a chance to fully embrace the wild side of the festival experience, make friends along the way, and be super close to all the action. 

You can either opt for car camping or pitch your own tent in a designated "un-auto zone." The campsites measure 30 by 10 feet and 15 by 10 feet, respectively, with your exact spot assigned upon arrival. While it is the most wallet-friendly option, it does come with disadvantages. From personal experience, campgrounds at big festivals can stay really busy and noisy at all times of the day. While there are portable toilets and showers, such a "roughing it" experience may not be for everyone. 

Rodeway Inn Near Coachella

With many spots going for over $1000 per night, Rodeway Inn Near Coachella still holds the affordability stronghold with a fair $400 for a King Room. The hotel is only three miles from the festival, and you could potentially walk there or, more realistically, take a short Uber ride. Commuting is quite a pain during Coachella, especially if you're staying outside of Indio. Rodeway Inn is a good combination of a not-so-far location with a more-than-attractive price point.

As for the accommodation itself, it's a classic, no-frills roadside motel with simple rooms equipped with LCD TVs and fridges. It's certainly not a luxurious property, but when you simply need a bed to crash after sweaty and dusty dancing, raving, and screaming, it suffices. Relative proximity to the grounds is also a huge plus that gives you a "Plan B" if Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing options aren't available, which can happen at festivals like Coachella.

PS Relaxation Realness Little Beverly Hills Casita

Hurry up to book this Airbnb for the first weekend of April 12-14, as it's already booked for the second weekend. Many past guests noted that it's a great base for Coachella weekend. It's just a 30-minute drive to the festival grounds, but it may work best for those planning to use a personal car to navigate the festival. While not convenient for folks planning to take a shuttle or taxi, due to its location, if you're driving yourself, this property is a sweet deal with an enticing price tag of only $340 for a private guest suite. 

The house has its own entrance and overlooks a courtyard with a swimming pool. You will have a parking spot, AC inside the apartment, and a fully equipped kitchen. Renting an Airbnb is a way to experience the festival at your own pace with the full comfort of a Palm Springs home. Just get acquainted with the route to and from the grounds beforehand, come early to the festival to secure a good parking spot, and be prepared for the lot-to-stage walk. As a note, any specific Airbnb recommendation serves as an example of Airbnb as a lodging option. There should be a few. That said, this one's pretty cool. 

Coachella Studio Apt close to the shuttle

Available for both weekends (at the time of writing), this studio apartment Airbnb provides a nice balance between cost and convenience. While $450 per night is far from cheap, it's an extremely good deal for Coachella, and you're getting a fully furnished studio that can accommodate up to four people. If you're a group of friends, sharing costs will work like a charm. Its location is also important. The apartment is located next to one of the stops of the shuttle service. That means less headache commuting to and from Coachella and the certainty of reaching your accommodations after the music ends.

Speaking of the shuttle, the service costs $120 per weekend and is provided by Any Line Shuttle. You can also buy it in a bundle with the festival pass for $599. While it may sound like a lot for transportation, it can give you great value and peace of mind. According to two festivalgoers on Reddit and a 2023 article by Business Insider, taxis at Coachella can be an overpriced nightmare. With the shuttle, you have a guaranteed ride with a guaranteed price.

The Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa

Looking at the map, The Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa isn't the closest property to Indio. However, the bus shuttle stops right at the hotel, and this fact makes the resort a go-to choice for festival accommodations. Moreover, at $480 per night, you're getting a full-fledged, beautifully landscaped resort with mountain views, water slides at the swimming pool, and a spa with a variety of treatments. To put it differently, while many festivalgoers will wake up to the noises of the dusty campground, you will greet the day with a cup of coffee and the sounds of chirping birds in the garden. 

As for the shuttle schedule, Any Line Shuttles will run from 12:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. to the festival grounds during the weekend. For going back, you will have one hour to catch the bus to your hotel. Divide $120 by four, and you're getting a $30 ride, which is a pretty budget-friendly lift.

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

With Omni, you're on the pricier side of the Coachella accommodation spectrum, but considering that we're talking about one of the best Palm Springs resorts, $730 per night doesn't sound that bad. Let's say, it's among the most affordable luxury options. Or, at least, you'll spend your money on something pretty chic for a festival stay. Rooms feature elegant, marble-clad Spanish-inspired interiors, garden vistas, and plenty of space. The real deal at Omni is its two-acre water park that boasts tall waterslides and even packs a lazy river into the experience.

This place is not only a fair-priced luxurious resort; it's also one of the stops of the Coachella shuttle. This will work perfectly for the festival commute. The hotel is convenient if you're in a car, too, as the festival grounds are 20 minutes away. If you're bringing your own car, be aware that while parking is free at Coachella, it works on a first-come, first-served basis. In practice, it means that the later you come, the further you'll park. You just don't want to walk in circles after 2 a.m. trying to find your ride. Get to the lot early to secure a nice spot.

La Quinta Vacations Rental

Here's a "super base for Coachella," as one of the reviewers on put it. Located less than five miles away from the festival grounds, La Quinta Vacations Rental is a great choice as a well-priced, convenient accommodation for Coachella 2024. The "casitas," at the moment, start at $610 and come with space for two, a fully furnished kitchen, and even a washing machine/dryer combo. The 678 square feet of casita space is more than comfortable for a short stay. To make things even better for relaxation-seeking festivalgoers, there's also a lagoon-shaped pool for a refreshing dip. 

La Quinta Vacations Rental is ideally placed for car access, taxis, and shuttle rides. For trekkers, you can also brave walking back from the festival stages (if you've got the time to spare). If not walking, the immediate shuttle stop nearby means that the commute to enjoy a good night's sleep after the last band's encore will be quick. 

Homewood Suites by Hilton Cathedral City Palm Springs

Book through the official Hilton website and get a good deal of $575 per night (or even $535 if you register for the Honors program) to stay at this Homewood Suites in Cathedral City-Palm Springs. While this hotel is on the further side of Palm Springs, you're getting the classy comforts of Hilton's Homewood Suites brand. Choose this option only if you're in a car, though. Without the personal ride, it isn't worth the hassle. However, you will be staying in a classy, dark-toned suite with a fully equipped kitchen area, spacious layout, and an extra sofa. Breakfast is included in the price.

Commuting to Coachella won't be much of a problem from this Hilton. While it may seem far, the proximity to Interstate 10 allows you to escape the traffic jams of California State Route 111. This is the route that the majority of festivalgoers are going to take connecting Palm Springs and Indio. After a 20- to 30-minute drive (depending on traffic), you'll enjoy the desert allure of one of the most interesting music happenings in the world.

Desert Breezes Resort

Hear us out here. While $915 may seem like a lot at first, Desert Breezes Resort houses four people comfortably, and the location is ideal for going to Coachella on a shuttle. If you're a group of friends, paying $228 each per night starts to look like a pretty nice deal. And it is. Desert Breezes Resort is a classic, old-school place that delivers good value and all the right amenities for a short stay. The villas offer 548 square feet of space and a fully equipped kitchen. The property also surrounds two swimming pools and a landscaped pond. Overall, the space offers an ideal place for a friend's get-together.

The closest shuttle stop is at Indian Wells Tennis Garden, which is less than a mile away. By car, it is just 11 minutes from the Coachella festival. Also, the hotel takes water leisure seriously, with not one but three swimming pools and a whopping 11 hot tubs. There's also a pretty landscaped pond on the grounds and a tennis court if you decide to get active before a big night of concerts.

Best Western Inn at Palm Springs

Two things worth mentioning when it comes to Best Western Inn at Palm Springs. First of all, the price is average for a Coachella weekend, with a $494 rate for a King Room. Plus, if you're a group of four, the double room will cost you just $132 per person, which is not bad at all. This brings us to advantage number two. This Best Western Inn is easily accessible by the bus shuttle and provides a great base for commuting to the festival.

As for the amenities, don't expect more than a classic Best Western. It's a budget hotel, after all. The rooms are quite unpretentious, but if your plan is to go to the festival and back to the hotel to sleep, Best Western Inn at Palm Springs is a top choice. Proximity to downtown Palm Springs is another huge plus, as this desert town is a cinematic revelation. Wi-Fi comes free of charge, and the continental breakfast is complimentary.

Villa Royale

When the accommodation's name is Villa Royal and you're in California, it could be either very bad or superb. With a stellar 9-point rating on, however, Villa Royal in Palm Springs is the latter. This property is a midcentury-mansion-turned-hotel that seems to be the quintessential, sepia-heavy backdrop common in photos of 70s Hollywood stars partying by the pool. Many properties in town try to play around this concept, but Villa Royal has an impeccable sense of style and greets you with delightful decors and thoughtful interiors.

The bit hefty price tag of $785 per night seems reasonable for what you're getting here compared to similarly priced properties in Coachella Valley. It's a genuine boutique Palm Springs experience. Rooms sport intricate wooden panels, and furnishings pay homage to the midcentury architecture. An amazing breakfast (per reviews) is included in the price. In other words, it's a perfectly hip stay for connoisseurs of the hip, with the added benefit of proximity to Coachella and all the fantastic hot springs of the area.

La Maison Hotel - Adults Only

Stylish stay aficionados would be delighted to find La Maison. With a price point of $627 per night during the festival weekend, you're getting a five-star boutique Palm Springs escape. While certainly not a small sum, booking here seems like a much wiser investment than, say, a similarly priced one-star motel near Indio (Motel 6, we're looking at you). At least, you can be sure that you're getting a five-star service, a spacious, light-filled room, and an inspiring garden courtyard with a pool.

Also, La Maison is definitely not a sleep-and-run kind of property; it's designed to be savored. You've got an elegant outdoor area that comes with a fire pit, a swimming pool, and loungers. There's an outdoor bar, too, adding to the level of effortless fanciness. And, you will have a hard time finding a better-reviewed boutique hotel in the whole of Palm Springs, 9.6 out of 10 after almost 300 reviews on Booking is an impressive number.

The Saguaro Palm Springs

Funky is a great word to describe The Saguaro. It can easily be a poster child for Palm Springs hotels. Interiors are uber-colorful, the courtyard features the obligatory swimming pool, and rooms come with gorgeous San Jacinto Mountains panoramas. There's good news for Coachella visitors looking for affordable hotel stays, too. You can still book a King Room here for $490 per night, a pretty fair price considering the Palm Springs location and all the amenities you're getting.

As for the parking, it's free, so car-riding Coachellans will have no problem commuting to and from. All others can use the Palms Springs stop of the shuttle service. It's a bit far from The Saguaro, as the pickup location is near the town's Convention Center, but you can still use Uber or Lyft to get there. The pickup point is just a 2.5-mile rideshare away (or a decent but doable walk). Or, if not using the shuttle, ridesharing is another transportation option if you're traveling to the festival in a group.

7 Springs Inn & Suites

It's an amalgam of advantages at 7 Springs Inn & Suites. The hotel is set close to both downtown Palm Springs and the Convention Center (where the bus shuttle departs and arrives). Choosing to stay here is a strategic decision that will save you nerves, time, and money, too. The cost of $628 per night is the average you'd pay for a three-star hotel near Coachella, so it seems fair for the conditions you get.

Don't get us wrong. It's completely overpriced, but that's a reality of coming to a festival with hundreds of thousands of attendees. At least in the case of 7 Springs Inn & Suites, you're putting your money for a good spot, in terms of both quality and location. Rooms sport stylish decor, there's a hot tub outside, and parking is free. That's more than enough for catching that elusive Coachella desert vibe and spending your nights with added comfort.


We are big fans of big outdoor festivals, so personal experience helps inform our cost-effective planning for events like Coachella. The festival can be quite hectic and overwhelming, as it's among the biggest in the U.S., so you need to pay a little bit of extra attention to details to ensure the smoothest time in the desert.

Along with personal experience, our methodology for finding the most affordable places to stay for Coachella involved thorough research of trusted booking platforms to give you the best options. These platforms included, Agoda, Airbnb, and Google, as well as the official websites of the selected hotels. We also turned to Reddit to consider other festivalgoer experiences, and Business Insider's annual Coachella report was also a helpful source for a comparative perspective regarding camping, transportation, and bus shuttles.