Viral TikTok Shows How To Tell If Someone Is A Good Person Based On One Airport Action

When it comes to being a kind and courteous passenger on a flight, there are some unwritten rules we all must abide by in order to accommodate everyone else who is squished into the flying tin can. One of the most popular common courtesies of airplane etiquette is not reclining your seat, especially when the person sitting behind you has exceptionally long legs. Leg room is a rare commodity these days! Another popular one is deplaning row by row, and allowing those sitting in front of you to exit their row first, rather than elbowing your way to the front the minute the seat belt sign turns off. However, have you thought about how your carry-on luggage might have an impact on other passengers?

Most airlines allow for one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item. Oftentimes, that personal item is something small like a purse, but it can also be as large as a laptop carrying case, or a medium-size backpack. And as anyone who has boarded a plane dead last will tell you, space in the overhead compartments for your carry-on pieces can be scarce on a full or overbooked flight. One TikToker, Daniel Bennett, has spoken about this in a video that has gone viral, finally voicing the unwritten and unspoken etiquette of storing your carry-on and personal item in a way that doesn't make the entire plane hate you. 

The overhead compartment is no place for your personal item

In his TikTok, which has over 492,000 likes, user Daniel Bennett shares with his 588,000+ followers his carry-on luggage etiquette rule that determines whether or not you're a good person. According to him, if you put your personal item under the seat in front of you, you're "a good person and aware of your surroundings." However, if you put your personal item in the overhead compartment next to the carry-on luggage "so that no one else can put their carry-on luggage on and they have to check it and they have to wait by baggage claim to get their stuff, they are the worst type of person and they deserve a jail sentence for life."

Harsh? Yes. Fair? Also yes. Looking at Bennett's video, we can see that he pans over to the luggage carousel, indicating that he's been the direct victim of one such "worst type of person" and hence his anger. But honestly, we kind of agree with him. Yes, stuffing your personal item under the seat in front of you means that your legs and feet might have even less leg room, but that's the nature of the beast when flying economy, and everyone else is in the same position. Looking at the comments on his TikTok, with tons of users commenting, "Facts," "Preach," or "Truth," it seems he's on to something!