What You Need To Know Before Your Vacation To This Popular Amusement Park

Every year, over 17 million people head to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. In addition to its 60 miles of beaches, this budget-friendly coastal hotspot boasts a plethora of family-friendly activities and adventures. The entertainment scene especially comes alive at Broadway at the Beach, a complex full of shops, restaurants, theaters, and attractions. Within this vibrant complex, visitors will find WonderWorks, a mentally stimulating amusement park popular among families.

Upon arriving at WonderWorks, you'll literally be thrown for a loop, as the building looks like it's upside down. The park, which is primarily indoors, pulls visitors into a whimsical world that holds over 100 immersive exhibits. With STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) being a running theme at WonderWorks, learning about the natural world and physical universe is a substantial part of the experience.

The Space Discovery Zone's astronaut training challenge, for example, mimics how astronauts feel in outer space through a spinning gyroscope ride. Besides several Wonder Zones (including physical challenge, extreme weather, and art gallery), the attraction includes indoor and outdoor ropes courses, a laser tag arena, and a 6D XD Motion Theater. Before getting your ticket to WonderWorks, here are some important things you should know.

Best times to go and ticket tips

There are plenty of opportunities to visit WonderWorks off-season, as the beloved amusement park stays open all year long (except for the Soar + Explore outdoor courses). Since many travelers head to Myrtle Beach during warmer months, it's not surprising that WonderWorks attracts bigger crowds in the summer. The attraction is also particularly bustling from mid-March to late April (spring break), as well as Christmas break. As an indoor park, WonderWorks also fills up on rainy days. Viator recommends getting an early morning start to steer clear of crowds.

An all-access pass, the standard option for exploring WonderWorks, costs $26.99 for children (5-12) and seniors (60+) and $33.99 for adults. Since one pass is good for a full day, re-entry is permitted. If you're looking to cut expenses at WonderWorks, consider purchasing an "after-dark" ticket, which provides weeknight entry after 3 p.m. No matter your age, you'll get access to the same exhibits for just $15 — that's about half the cost of an all-access pass! Make sure you check what time WonderWork closes beforehand (the hours shift depending on the season); a three-to-four hour visit is optimal.

Park rules to be aware of

As expected, WonderWorks has some pertinent rules for visitors to follow — nothing out of the ordinary for an amusement park. For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes are required for certain rides. Additionally, visitors partaking in the ropes courses or riding the Extreme Bikes 360 cannot wear skirts or dresses. Other ride restrictions pertain to minimum and maximum heights and weights. WonderWorks contains exhibits with flashing lights and motion, which could be problematic for visitors with health issues such as seizures, heart problems, and vertigo.

If you plan on staying at WonderWorks during lunch hours, keep in mind that you're not allowed to bring in food and drinks. Grab a bite at Wonder Bytes Cafe, where you can order simple dishes like sandwiches, chicken wings, and pizza made from scratch. Alternatively, dine out at the surrounding Broadway at the Beach complex, which hosts a scope of restaurants offering seafood, ribs, tacos, sushi, and more.