This Safari Park In An Unexpected State Is A Total Dream Come True For Wildlife Lovers

With its breathtaking geographic features, it's no wonder Yellowstone National Park is on everyone's camping bucket list. Its 2.2 million acres are home to various animals, including bears, foxes, and wolves. Encountering these animals is possible and can be dangerous if you do not observe safety precautions and considerable physical distance. Nevertheless, there's a solution for individuals who want to get at close range with these creatures: Yellowstone Safari Park.

It's located in Rexburg, Idaho, about an hour and a half from Yellowstone National Park, and could be included in a one-day itinerary for Yellowstone. Yellowstone Safari Park is considered a game ranch. However, this unique, family-friendly attraction allows visitors to view an array of animals from the safety of their vehicles. That's right, this is a drive-through experience.

Like its namesake, the animals found at Yellowstone Safari Park include red foxes, deer, wolves, elk, bears, and buffalo. That said, the safari park almost didn't happen as it received pushback from locals who were perturbed by the possibility of living in close proximity to wild animals, amongst other things. Although a legal case was brought up, it was ultimately dismissed, and the park was able to open its doors in September 2023.

Know before you go to Yellowstone Safari Park

Yellowstone Safari Park is self-guided, and taking photos of the animals is encouraged. However, for your protection, windows and doors must be closed. Likewise, feeding the animals is strictly prohibited. So what else is there to do? Owner Jared Sommer told East Idaho News in September 2023 that the park would include a barn with wolf and fox cubs on display. 

He also told the news publication, "When people finish their self-guided safari, they can park and come over to the fish pond. We've got three different colors of rainbow trout. Golden, blue, and the standard color of trout that people can see." Somner added that fish food is available for purchase.

At the time of this writing, Yellowstone Safari Park is closed for the season but is said to reopen sometime in April 2024. You can follow the park on Instagram for updates. As for pricing, one-day tickets range from $12.50 to $18.75 and can be purchased in advance online. Take note that kids aged two and under receive free admission. If you live near Rexburg, Idaho, or visit Yellowstone National Park frequently, season passes for the safari park are also available and range from $55 to $80.