The Lesser-Known Beach To Visit And Avoid Crowds On Your Vacation To Spain

If you're in Spain looking for a relaxing beach, you must head to Ocata. This area sprawls out for around 1.5 miles, meaning there's plenty of space for you and whomever you bring, be it friends or family. Ocata Beach is surprisingly close to Barcelona — so close, in fact, that you can use public transportation to get to it. It's located about 11 miles away from the city and takes around 20 minutes to drive there.

Once you arrive, you won't have an issue finding a place for yourself, even during the peak summer season. Bring a soccer ball or volleyball and play a game with your companions, or even invite strangers to join the fun. Alternatively, consider sunbathing or settling in with a good book. Interested in something a bit more active? You can swim, embark on water adventures, or dip your toes in the waves. If you find yourself in Barcelona, don't hesitate to make the short trek to Ocata for a delightful beach day.

Satiety and safety at Ocata Beach

In addition to spaciousness, Ocata Beach offers gorgeous views. You can look out and see the Mediterranean Sea kiss the sky off on the horizon, or you can turn your gaze to the coastline and witness the majestic cliffs. The area is pet friendly, so whether you're a local with a furry friend or traveling with your pet, you can bring them along to enjoy the sprawling sand. In addition to lying on the beach and relaxing in the waves, you can venture further inland and grab a drink at one of the many bars lining the boardwalk, such as The Guinet, which has five stars on Google and offers an array of refreshing beverages.

Back on the beach, you'll find a lifeguard on duty so you can feel safe and assured as you and your loved ones swim. You'll also find showers to rinse off the sand and freshen up once your beach day has concluded. "A wide and perfect beach," a happy reviewer wrote on Tripadvisor. "Good place any time of the year. In summer [there are] water sport activities like surfing available. In winter, [it's] good for extended walks."

On the beach, off the beach

If you need to escape the sun for a bit, or if you're curious about the nearby neighborhood of El Masnou, you can head to one of the many historic and picturesque sites, such as the Iglesia de Sant Pere. The church was consecrated in 1783 and continues to host services to this day. Be sure to take note of the architecture as you explore; buildings like the Can Sanahuja are beautiful to behold. While inland, consider looking up and stopping by live local offerings. El Masnou City Hall hosts various fun cultural evening events in the summer that are worth checking out. If you visit during July, you can time it to see the Festival Pie de Riure, a three-day comedy festival.

If you'd prefer to go for a stroll and keep the ocean in sight, you can wander upon the promenade, which is also great for cycling. There are fitness stations with equipment at various stops along the way, making it great for those who want to get a workout in and then relax at the beach afterward. Whatever you decide, you'll find plenty to eat and drink on shore, gorgeous views, and a delightful time with your toes buried in the sand at this underrated destination in Spain.