Beer Lovers Can Actually Bathe In Beer At This Unusual European Destination

Beer, the grain-based alcoholic beverage, has been around for centuries. While it is a proven fact that Americans love beer, the Czech Republic is said to consume more beer (which is more affordable there than water) than any other nation, per National Geographic. Needless to say, you should consider a beer tour on your next trip to the Czech Republic. However, for an unusual beer-centered experience, head to Karlovy Vary, a historic spa town less than two hours from the country's capital, Prague. 

Karlovy Vary was reportedly founded and named by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 1300s when he stumbled upon a thermal hot spring that can still be visited today. Sometimes referred to as Carlsbad,  Karlovy Vary is also a city for beer lovers and is home to Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad. 

Yes, you can drink beer, cook with it, and even bathe in it. Bathing in beer is said to alleviate stress and benefit the skin. According to Beer Spa Beerland, this practice is thousands of years old, and various beer spas can now be found across the Czech Republic. 

As for Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad, an online reservation is required to visit. Treatments can last from one to two and a half hours. Likewise, prices vary depending on the time and day of the visit, but at the time of this publication, an hour at Beer Spa Beerland will cost under $120. This one-of-a-kind spa day is well worth the price. 

The Beer Spa Beerland experience in Carlsbad

You can expect massages, facials, and more at a typical spa. However, the focus is on beer at Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad. One spa room can accommodate up to four people. Moreover, visitors bathe in the beloved substance, individually or with a partner, in large oak tree tubs in what was formerly a beer cellar. While they can wear a bathing suit, this is entirely optional.

As for the beer that they are bathing in, it has a name, Krušovice, which has been around since the 1580s. Likewise, unlimited Krušovice beer, light or dark, is offered on tap. Non-alcoholic beer is also available for guests. If they prefer to drink something else, there's lemonade and hoppy water, a sparkling water-like drink made from hops, an ingredient found in beer.

Besides drinks, guests can eat beer bread as they enjoy their treatment. But that's not all. The spa room includes a bed. It does not have sheets, but it does have fluffy wheat straw. It's recommended to lie on the bed after bathing in the beer and wait an hour before showering to get the full benefits of the beer. 

While visiting Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad is ideal for solo travelers, friend groups, and couples, children are welcome. However, the cost of admission and age limit is unclear. Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad, is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Karlovy Vary boasts other spas, too

Karlovy Vary has various thermal hot springs throughout the city. As such, its attractions are primarily centered on wellness and health. Simply put, Beer Spa Beerland, Carlsbad, is not the only place in Karlovy Vary where tourists can take in sumptuous waters. Saunia Thermal Resort is located a short distance from Beer Spa Beerland and features an outdoor thermal pool that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like bathing in beer, thermal water increases physical and mental health. In addition to the thermal pool, the resort has a second cooler pool, eight saunas, and four cold plunges. An all-day admission ticket to the resort can be purchased online, costing around $40.

For a more luxurious experience, tourists can stay at the Grandhotel Pupp, which dates back to the 1700s. The Grandhotel Pupp has a spa with three pools, a sauna, a steam bath, and more. Likewise, they offer an array of treatment options at different price points, including a CBD massage and oxygen therapy. The Grandhotel Pupp starts at around $230 a night at the time of this writing, excluding taxes.

Another option is the Carlsbad Plaza Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel. Their spa has an impressive swimming pool, a relaxation room, and several saunas, including a Turkish sauna, for guests to enjoy. The hotel offers wellness packages that include two nights of lodging, entrance to the spa, a daily spa treatment, and more, starting at under $600.