This Little American Town Is Perfect For A Laidback But Breathtakingly Beautiful Winter

Escaping somewhere quiet can be soothing for the soul. Escaping the cold and going somewhere warmer only adds to the calm such vacations can bring, if, of course, you prefer sunshine over snowfall. If you're somewhere bright for your trip, you'll likely want to spend your time in the milder temperatures. You can relax by sitting in the sun, book in hand, sunglasses protecting your eyes, or you can lace up your hiking boots or sneakers and go on a long walk in nature. If you're looking for somewhere idyllic to do this, then consider going to the quiet town of Dillard, Georgia.

Dillard, which has a population of only 343, is a lovely spot for outdoor enthusiasts. You'll take in the gorgeous sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains from wherever you stay, as well as have multiple opportunities for outdoor adventures. This spot, while small, is brimming with beauty.

Outdoor adventure

When you visit Dillard, Georgia, you're likely not coming for the town's attractions but rather to spend time outdoors. You can visit one of the many surrounding parks and go for a hike. Tallulah Gorge State Park is the perfect sport for hikers who want to see sweeping views, lovely forests, and waterfalls. There are 20 miles of trails ready to be explored. Black Rock Mountain State Park is another breathtaking place to visit. You can wander along 11 miles of hiking trails or spend time at the lake's shores. Moccasin Creek State Park is worth the 30-minute drive from Dillard. Here, you'll find hiking, boating, and paddling. You can rent a kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard here.

For animal lovers, there's trail riding right in town. Dillard House Stables enables you to take in and explore the gorgeous scenery while also bonding with your horse. They offer group horseback rides that range from 60 to 90 minutes for $65 to $85. You can also book a private ride, which requires a minimum of two riders and costs between $85 and $105 depending on the trail you choose.

Things to do in town and where to stay

If you are curious about the town of Dillard itself, you can spend some time exploring its streets. If you're hoping to find some hidden and historic gems, Yesterday's Treasure Antique Mall sells items from throughout the eras of American history. Stop by and test your luck; you might just find something niche. If art is more your thing, check out the town's art galleries, like 3 Legge Art Gallery, which features work by artist Joe Legge and serves as a studio for other artists; Gallery 441 in the Heart of Dillard, which features 35 local artists; and the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, which hosts occasional ceramic exhibits. 

Since a big part of a vacation is lodging, you'll want to stay somewhere comfortable. You can book a room, chalet, or cottage at The Dillard House or an AirBnB if you want more space to yourself. There's a two-bedroom, pet-friendly cabin in Rabun, Georgia, which is about two miles away from Dillard, that could serve as your cozy home for a couple of days. Alternatively, you can stay at River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort in Dillard, which has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. You need not have an RV as cabin rentals are available. The resort boasts a swimming pool, sauna, and fitness center on site.

Whatever you decide, this laid-back, underrated small town will provide you with stillness and sun.